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17 Best Vegan Drinks (+ Plant-Based Beverages)

These vegan drinks are perfect for a hot summer day on the patio or curling up next to the fire.

Who says you need milk and cream for a tasty and comforting drink?

Whether you want something bright and fruity or crave creaminess sans the cream, these vegan drinks will make your tastebuds sing. 

Healthy Green Smoothie in a Glass Jar
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The cows will thank you. 

1. 5-Minute Vegan Hot Cocoa 

Sure, you could whip up a cocoa packet with water in the microwave, but that’s a little boring.

This recipe captures the creaminess of hot cocoa made with milk but swaps almond milk for cow’s milk. 

It uses a tablespoon of cocoa powder and boosts its chocolatey goodness with an additional tablespoon of chocolate chips. 

What makes this recipe shine lies in its secret ingredient: peppermint extract. 

2. Apple Kiwi Green Smoothies

If you’re in the mood for a healthy smoothie packed with nutrition, this apple kiwi green smoothie is a great way to fire up your day. 

The tart green apples and fresh kiwi make this smoothie light and bright.

For a boost of creaminess, it also calls for a banana and a cup of vegan unsweetened yogurt.

I typically like to add a little bit of stevia, but the sweetness from the kiwi and the tart apples strikes the perfect balance of sweetness. 

The two cups of spinach may seem strange, but you won’t even taste it.

Spinach has a subtle flavor, and the fruit added to this smoothie overpowers their flavor. 

Once it’s whipped up, you have a delightfully green smoothie that packs a ton of nutrition while tasting like a dessert!

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3. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Is it even autumn if you haven’t made a spiced pumpkin latte? 

This recipe calls for pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice that infuses pumpkin-pie vibes in drinkable form.

Add in your almond milk, maple syrup as a sweetener (for an added boost of fall-inspired flavor), and espresso. 

I love this recipe because the added pinch of sea salt lifts the flavor profile. This latte is way better than anything from a coffee shop. 

4. Watermelon Juice 

I love watermelons, but eating an entire watermelon on my own is a bit of a challenge.

Don’t let it go to waste! This recipe is super simple to make and only calls for two ingredients. 

A six-pound watermelon makes about four servings (or a whole pitcher).

The added kick from the squeeze of lime juice adds just the right amount of tartness. 

If watermelons aren’t your thing, any melon will do!

Swap out watermelon for a cantaloupe or honeydew for an equally refreshing summer drink. 

5. Dairy-Free Dalgona Coffee 

Move over, iced coffee, there’s a new summer coffee drink in town.

Dalgona coffee made its rounds on TikTok, and everyone was rushing out for instant coffee to make their own (myself included). 

Whip up instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. After a few minutes, your instant coffee resembles chocolate mousse.

Pour your whipped coffee over your vegan milk of choice. (I love vanilla oat milk.)

Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or sugar on top, and don’t forget to snag a picture for your Instagram before diving in. 

6. Cucumber Flavored Vegan Buttermilk 

Buttermilk might not sound like something you want to sip in the summer, but hear me out.

Chaas is the Indian name for buttermilk, and it’s insanely popular to sip on during those hot Indian summers. 

This recipe calls for vegan buttermilk, cucumber, cilantro, cumin, curry leaves, lemon juice, and chaat masala.

Pop it into a blender, strain, and serve it over ice. 

The best part about this refreshing drink is that it aids digestion, making it the perfect end to a heavy summer BBQ.

7. Vegan Peppermint Drinking Chocolate 

This vegan peppermint cocoa is a great way to get you in the holiday spirit (and use up all of those boxes of candy canes). 

It uses a base of coconut milk and a few ounces of your best non-dairy chocolate.

Add peppermint extract and raw sugar once your chocolate and milk have blended on the stove. 

For added flair, top with whipped coconut milk and crushed candy canes. 

8. London Fog Tea Latte (Earl Grey Latte)

There are few things as calming and delightful as a London Fog latte. This recipe is a cinch to whip up, and infusing your milk is half the fun!

The base recipe calls for vegan milk, vanilla extract, and Earl Grey tea.

