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13 Best Baby Corn Recipes and Side Dishes

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean these baby corn recipes aren’t loaded with flavor!

So serve them with your favorite entree for a well-rounded meal.

Homemade Stir-Fried Salted Pork with Pepper and Baby Corn
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Did you know that baby corn is just regular corn that’s been harvested early?

Unlike mature corn, the cob of baby corn is tender enough to eat, and it has a milder flavor than ripe corn. 

And from Mexican street corn to finger-licking baby corn fritters, these baby corn recipes are perfect for summer BBQs and Sunday dinners.

10+ Easy Baby Corn Recipes

1. Baby Corn Fry Recipe

One of the most popular ways to use baby corn is in stir-fries, and for a good reason.

Its sweet flavors pair perfectly with other crispy, earthy veggies like bell peppers, onions, and carrots. 

Serve this Indian-inspired stir fry over a bed of white rice or with naan. 

2. Roasted Baby Corn with Chili and Lime

Are you looking for a fantastic summery side dish?

Dress up delicate baby corn with bright chili and lime seasoning, and watch an entire bowl disappear at your next summer bash. 

The baby corn offers a mild sweetness to contrast the heat from chilis and the sour notes from a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 

It’s a bright, zippy vegetarian side dish that’s quick, easy, and sure to please.

3. Crispy Chili Garlic Baby Corn

Calling all garlic fans!

If you have vampires attending your next potluck, you can rest assured they will steer clear of this dish (and leave more for you!). 

Baby corn is already pretty crunchy, but when it’s battered and deep-fried until golden and crunchy? Wow, it’s hard to resist.

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The outsides are nice and crunchy, while the insides are tender and sweet.

After they come out of the hot oil, toss them in a delightful chili garlic sauce for a kick of flavor everyone will go nuts for. 

4. Baby Corn Manchurian

Baby corn Manchurian makes an excellent vegetarian main course or a terrific side to your next homemade takeout feast.

Instead of crispy chicken or pork, you’ll deep fry baby corn for the same crispy-tender finish.

And that fragrant sticky sauce is to die for! It’s garlicky and spicy with a touch of sweetness from ketchup. 

Serve this classic dish over a bed or white rice for the ultimate meatless Monday weeknight meal. Or serve it alongside juicy duck and dig in!

5. Tangy Roasted Baby Corn

This tangy roasted baby corn recipe will take your veggie game to new heights. 

It’s sweet, salty, and delightfully tangy, thanks to the addition of za’atar seasoning.

Paired with slightly sweet baby corn and onions, the flavors leap off the plate. 

And the best part? This simple recipe is 100% vegan, so it’s an excellent option for your next dinner party. 

6. Baby Corn Vegetable Stir-Fry

If you’re craving Chinese takeout, this recipe is a healthy twist you can feel good about devouring.

This simple stir-fry recipe utilizes classic Asian veggies like baby corn, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, and onions – but with a healthy twist. 

The stir-fry sauce is light, making it an excellent swap for those watching their calories.

It pairs a simple blend of soy sauce, Sriracha, honey, and rice vinegar, making it light, bright, and waistline-friendly. 

7. Chilli Baby Corn

Battered and deep-fried baby corn is a fun way to jazz up this delicate vegetable.

A quick trip in a pot of hot oil yields a delightfully crunchy side that goes great with just about anything. 

However, the chili sauce is the real star of this show. It’s sweet, spicy, sticky, and delivers massive flavors. 

Serve this as an appetizer or with your protein of choice for dinner. Add some rice or noodles, and you’re good to go.

8. Mini Mexican Street Corn

I love Mexican street corn.

It’s sweet, spicy, savory, and tart and makes a great snack or side dish to serve with tacos. But a whole ear of corn is a little messy.

Enter baby corn. 

These mini Mexican street corns get the same lime, pepper, cilantro, and cotija treatment, but it’s way easier to pop one in your mouth!

They’re bright and summery and make the ultimate side dish for a juicy burger, quesadilla, or chipotle chicken dinner.

9. Air Fryer Baby Corn

It doesn’t get much easier than this Air Fryer baby corn recipe.

The Air Fryer delivers flavorful black char marks on your veggies without heading to the outdoor grill. 

It’s a simple recipe that only incorporates a handful of ingredients but doesn’t shy away from the flavor.

I love this recipe because it only calls for a few pantry staples, and the countertop appliance does all the heavy lifting. 

With a dusting of garlic, onion powder, lemon, and just a dash of oil, it’s a super healthy side dish.

Bonus points: it comes together in just 15 minutes. 

10. Baby Corn 65

Baby corn 65 recipe is smothered in a generous batter that makes each piece insanely crunchy and addictive.

It’s like popcorn chicken, but it’s full of veggie goodness.

With bright Indian spices mixed right into the batter, you won’t need a dipping sauce for this fantastic appetizer or snack. 

And while it’s a fantastic light dish, you can easily pair it with rice for a filling vegetarian main course too. 

11. Baby Corn Salad with Crisp Parsnip Ribbons

Are you tired of the same old garden salad? If iceberg lettuce and cucumbers feel a little stale, it’s time for a veggie swap!

Baby corn is a beautiful salad addition because it’s crunchy and lends a subtle sweetness that goes great with earthy greens like spinach and bell peppers. 

And the cherry on top? Crispy parsnip ribbons!

Tossed in butter, they take this simple salad to the next level. 

12. Baby Corn Soup

This recipe for baby corn soup is the ultimate wintertime comfort food. It’s very similar to potato soup, with an added crunch and sweetness from baby corn. 

It incorporates a creamy potato base with rich seasoning from garlic and oregano.

Serve it alongside a fresh garden salad or crusty bread, and you’ll be warm and full in no time.

13. Baby Corn Fritters in the Air Fryer

Step aside, fish sticks. These baby corn fritters are the new fried favorite!

Everyone knows that the key to amazing appetizers or finger food lies in the breading, and these tasty fritters deliver in spades.

They’re nice and crunchy with a spicy twist from chili powder. 

Serve these baby corn fritters alongside your favorite dipping sauces, and watch them disappear. 

13 Best Baby Corn Recipes and Side Dishes

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean these baby corn recipes aren’t loaded with flavor! Serve them with your favorite entree for a well-rounded meal.


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Baby Corn Recipes

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