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23 Best Carne Asada Sides ( + Easy Mexican Dishes)

If you’re looking for some carne asada sides to complete your Mexican feast, I have you covered.

Carne asada translates to “grilled beef,” but you can prepare this tasty entree in a variety of ways.

You typically start with a cut flank or skirt steak, then season it to your liking.

If you’re a purist at heart, you can stop at just salt and pepper.

Carne Asada in Corn Tortilla with Lime
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You can also create something truly magical.

Simply flavor your beef with soy sauce, citrus, and jalapeno before tossing it on the barbecue.

Since carne asada is typically rich and fatty, you need the perfect fresh side to pair with the melt-in-your-mouth steak.

Below, you’ll find 23 show-stopping carne asada sides that pair perfectly with the meaty entree. 

1. Spanish Rice

You can’t beat the classic Spanish rice. This irresistible side dish makes the perfect pairing to meat, tofu, you name it!

Best of all, you’ll love how easy it is to whip up a batch of this tasty rice.

With just 5 minutes of prep time, you can have this wonderful dish ready on the table.

2. Cilantro Lime Rice

If you’re a cilantro lover, you’ll obsess over this amazing side.

There’s a lot to be excited about with this cilantro lime rice.

Between the bright herb flavors and zingy acidity, your palate will be refreshed in the best possible way. 

You can make this rice as a base for a scrumptious burrito or dollop a heavy dose along the main entree.

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This versatile rice is a home run every time. 

3. Mexican Street Corn

If you’re a big fan of Mexican street food, then hold on to your seat.

After just one bite, this recipe will immediately transport you to the colorful landscape of Mexico City. 

When you’re hosting a backyard barbeque, treat your guests to mouthwatering carne asada and this fabulous grilled corn. 

You’ll love how this light side pairs perfectly with the heaviness of the meat.

4. Black Beans 

For a nutritious and equally delicious side dish, you can’t beat this foolproof black beans recipe.

Not only do they pair perfectly with tacos, enchiladas, or carne asada, but they’re super easy to whip together.

All you have to do is toss a handful of ingredients into a saucepan, let it all cook for 10 minutes, and you’re golden!

5. Beans and Rice 

Beans and rice is the perfect, plant-based side dish that makes everything better.

Not convinced? Take this recipe for a spin, then tell me otherwise.

You might be thinking this recipe seems plain, but after just one bite, you’ll eat your words.

You pack so much mouthwatering flavor into every morsel of this recipe, that your palate won’t know what hit it!

6. Mexican Coleslaw

Does warm weather have you daydreaming about summer potlucks in the park?

If you can’t wait to resume picnic season, then be sure to keep this recipe in your back pocket.

You’ll be swept off your feet by the combination of taco salad and creamy coleslaw. 

Every bite gives your palate something to obsess over.

You’ll love the textured Mexican corn, bright mango salsa, and velvety dressing that ties everything together.

7. Mexican Street Corn Salad

Okay, this recipe has a lot for us to discuss.

If you’ve never tried the amazing combo of grilled corn and cotija cheese, allow me to be the first to tell you, please do.

You’ll love how the sweetness of the yellow niblets works wonderfully with the savory cheese.

Every forkful will delight your palate with flavorful, fresh tastes, making you crave another bite immediately. 

8. Creamy Corn Pudding

If you’re searching for that perfect carne asada side that also daylights as the ultimate comfort food, you’re in luck.

This creamy corn pudding will fill your palate with sweet, cozy flavors that remind you of grandma’s cooking.

You’ll love how well this side dish pairs with meat, creating one sensational meal for your lucky dinner guests.

9. Homemade Tortillas

This recipe will have you rethinking buying store-bought tortillas ever again.

If you never thought to make your own homemade tortillas, check this recipe out.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make them on your own.

All you need are 3 ingredients and a good rolling pin. How can it get any easier than that?

After you sink your teeth into the fruits of your labor, you’ll be astounded at how much better these tortillas taste than the ones in your pantry.

10. Frijoles Charros 

This cozy soup is perfect on the coldest of winter nights. 

After just one spoonful, you’ll be comforted with heartwarming flavors that will nourish your tummy and soothe your soul.

11. Roasted or Grilled Vegetables

There’s something so satisfying about sheet pan recipes.

If simplicity and ease in the kitchen appeal to you, be sure to check out this recipe.

All you have to do is chop some veggies, toss them in a pan, douse some oil overtop, then stick it in the oven.

In just 15 minutes, you can have perfectly tender, roasted vegetables packed with so many yummy flavors. 

12. Fresh Guacamole 

In my opinion, there’s no problem that fresh guacamole can’t fix.

