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25 Best Whole30 Soup Recipes

Are you taking the challenge of eating nothing but whole ingredients for 30 days? These Whole30 soup recipes can help. 

Sticking to any diet is hard as it is. Add in the search to find recipes that are compatible and you may feel like giving up before you even begin. 

Creamy Chicken Soup in a Bowl
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That’s where these diet-approved soups come in handy. 

I find having a long list of soups to mix things up makes it much easier to stay on track. It also doesn’t hurt that they are seriously delicious. 

Satisfying and satiating, these 25 Whole30 soups will leave your belly feeling full and happy.

These bowls will help you conquer your 30-day quest of clean eating without cheating. 

20+ Filling and Nutritious Whole30 Soup Recipes

1. Whole30 Creamy Taco Soup

Giving up greasy Mexican food for 30 days is not easy. Luckily, this taco soup is on the Whole30 list. 

It’s full of naturally satiating spices. Combine that with the juicy ground beef and tomato coconut broth and you’ll feel full with only a single bowl. 

You can cook this in the slow cooker or instant pot if you have one. Otherwise, you can have this hot and ready in just 30 minutes on the stovetop.

2. Whole30 Zuppa Toscana

While the program may only take 30 days, you’ll keep coming back to this recipe time and time again. 

This rustic soup is a creamy blend of savory Italian sausage, potatoes, kale, and coconut milk. It also has, wait for it… Whole30 bacon!

To ensure the sausage is also compliant, you’ll have to make it from scratch.

This does mean this recipe is a little more time-intensive, but it’s so worth the work.

3. Whole30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Comfort food and diets don’t tend to mix, but they do with this chicken pot pie-inspired soup.

Leftover rotisserie chicken is perfect for this dish. It cuts down the work and makes sure nothing goes to waste.

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Pair that with a cashew cream broth, veggies, and poultry seasoning and you’ll have a warming soup that tastes just like a chicken pot pie filling.

Plus, this soup is also vegan, paleo, and gluten-free.

4. 30-Minute Whole30 Chicken Soup

Hit the reset button and cleanse your body with this nourishing soup. 

Succulent chicken packs this soup with protein. Meanwhile, a handful of humble veggies make it nutrient-rich. 

Garlic and dried herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, keep the seasoning simple which also makes it more gut-friendly.

This is an excellent cozy meal for when you want a one-pot soup that you can feel good eating without skimping on flavor. 

5. Whole30 Loaded Baked Potato Soup

When I start daydreaming about carbs, I curb my craving with this potato soup. 

Non-dairy milk and potatoes come together to make a super-rich and creamy base.

This gets even better with baked potato toppings like bacon and scallions. 

However, if you want to know the real secret, it’s cauliflower.

This may come as a surprise, but give it a try, and you’ll see cauliflower is what makes this soup such a hit. 

6. Whole30 Tuscan Sausage Soup

Tuscany may be far away, but you’re just one pot and 45 minutes away from this Italian countryside soup.

This recipe has everything going for it and so much more. It’s not only Whole30, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and keto, it’s also amazingly flavorful. 

That may sound hard to achieve by adhering to all these dietary restrictions, but it’s surprisingly not.

All you’ll need is some quality ground sausage, coconut milk, and seasoning.

Oh, you’ll also need some veggies like fresh spinach and sundried tomatoes. 

7. Whole30 Creamy Cauliflower Soup

With this soup, you’ll never underestimate the wonders of cauliflower again. Cauliflower is ideal for creating a creamy soup that’s overflowing with flavor. 

This cruciferous vegetable is low in calories and full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

Of course, you’ll also need some healthy fats to go along with it. So for this soup, you’ll use a combination of both ghee and coconut milk. 

Ghee is rich in omega-3 and coconut milk is rich in MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), which is touted for promoting weight loss. 

8. Whole30 Mushroom Soup

Looking for a wholesome winter soup? Try this recipe.

Mushrooms and shallots infuse this soup with earthy flavors, which gets even tastier because they’re cooked in bacon grease. 

For more texture, blend half the soup and mix in the rest.

9. Whole30 Tomato Vegetable Soup

Give me a bowl of this tomato soup, and I’ll give you a bowl licked clean in return.

The tomato broth is simply divine. It’s also very nourishing thanks to the help of some organic bone broth.

As for the rest, this soup doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bounty of veggies and a healthy dose of dried herbs. 

If you want a soup jam-packed with as many whole foods as possible, this is it. 

10. Whole30 Mediterranean Soup with Sausage

The Mediterranean diet has been scientifically proven to be great for heart health. So why not combine that in a soup with a Whole30 twist?

This soup is rich in veggies and olive oil which are two Mediterranean diet staples. I’m especially fond of how hearty the sausage makes this dish.

However, what I love most is the pistou topping! Pistou is similar to pesto and just as fresh.

11. Whole30 Ham and Potato Soup

If you’re craving the comforts of home, this soup is for you. 

The smooth creamy base with chunks of ham and potato captures the very essence of comfort in a single bowl.

This one also has bone broth which is a great anti-inflammatory and has essential fatty acids as well.