I love to steep my milk in lavender for an added pop of flavor without the use of sugars or processed ingredients. 

9. Hot Apple Cider

Hate pumpkin but still want a fall-inspired beverage? This hot apple cider recipe captures the essence of fall.

Simmer cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, black peppercorns, and orange zest in apple juice for around 20 minutes.

While the recipe calls for apple juice, I like to pick up a bottle of local apple cider for a more robust flavor profile.

10. Peach Raspberry Smoothie

Peaches and cream for breakfast? Yes, please! 

This raspberry smoothie is a great way to start your day. It’s super simple to make and packs in plenty of nutrition.

It blends peaches and raspberries (fresh or frozen) with unsweetened almond milk. 

For more sweetness, you can add honey or agave. 

11. Banana Milkshake 

Bananas are a great way to boost energy levels in the morning. This banana smoothie tastes great, but it helps jump-start those lazy mornings. 

It’s super simple to make, and you likely have all of the ingredients just waiting for you in the kitchen.

Blend bananas with coconut milk, honey, cardamom, and ice. 

For added flair (as well as nutrition), garnish with crushed pistachios. 

12. Cherry Lemon Iced Tea 

Clearly, Arnold Palmer never knew about this cherry lemon iced tea. 

This take on ice tea is tart, savory, and insanely refreshing.

It takes your standard ice tea to new heights, infused with vanilla, mint, lemon, and star anise. 

It takes around 35 minutes to come together, but it’s worth the wait!

13. Mint-Cucumber Lemonade 

This recipe is a great way to relax after a long summer day working in the yard.

The cucumber juice is packed with antioxidants and offers a very subtle flavor to your lemonade. 

Mix your juiced cucumbers with water and lemon juice, and combine with your mint simple syrup. 

While fresh lemons always taste better, bottled lemon juice works in a pinch if lemons aren’t in season. 

14. Vegan Raspberry Rose Hot Chocolate 

Yes, this vegan raspberry rose hot chocolate tastes as good as it looks.

Infused with raspberries, rose extract, and vegan cream, you will never purchase another packet of Swiss Miss ever again. 

Garish your delectable pink creation with a generous handful of vegan marshmallows and sprinkles!

15. Hibiscus Rose Latte  

This hibiscus rose latte is bright and floral and unlike any other latte. 

Its whips up almost as quickly as steeping a tea bag. Plus, it tastes like a latte from an expensive local coffee shop. 

The addition of ginger and cinnamon makes this tea calm the soul. 

16. Life-Changing Iced Lavender London Fog Latte (Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan)

Nothing warms your body and calms your mind like a London Fog latte.

This latte comes together in just 5 minutes and offers a subtle sweetness from maple syrup. 

Serve it up hot, or pour it over ice to sip on your back patio this summer. 

17. Turmeric Latte

Turmeric is savory, comforting, packed with health benefits, and makes one killer latte!

This sunny yellow latte is savoy and sweet and uses a base of almond milk for added creaminess.

Use maple syrup for a fall-inspired kick of sweetness, or opt for agave syrup if maple isn’t your jam. 

17 Best Vegan Drinks (+ Plant-Based Beverages)

Enjoy these vegan drinks any time of the day or year! From hot cocoa to smoothies to lattes, there’s a plant-based beverage for everyone on this list.


  • 5-Minute Vegan Hot Cocoa

  • Apple Kiwi Green Smoothies

  • Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • Watermelon Juice

  • Dairy-Free Dalgona Coffee

  • Cucumber Flavored Vegan Buttermilk

  • Vegan Peppermint Drinking Chocolate

  • London Fog Tea Latte (Earl Grey Latte)

  • Hot Apple Cider

  • Peach Raspberry Smoothie

  • Banana Milkshake

  • Cherry Lemon Iced Tea

  • Mint-Cucumber Lemonade

  • Vegan Raspberry Rose Hot Chocolate

  • Hibiscus Rose Latte

  • Life-Changing Iced Lavender London Fog Latte (Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan)

  • Turmeric Latte


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a vegan drink in 30 minutes or less!
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