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Homemade Irish Coffee with Whipped Cream in a Glass

Irish Coffee

Wind down with a delicious Irish coffee this evening! Made with sweetened coffee, Irish cream, whiskey, and whipped cream, it’s a treat that’s a perfect end to any day.


Homemade Fresh Sweet Peach Tea with Mint

20 Tea Recipes to Brew At Home

Try these tea recipes the next time you’re looking for a tasty drink! From sweet tea to green tea to a chai tea latte, bring the tearoom right into your home.


Bourbon Egg Flip Cocktail with Nutmeg

20 Holiday Eggnog Cocktails

These eggnog cocktails will make the holidays even sweeter. From rum to bourbon to vodka, the possibilities are endless for giving eggnog a boozy twist!


Homemade Apple and Sangria Cocktail with Figs

30 Best Thanksgiving Cocktails

Serve these Thanksgiving cocktails at your next feast to keep the adults happy! From martinis to sangria to an old-fashioned, you can’t go wrong with these boozy drinks.


Homemade Kahlua: Coffee Flavored Liquor

10 Best Kahlua Drinks

For cocktails that taste like dessert, try these Kahlua drinks! From a mudslide to a black Russian to an espresso martini, these boozy drinks are sure to please.


Cold Tequila Margarita in a Glass

17 Traditional Mexican Drinks

These traditional Mexican drinks go way beyond margaritas! From agua frescas to mezcalita to hot chocolate, you’ll enjoy trying these authentic beverages.