Well, it might not be the solution to every problem, but let me put it this way, guacamole never makes things worse.

There’s something so amazing about making the celebrated dip rather than buying store-bought.

All you need are 6 ingredients to prepare this dreamy, creamy guac. You’ll love how it comes together in practically no time at all!

13. Mango Salsa

Your tastebuds will go crazy for this delightful mango salsa recipe.

I can’t get enough of the combination of juicy mangoes, savory onions, and fresh cilantro.

If you couldn’t agree more, be sure to check this recipe out.

14. Cowboy Caviar

Need an easy side dish on the table in 15 minutes? This amazing recipe is here to save the day!

This delightful dish makes the perfect addition to any picnic, potluck, or summer dinner party.

Best of all, you can keep the leftovers for hearty, healthy work lunches throughout the week.

15. Mexican Cornbread 

Do you obsess over the sweet and savory flavor duo? If so, check this recipe out.

Mexican provides everything you love about the barbeque staple side.

But there’s even more flavor jam-packed into every nibble.

You’ll love the combination of sweet corn, spicy jalapenos, and melted cheese every time you sink your teeth into the soft bread.

16. Quesadillas

If you spent your college years chowing down on quesadillas, (and honestly, who didn’t), then let this recipe elevate the nostalgic meal.

All you need are 3 ingredients and 10 minutes to whip up this insanely tasty meal.

You’ll obsess over the loaded, melted cheese every time you chomp into this exquisite quesadilla. 

17. Refried Beans

When you find yourself reaching for the store-bought can of refried beans, try your hand at this easy-peasy recipe instead.

You’ll be surprised by how much more flavor is in homemade refried beans. 

The best part is that you’re able to customize this recipe exactly to your liking.

If you wanna amp up the spice, toss in a few extra sliced jalapenos. 

Or if you want every bite to transport you to a Baja seaside, squeeze a little more lime juice. The possibilities are endless!

18. Mexican Sweet Potatoes

When I look at this picture, the word “wow” comes to mind. 

Imagine slicing yourself a deliciously tender slice of sweet potato, completely smothered in melted cheese, fiery jalapenos, and crunchy corn. 

If you want to make this fantasy a dream come true, check out this amazing recipe.

19. Chicken Tortilla Soup 

Is the forecast predicting a prolonged blizzard? Gather your loved ones and commiserate over a bowl of this insanely cozy soup.

Each heaping spoonful overflows with juicy shredded chicken, crispy tortilla strips, and a rich tomato broth.

If you’re craving a comforting soup, take this recipe for a spin. I promise you won’t regret it.

20. Tomato Avocado Salad

When the in-laws are in town, impress them with this fresh, easy salad.

Not only does it make a great, stand-alone appetizer, but you’ll love how well this side pairs with a meaty main entree.

Between the zingy red onion, dense avocado, and juicy tomatoes, every bite of this tasty recipe creates a flavor explosion in your mouth.

21. Homemade Salsa Verde

If tomatillos are on sale at your local produce market, be sure to buy a big batch to make this awesome homemade salsa verde.

You won’t believe how much fresh, deliciousness is packed into this amazing salsa.

Whether you need a flavor-packed dip for tortilla chips, or a sauce to drizzle overtop carne asada, this recipe can do it all!

22. 7-Layer Dip

When you’re in charge of bringing an appetizer to your next potluck, you can’t go wrong with this 7-layer dip.

This foolproof recipe comes together quickly and boasts a whole lot of flavor in every bite.

Each layer brings something to the table, culminating in a show-stopping dip that guests will love.

23. Corn Salsa

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this corn salsa!

You only need a handful of ingredients to create this amazing summer side dish.

Best of all, this recipe is no-cook, so you can stay cool when the weather is humid.

23 Best Carne Asada Sides

These tempting carne asada sides are perfect for any Mexican meal. From rice to street corn to tortillas, you can’t go wrong with these easy dishes.


  • Spanish Rice

  • Cilantro Lime Rice

  • Mexican Street Corn

  • Black Beans

  • Beans and Rice

  • Mexican Coleslaw

  • Mexican Street Corn Salad

  • Creamy Corn Pudding

  • Homemade Tortillas

  • Frijoles Charros

  • Roasted or Grilled Vegetables

  • Fresh Guacamole

  • Mango Salsa

  • Cowboy Caviar

  • Mexican Cornbread

  • Quesadillas

  • Refried Beans

  • Mexican Sweet Potatoes

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Tomato Avocado Salad

  • Homemade Salsa Verde

  • 7 Layer Dip

  • Corn Salsa


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a carne asada side dish in 30 minutes or less!
Carne Asada Sides

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