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30 Best Burrito Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings

If you’re craving something warm, filling, and totally satisfying, try these incredible burrito recipes.

Whether you like them stuffed with beef and chicken or loaded to the brim with healthy veggies and rice, you really can’t go wrong with a big, juicy burrito.

Best Burrito Recipes featuring Burrito Wraps with Ground Beef and Vegetables
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I’m a massive fan of the classics: meat + rice + cheese + guacamole = burrito heaven.

But there’s so much more to it than that!

From hearty eggs and bacon to tender shrimp or crispy tofu, these burrito recipes have you covered from breakfast to dinner – and maybe even a late-night snack or two.

1. Beef Burrito

When hunger strikes, this beef burrito is just what you need.

Packed with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, Mexican rice, and beans, all that’s left is to slap on the sour cream and chow down.

I recommend making a big batch and freezing them for later.

That way, the next time you’re starving, you can just pop one in the microwave for a quick and tasty meal.

2. Vegan Burrito

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this equally delicious plant-based burrito. 

It’s got the classic duo of rice and beans for a nice hit of protein. There is also a whirl of fixings like vegan sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and more. 

The best part is both the black beans and corn get a lively coating of a limey, smoky spice blend. Yum!

3. Chicken Burrito 

Chicken burritos are the family dinner that never disappoints. 

Whether it’s a busy Wednesday or just a lazy Saturday, these easy burritos can be thrown together in a snap.

All you have to do is season the chicken and toss it in a pan. Then load it into a giant flour tortilla with some beans, rice, and cheese. 

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Do yourself a favor and use boxed rice. It just makes life so much easier. 

4. Spinach Feta Breakfast Burritos 

Breakfast burritos are my jam, and this one makes a regular appearance in my weekly schedule.

In this hearty and satisfying breakfast burrito, fluffy scrambled eggs meet fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta. 

You could also make this vegan by swapping the eggs with silken tofu or another plant-based substitute. 

5. Crispy Steak Burritos

When you’re craving red meat, these crispy steak burritos will be waiting.

They come stuffed with strip steak, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole. 

I also like to mix up the cheese, depending on my mood. Monterey jack, cheddar, queso fresco, or cotija all work well.

No matter which you choose, these take just 20 minutes to make if you use leftover rice.

6. Bean and Cheese

No matter what’s new and trendy, there’s one burrito we all come back to: beans and cheese. 

Kids love it, adults crave it, and it’s the easiest burrito of them all.

While you could just pile on the beans, I love that this recipe spruces them up with salsa, onions, and spices.

Toss on as much cheddar as you can handle and dig in!

7. Burrito-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 

Looking to go low-carb? Don’t ditch your beloved burrito – wrap it in cabbage instead!

Savoy cabbage is the ideal wrapper for this ground beef filling. It’s a fun take on classic stuffed cabbage that the entire family will love.

But unlike other burritos, you’ll want a knife and fork for this one. 

8. Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito 

Need some easy meal prep ideas for breakfast? Here’s an excellent choice to add to the list. 

Each one of these burritos is filled with the quintessential breakfast items, including eggs, bacon, and hash browns.

Grab some decent-sized tortillas and get the assembly line going. 

Depending on who the burrito is for, you can also throw in some other fixings. For example, I like mine with heat, which means plenty of jalapeños!

Just be sure to label them before you toss them in the freezer 😉

9. Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger Burritos

Things are about to get a little wild because this food mashup is crazy good.

It takes all the flavors you love about a juicy cheeseburger and stuffs them into a tortilla.

As if that weren’t enough, the burrito itself gets wrapped in strips of bacon. Drool!

I don’t know whether to serve this with a side of fries or stuff them inside too!

Either way, I have a good hunch this will be a new family fave.

10. 0 Carb Keto Breakfast Burritos & Tacos 

Think burritos are out of the question for ketoers? Think again.

Juicy sausage, thick bacon, and scrambled eggs encased in an Egglife wrap is just what you need to start your day off right. 

Not only is it low-calorie and one carb, but it also comes in different flavors. 

If you’ve got the time, slather on the zero-carb cheese sauce. It hits the spot!

11. Chipotle Shrimp Burritos with Simple Avocado Crema

Today’s burrito special features plump shrimp in an adobo chipotle sauce with homemade Mexican avocado crema and white rice. 

It sounds complex, but anyone can make this grand burrito.

The shrimp cooks quickly, the rice doesn’t take much, and the avocado crema has only three ingredients. 

You can thank me later!

12. Vegan Collard Green Burritos

As much as I love a loaded burrito, it’s not the best on a hot day. So that’s when I swap it out for this fresh, healthy vegan burrito wrapped in collard greens. 

Collard leaves are sturdy enough to handle the filling, while the mixture inside keeps things light. 

The filling is loaded with flavorful walnut taco meat, sprouts, avocado, salsa, and pickled onions. 

It’s not your traditional burrito, but it’s equally irresistible.

13. Breakfast Burrito Casserole

From potlucks to holidays, this breakfast casserole is a fine choice to feed a crowd.

It’s got layers of sausage, eggs, salsa, and cheese in between flour tortillas, making it kind of like a burrito lasagna.

It’s very hearty and makes for an eye-catching presentation. 

14. Chicken Avocado Burritos

Got a hankering for a fresh Tex-Mex meal? Try this yummy chicken burrito. 

Lunch or dinner, this burrito hits the right notes without making things too complicated. 

It’s got juicy chicken, cilantro-lime rice, and sliced avocado. Toss in some cheese and Ranch dressing if you want a bit more. 

The only thing it’s missing now is some of your favorite hot sauce.

