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20 Best Vegan Donut Recipes (Plant-Based)

Try these vegan donut recipes to change up your brunch routine or satisfy that intense craving. Being vegan is no excuse to miss out on donuts.

Homemade donuts can actually be incredibly easy. Vegan homemade donuts are no exception. 

Lemon Donuts with Glaze and Poppy Seeds
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From classic to unique and powdered to filled, this list of vegan donut recipes has it all. 

Donuts can be baked or fried at home, so don’t worry if frying scares you. You can still get amazing donuts at home without the oily mess. 

I hope you love these vegan donut recipes as much as I do!

1.​ Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donuts

Cinnamon sugar baked donuts are easy to make and everybody will love them. 

Since they’re covered in sweet cinnamon sugar, you won’t be able to resist these treats.

They have a wonderful crunch on the outside and they’re soft and fluffy on the inside. 

Cinnamon sugar donuts are perfect for both breakfast and dessert. 

2. Baked Vegan Donuts

Baked vegan donuts are cake donuts without yeast, dairy, or eggs. 

You won’t know these delicious treats are vegan based on how tasty they are.

I also love that you can customize them. Use whatever you like for the frosting or glaze. 

Whether they’re topped with chocolate, fruit, or a light dusting of powdered sugar, these fluffy donuts will be a hit. 

3. Easy Vegan Glazed Donuts

When that craving strikes for early-morning pastries, these might just be your new go-to. I love a simple glazed donut. 

You probably have every one of these ingredients in your pantry already. They’re perfect for those last-minute baking urges. 

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These donuts are a fantastic way to kick off the day or even get you through the rest of the afternoon. 

4. Vegan Jam Donuts

Get ready to indulge with these sweet, jam-filled doughnuts. 

Yeast dough is super light and airy and has golden perfection on the inside.

It makes the ideal dough for stuffing with delicious fruity jam or jelly. 

Get creative with your filling. I love classic raspberry but if you can find a blueberry lemon jam, it’s a must!

5. Vegan Brioche Donuts

Brioche donuts are a sky-high version of a raised dough classic. 

These are made with an incredible dough that makes the donuts super fluffy and light. The glaze on the outside is insanely good. 

When it sets on the outside of the donut, it becomes perfectly crisp and sweet. 

If you’re on the hunt for a fantastic, melt-in-your-mouth, homemade donut, this is it. 

6. Vegan Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate donuts are cake-like and decadent. They make a wonderful dessert or a sweet treat for breakfast. 

For those sweet tooth cravings, these vegan chocolate donuts are sure to satisfy.

The cake is soft, moist, and flavorful while the glaze is unbelievably tasty. 

Use these donuts as an excuse to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Your friends and family will join right in. 

7. Strawberry-Glazed Vegan Chocolate Donuts

Vegan chocolate donuts are soft, moist, and rich.

The pretty pink glaze on top is made with fresh strawberries and gives these treats wonderful flavor. 

I like to call these strawberry-covered chocolate donuts.

They have all the same flavors as delightful chocolate-covered strawberries.

These would make an incredible treat for breakfast on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. 

8. Vegan Soft-Baked Lemon Donuts With Lemon Glaze

Soft-baked lemon donuts are not only vegan, but they’re also gluten-free!

However, they’re so yummy, you would never even guess that they’re missing anything. 

With tons of tart, zesty, fruity lemon flavor, these donuts are amazing.

The cake is soft and moist and the glaze is full of lemon flavor. 

Make these fun and healthy lemon donuts for any occasion.

9. Vegan Maple Donuts

Maple donuts are one of my go-to choices at any donut shop.

I love the uniqueness of the maple flavor, and these donuts are made with a spice cake recipe that’s delicious. 

You’ll absolutely love all of the harmonious spices in these donuts.

Usually, the donuts you find at a bakery are all made with the same batter or dough. 

With these, the maple and spice cake work together to create a flavor combination that is truly divine!

10. Vegan Powdered Donuts

If you’re not a fan of frosting or glaze-covered donuts, you’ll love these powdered sugar donuts. 

Baking donuts at home is much easier than frying them.

It will leave you with a soft, fluffy, and totally-not-oily donut that you can easily enjoy. 

Roll warm donuts in the sugar so they can stick to them. The key to a fantastic powdered donut is a great cake, and this is it!

11. Vegan Cake Batter Donuts

Vegan cake batter donuts are perfect for birthday parties or even breakfast on your special day. 