12. Whole30 Chicken Tortilla Soup

Savory and spicy, chicken tortilla soup is the ultimate satiating Whole30 meal. 

While other soups may be more modest in flavor, this one pulls out all the stops. It’s got succulent chicken, fire-roasted tomatoes, and a potent blend of spice. 

I love how green chiles make it nice and spicy. I also love how lime pulls all the flavors together. 

13. Whole30 Egg Roll Soup

Egg roll soup is a genius idea! It takes all the same fillings you get with a fried egg roll but ditches the wrapper.

You’ll start by browning ground beef, then sauteing your veggies. Then throw in the spice, pour in the broth, and simmer.

Coconut aminos are a nice addition that gives this soup a deeper umami flavor. 

14. Whole30 Buffalo Ranch Chicken Chowder

I introduce you to the new soup recipe you can’t live without, buffalo ranch chicken chowder. 

By name alone, you may think this couldn’t be Whole30 compliant, but I guarantee it is. 

Cashew cream is an excellent component that helps thicken the base. Pair that with ghee and the broth becomes super-rich. 

All of which pairs sensationally with crispy bacon and chicken breast. However, the real twist to this recipe is a good dose of Frank’s Red Hot. 

15. Whole30 Hamburger Soup

When a juicy burger is tempting you, whip up this soup instead. A bowl of this soup is like biting into the most flavorful burger you’ve ever had.

This mouthwatering bowl is brimming with savory ground beef, banana peppers, and diced tomatoes.

For a heartier version, I highly advise using beef broth rather than veggie or chicken.

16. Whole30 Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

This is like a gateway soup to going full-on Whole30.

All the ingredients combine to make a very fresh yet toothsome bowl that’s chock-full of nourishment.

Lemon and rosemary keep the flavors bright. Then there’s the chicken and egg component that fills you up with protein.  

Of course, every good soup needs a veggie component. This one opts for a simple mix of potatoes, carrots, celery, and fresh greens.

17. Whole30 Turmeric Detox Veggie Soup

If you’ve been eating some not so gut-friendly foods and feeling the results, this detox soup is in order.

Turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory properties that can help with things like bloating and indigestion.

There’s also a good amount of capsaicin-rich spices that make you feel full faster.

All of them are the ideal infusion for the creamy butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrot base.

18. Whole30 Broccoli Cheese Soup

Another terrific comforting soup that’s Whole30 approved is this broccoli and cheese soup.

While cheese may not be part of the program, nutritional yeast certainly is. 

As a major cheese lover, I was skeptical of nutritional yeast at first. However, when I tried it in this soup I was immediately sold. 

Blend it with cashews and almond milk, and you’ll have a delicious vegan cheese sauce.

19. Whole30 Clam Chowder

You might be thinking, how in the world do I make chowder without dairy? Well, this is how. 

You’ll leave out the cream and use full-fat coconut milk. It’s important to go full-fat and not light because it makes the chowder richer.

As for the clams, you can use either canned or fresh. 

20. Whole30 Salmon Chowder

With a recipe like this, finishing the Whole30 challenge is easy-peasy.

The combination of bone broth, prosciutto, and wild-caught salmon is an utter masterpiece.

Winter or summer, salmon chowder is good year-round. It’s so good, that I would even serve this at an elegant dinner party or for a special occasion. 

21. Whole30 Hot and Sour Soup

There’s a long list of authentic Chinese foods you can’t have with Whole30. Luckily, this soup is not one of them. 

Hot chili pepper, and apple cider vinegar are responsible for the contrast between hot and sour.

Add that with eggs, mushrooms, coconut aminos, and pork for deep, complex flavors. 

Keep in mind, aromatics and proper seasoning are very important in this dish, so try not to stray.

22. Whole30 Minestrone

You can never go wrong with a warming bowl of minestrone. 

This hearty feast of garden-fresh veggies is soothing to the soul. I love the meaty bits of pancetta and the fresh burst from the basil. 

There may not be any pasta in this version, but I doubt you’ll care.

23. Whole30 Vegetable Beef Soup

I have your next Whole30 Instant Pot sensation right here!

I admit this soup is more stew than broth. However, it doesn’t skimp on the whole ingredients. 

Between the chunks of potatoes, ground beef, and perfect seasoning, this is one of the heartiest bowls on the list.

24. Whole30 Chicken Enchilada Soup

For those who miss Mexican food the most, I have another fabulous concoction for you. 

This flavor bomb infuses shredded chicken and chicken broth with enchilada seasoning and sauce. 

Add in some green chiles, bell peppers, and nutritional yeast for the full enchilada effect.

25. Whole30 Italian Wedding Soup

Some may argue that this classic is hands-down the best Italian soup. While I’m not here to argue, I do love this Whole30 version.

Meat and veggies come together in a matrimony of flavor that keeps your tastebuds happy without leading you astray. 

25 Best Whole30 Soups

These Whole30 soup recipes are hearty, healthy, and delicious! From taco to chicken pot pie to loaded baked potato, warm up with these incredible bowls.


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Whole30 Soup Recipes

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