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10 Best Apple Brandy Cocktails (+ Simple Recipes)

Raise a glass and cheers to autumn with these apple brandy cocktails.

Cozy soups, brisk weather, and family outings to the apple orchard are all reasons to love the fall.

But I’ll give you one better reason, and that’s apple brandy cocktails! 

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Cocktail
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This festive fall spirit is complex yet subtle and surprisingly versatile.

It’s also the underrated liquor your fall beverages have been missing.

You can use it in a wide range of classic cocktails like a sour, sidecar, or old-fashioned.

There are also plenty of new seasonal creations to wet your whistle. 

Whether you’re cozying up next to a fire or entertaining guests, there’s an apple brandy cocktail here perfect for every fall occasion. 

1. Brandy Apple Snap Fall Cocktail

The best fall cocktails should encapsulate seasonal flavors. And this one is heavy on the apple! 

Zippy and fruity, it’s a refreshing fizzy libation with a crisp snap. 

Effervescent ginger beer will tickle your nose with its piquant kiss.

And the fresh apple juice and brandy add a warming sweet touch.

Altogether, it’s a wonderful contrast of sweet and spicy.

For a fun twist, you can also swap out the apple juice with apple cider. 

2. Apple Brandy Sidecar

The sidecar is a classic cocktail that consists of cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. 

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Swap out the cognac for apple brandy and it’s perfect for the fall!

While you’re at it, tweak the original recipe a bit by adding apple cider and a dash of holiday pie bitters.

When choosing orange liqueur, I highly recommend opting for Cointreau.

The concentration of orange flavor makes it one of the best. 

With a glass like this, you can skip the apple pie. This is the only dessert you need.

3. Cranberry Apple Fizz

Fizz cocktails come in a range of flavors.

One thing they all have in common, though, is they feature citrus, sugar, and carbonated water. 

With ingredients like that, the options are virtually endless.

When using apple brandy as the base, there’s really only one way to go. Cranberry apple fizz!

Tart, sweet, and very fizzy, this sparkling libation is worth throwing a soiree.

So fix up a round and invite your pals over.

You can easily double up on the recipe by mixing the ingredients in a pitcher.

When it comes time to serve, just pour it over ice. 

Careful, it tastes like juice making it one sneaky drink. 

4. Spiced Apple Brandy Cocktail

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is what this cocktail is all about. 

With apple brandy as the base, you sweeten it up with fresh apple juice, simple syrup, and a twist of lemon. 

As for the spice, rim the glass with cinnamon and sugar for a special touch.

All you need to complete the drink now are a few apple slices.

If you don’t have a juicer, be sure to get some quality freshly-pressed apple juice. It makes a difference, trust me. 

5. Apple Brandy Old-Fashioned

The old-fashioned is another classic cocktail that has many variations.

However, the original recipe uses whiskey, sugar, and bitters.

So you can imagine how good it is with apple brandy!

Apple brandy makes it a little sweeter and fruitier. Meanwhile, it’s just as warming as whiskey.  

Start a new tradition this fall and spruce your old-fashioned up the apple brandy way.

It’s a very simple four-ingredient cocktail you can mix up in just 5 minutes. 

While you’re making yourself one, mind making me one too? Thank you!

6. The Woodsman

With a name like the woodsman, you would expect a strong and complex sipper that’s best enjoyed fireside. 

I know that’s oddly specific, but that’s what you get with this drink. 

The apple brandy warms you up as the ginger liqueur, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters soothe your spirit. 

What you might not expect is this is a rather sophisticated drink.

Rub your glass in an orange peel for the essence and you’ll see what I mean.

7. Apple Brandy Hot Toddy

Nothing cures what ails you like a hot toddy. Use apple brandy and it’s extra delicious. 

As a nightcap or after-dinner sipper, an apple brandy hot toddy is one relaxing drink. 

It starts by dissolving honey in hot water, then spiking it with Calvados and a hint of lemon to brighten the drink. 

Calvados is a French apple brandy that’s only made in Normandy.

Produced with cider apples, it’s aged in oak barrels making it a top-notch type of brandy.

As for the toddy, the whole process takes about 5 minutes so you don’t need to exude a lot of effort. 

That’s great news because all you’ll want to do after a long chilly day is kick back and relax with a soothing hot toddy.

8. Apple Brandy Cider Cocktail

If you were to capture the essence of fall in a cocktail, this would be it. 

Sweet, fruity, buttery, and warming, it’s like drinking a boozy baked good fresh off the stove. 

To paint you a better picture, it begins with melting butter.

You then add cinnamon and sugar and toss apples in that sweet richness. 

Once that’s ready, pour in the brandy.

You may just want a scoop of ice cream on the side to make it a la mode. It’s fall, and you’re allowed to be indulgent. 

9. Calvados Jack Rose

Say, here’s a boozy treat for that bottle of Calvados you have stashed in the cupboard.

This radiating rosy red classic has been around the cocktail scene since the early 1900s.

The origin story is a little fuzzy, but it’s most likely named after applejack and its color.

And I’ll tell you one thing, it’s as good as it looks!

This classy creation has a fruity punch backed by a balance of sweet and sour. 

Do yourself a favor and use homemade grenadine.

The process for it takes less than 10 minutes and it’s far superior to what you’ll find at the grocery store. 

From holidays to dinner parties, this cocktail is the lavish sipper your celebrations need.

10. Apple Brandy Sour

Are there any sour cocktail lovers in the house? You’ll dig this apple brandy version. 

Egg white gives it the signature frothy mouthfeel, while lemon lends the classic sour taste. 

For the rest of the seasonal ingredients, add apple brandy, maple syrup, and bitters. Then garnish with a cherry!

It’s a festive fall drink that’s prime for entertaining. 

So whip up some easy fall appetizers and call your friends. It’s happy hour time! 

10 Best Apple Brandy Cocktails (+ Simple Recipes)

Sip on one of these apple brandy cocktails for a true taste of fall! From a cranberry apple fizz to an old-fashioned, these tasty drinks aim to please.


  • Brandy Apple Snap Fall Cocktail

  • Apple Brandy Sidecar

  • Cranberry Apple Fizz

  • Spiced Apple Brandy Cocktail

  • Apple Brandy Old-Fashioned

  • The Woodsman

  • Apple Brandy Hot Toddy

  • Apple Brandy Cider Cocktail

  • Calvados Jack Rose

  • Apple Brandy Sour


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an apple brandy cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Apple Brandy Cocktails

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