Sprinkles take the spotlight in these fluffy treats. The cake donuts are full of them, just like a Funfetti cake. 

The vanilla frosting on top is fantastic with the yummy cake.

And what better way to finish off these cake batter donuts than with more sprinkles?

12. Vegan Vanilla Baked Donuts

Vanilla donuts are sweet, soft, and scrumptious.

The vegan cake is lovely and delicious with a light vanilla flavor, and it goes well with any frosting or glaze. 

This recipe is a wonderful base for any kind of donut. You can change up the glaze for any occasion, mood, or preference. 

You can also decorate them any way you want. Try sprinkles, or a drizzle of chocolate, or leave them plain and let the donut shine.

No matter what, you’ll have a delicious treat. 

13. Baked Strawberry Donuts

Bakes strawberry donuts are for all the berry lovers out there. 

Packed with fresh strawberries, these donuts are sure to be a treat. These are great for brunch and are ideal for serving a crowd. 

Plus, they can be on the buffet table in less than 30 minutes. Everybody will rave about these fresh and fruity donuts.  

14. Vegan Blueberry Donuts

Blueberry donuts that are vegan and gluten-free are one of my favorites. 

If you like blueberry muffins, you’ll be obsessed with these donuts. They’re soft and cakey with a sweet and tart lemon glaze. 

Fresh blueberries in the batter burst while they bake, so all of the yummy juices get distributed throughout the batter.

15. Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Donuts

Peanut butter banana donuts are beautiful and delicious.

There’s peanut butter and bananas in the donut dough. Then, these tasty little rings of delight are dipped in a chocolate glaze.

Don’t forget to drizzle them in more peanut butter!

If you’re entertaining a crowd, these vegan donuts will get a lot of attention. Be sure you set some aside for yourself first!

16. Vegan Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts

Chocolate chip donuts are tasty and rich. 

With flavorful vanilla being used in two different ways, these donuts are incredibly simple to make. 

You only need eight ingredients, one bowl, and some fun in the kitchen.

I think you’ll love these chocolate-chip-studded donuts. 

17. Vegan Boston Cream Donuts

Boston cream donuts are one of the most indulgent and decadent donuts in the shop. Let’s make them vegan!

Filled with tons of luscious vegan pastry cream, these donuts are true flavor bombs. 

Top it off with a classic chocolate glaze for that iconic Bostom cream pie finishing touch.

18. Vegan Chocolate Cream-Filled Donuts

If you prefer the chocolate inside the donuts instead, try these chocolate cream-filled donuts. 

The chocolate cream is so velvety and luxurious that I can’t get enough.

Plus, the only way to let the filling shine would be to top these donuts with a light dusting of powdered sugar and call it a day. 

19. Orange Pistachio Donuts

Orange pistachio donuts are an ideal spring morning treat.

The dough is packed with nutty pistachios. The orange glaze is citrusy and floral. The two flavors make a lovely combination. 

For extra crunch, top these with more pistachios and enjoy!

20. Vegan Raspberry Donuts

Raspberry donuts are pretty in pink and even better to eat. 

These soft donuts are infused with fresh raspberry flavor.

The dough and the glaze are tinted pink from the brightly colored flesh of the raspberries. 

If fruity donuts are your style, you have to try this delicious recipe. ​​They’ll probably be your new favorite. 

20 Best Vegan Donut Recipe Collection

With these vegan donut recipes, you can enjoy your favorite treats! From glazed to jam-filled to chocolate, these plant-based donuts are as good as the real deal.


  • ​Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donuts

  • Baked Vegan Donuts

  • Easy Vegan Glazed Donuts

  • Vegan Jam Donuts

  • Vegan Brioche Donuts

  • Vegan Chocolate Donuts

  • Strawberry-Glazed Vegan Chocolate Donuts

  • Vegan Soft-Baked Lemon Donuts With Lemon Glaze

  • Vegan Maple Donuts

  • Vegan Powdered Donuts

  • Vegan Cake Batter Donuts

  • Vegan Vanilla Baked Donuts

  • Baked Strawberry Donuts

  • Vegan Blueberry Donuts

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Donuts

  • Vegan Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts

  • Vegan Boston Cream Donuts

  • Vegan Chocolate Cream-Filled Donuts

  • Orange Pistachio Donuts

  • Vegan Raspberry Donuts


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a vegan donut in 30 minutes or less!
Vegan Donut Recipes

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