15. Chorizo Burrito Bowl with Charred Lime

Another excellent way to have your burrito without the carbs is a savory burrito bowl like this flavorsome creation. 

The stewed chorizo packs some heat thanks to the jalapeños and canned hatch chili peppers.

Pair it with rice, roasted peppers, and avocado mash for the perfect bowl. 

16. Loaded Lentil Burritos

This loaded burrito is a very clever use of lentils.

It turns canned legumes into vegan taco meat with the help of pepitas, garlic, and spices.

Pile that into a tortilla with fresh guacamole, peppers, salsa, and lettuce for an exquisite burrito everyone can enjoy. 

17. Pulled Pork Burritos

On the hunt for some easy Mexican recipes? Here’s one that’s a clever use of leftover pulled pork. 

You’ll slather it in barbecue sauce along with the rice and beans.

Then pile as much as you can into a flour tortilla and serve with a side of fresh homemade salsa. 

I also like to saute some bell peppers and onions to make it fajita-style.

18. Sweet Potato Burritos

This vegetarian burrito absolutely nails it! 

The black beans complement the sweet potatoes perfectly – especially when seasoned with cumin and paprika. 

Plus, canned tomatoes are a brilliant way to easily add more depth. 

Of course, I have to have the avocado. But you can leave it out if it’s not in season. 

19. Cheesy Baked Burritos

The kids won’t have any problem finishing their dinner when these cheesy baked burritos are on the table. 

The filling is a mess of mouthwatering ingredients, including chicken, rice, and two types of beans with taco seasoning. 

Of course, their favorite part will be the cheddar cheese sauce that smothers every bite.

20. Taco Bell Quesarito (Copycat)

Is the Taco Bell Quesarito a guilty pleasure of yours too? If so, skip the drive-thru and make it at home the next time hunger strikes.

It’s full of Taco Bell-style ground beef, rice, and cheese. 

Of course, it is a Quesarito, so you’ll want to double wrap this baby with an additional tortilla and nacho cheese sandwiched in between. Yum!

21. Philly Cheese Steak Wrap

Burritos are hearty, tasty, and super versatile. Like I said before, you can stuff them with everything from beef to tofu.

But what about something a little different?

I think this Pilly cheesesteak burrito fits the bill. 

The four-ingredient filling tastes just like the sandwich, except it’s packed into a tortilla instead of a bun.

It’s a tad less messy and easier to eat on the go. That’s a win for me!

22. Skinny Burrito Bowls

When a calorie bomb burrito is out of the question, you can still have what you desire with this skinny bowl. 

It skips the tortilla for a healthy deconstructed burrito bowl loaded with all the standard fixings: rice, beans, cheese, and salsa. 

But to make it more satiating, there is also ground turkey, veggies, and taco seasoning. 

23. 15-Minute Vegan Burrito Bowl

Here is another healthy take on a burrito bowl that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

It’s a vegan version full of yummy black beans, white rice, corn, tomatoes, and green goddess dressing. 

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

24. Barbacoa Beef Burritos

Want an authentic dinner experience but don’t want to leave the house? Try this insanely indulgent barbacoa burrito.

Barbacoa is a Mexican way of preparing incredibly mouthwatering meat. And it makes the average burrito downright addictive. 

It melds Mexican seasoned slow cooker chuck roast with a fresh combination of pico and guac. 

I recommend cooking the beef in advance, so all you have to do is build it whenever it’s time to eat.

25. Smothered Chicken Burritos

Preparing burritos for a crowd is far easier when you bake them. And these chicken burritos are perfect for family dinners. 

Get the slow cooker going in the morning, and then all that’s left when you come home is to assemble and bake.

It’s savory, cheesy, smothered in tasty green salsa, and enough to feed the whole family.

26. Easy Beef Burrito Skillet

Looking for an easy recipe with tortillas? It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Rather than worrying about overly stuffing your burrito, you’ll cook it in a skillet instead. 

Simply toss the ground beef, salsa, beans, and cheese into the pan along with some tortilla strips.

About 20 minutes later, your no-fuss, one-skillet dinner is ready to serve. 

27. California Burrito

If you’ve never had a California burrito before, the ingredients may surprise you.

It’s not filled with avocados or overflowing with farm-to-table produce. 

Instead, its two main essentials are carne asada and fries. And that, my friends, is a masterpiece. 

So, when you find yourself far from San Diego without a decent taco shop around, you only have one choice: make it at home! 

28. Incredible Baked Pizza Burrito (Vegan) 

Another one the kids won’t have any trouble polishing off is this baked pizza burrito. 

The inside is oozing with mushrooms, spinach, and cheese smothered in marinara and alfredo sauce.

And can I tell you a secret? It’s 100 percent vegan. But don’t worry, they don’t have to know.

29. Grilled Chicken Broccoli Wraps

Trying to get the kids to eat their broccoli? Disguise it in a wrap, and it’ll be devoured in no time. 

These 30-minute burritos combine seasoned grilled chicken and steamed broccoli with a handful of cheese. 

It’s wholesome, comforting, and effortless.

30. Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Burrito Copycat

Even if you’ve never been to Cafe Rio, you’ll want to make this delicious feast asap.

This wet burrito has the most divine shredded pork and a Verde salsa to match. 

Rather than packing it to the brim, serve the pico de gallo, lettuce, and guacamole on the side. It’s fresh, filling, and an all-around crowd-pleaser. 

Don’t forget the extra sprinkle of cheese on top!

30 Best Burrito Recipe Collection

If you’re craving something warm, filling, and totally satisfying, try these incredible burrito recipes. From beef to beans; you really can’t go wrong.


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