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25 Different White Fruits to Try Today

These white fruits are tasty, unique, and absolutely bursting with phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that benefit your body.

They also have antiviral and antibacterial properties, and they help regulate blood pressure as well as lowering bad cholesterol. 

Pretty neat, huh?

Fresh Dragon Fruit with Mint in a Glass Bowl

I love all kinds of fruits. Orange fruits, pink fruits, green fruits- you name it, and I’ll devour it!

But I think white fruits are so underrated. So let’s change that and go over 25 of my faves.

Of course, they’re not all completely white. Instead, many have brightly colored skins under which you’ll find sweet, succulent, white flesh.

25 Types of White Fruits to Add to Your Diet

Coconut cut in half

1. Coconut

I’m starting this list with one of my favorite fruits: the coconut.

Once you get past the brown shell, it’s probably one of the most well-known for its tropical, milky, and sweet taste. 

Coconut is great fresh or dried. And coconut milk is awesome, too! You can use it for cooking, in your coffee, smoothies, and even ice cream. 

It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, plus lots of fiber, magnesium, iron, and healthy fats. 

Coconut can improve oral health, aid in weight loss, and ease body inflammation. It’s even said to be able to counteract some poisons! 

But the best part is that coconut tastes fabulous with everything from chocolate to chicken. 

Pile of whole watermelons

2. White Watermelon

You probably won’t find this watermelon in your local grocery store. But it’s worth a taste if you come across it. 

White watermelons look the same as their red counterparts on the outside. But inside, the flesh is white instead of bright red. 

And while they are still sweet like a typical watermelon, the taste is more vegetable-like.

It’s kind of like a sweet, sort of tropical-tasting cucumber. I know it sounds odd, but it’s fantastic! 

As for the health benefits, white watermelon is excellent for your blood functions, it lowers your blood pressure and will help improve circulation.

Bosc Pears

3. Bosc Pears

Bosc pears are the physical embodiment of the phrase, “sugar, spice, and everything nice.”

Because these tasty pears are super sweet and taste a little like cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Their flesh is crisp, so Boscs are perfect for baking or stewing. But they’re delicious raw, too.

Oh, and they’re full of good things like fiber, copper, and vitamins.

White Blackberry Attached on Stem

4. White Blackberry

Though somewhat lower in beneficial antioxidants, white blackberries aren’t that different from the average blackberry.

In fact, they taste pretty much the same. The only real difference is in color.  

Pineberries in a Glass Bowl

5. White Strawberries 

What are white strawberries? Well, they’re just like regular strawberries, only they’re white (sometimes kind of pink).

These unique fruits look just like strawberries and taste mostly the same. The key difference is they’re usually sweeter and juicier.

White strawberries come in a bunch of varieties, including the Pineberry.

As the name suggests, it tastes like a mix between a pineapple and a strawberry. Yum!

If you can get your hands on some, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Whole and Sliced Cherimoya on a Wooden Table

6. Cherimoya

It’s a travesty that cherimoya isn’t commonly found in grocery stores in the States.

Because this tropical fruit is found pretty much everywhere else in the world., and it is delicious!

Cherimoya tastes like a fruit salad in one bite. It’s been compared to pineapples, bananas, peaches, and papayas.

And its texture is like custard. 

As a bonus, it’s also brimming with vitamins and minerals. 

Fresh Lychees in a Wooden Bowl

7. Lychee

These little white fruits come in a rough and bumpy red package. But their white fruit is by far one of my favorites!

They taste like sweet but somewhat sour tropical grapes.  

Lychees are rich in iron, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus, which have been shown to aid in bone, heart, and brain health. 

Rambutan in  Wooden Bowl

8. Rambutan (Flesh)

Rambutan is very similar to lychee. In fact, the fruit inside is almost indistinguishable in appearance.

The outside, however, looks like a fuzzy red monster.  

Rambutan tastes very similar to the lychee as well. But the health benefits do differ. For example, rambutan is high in potassium and vitamin C. 

So, a good diet includes both of these tropical fruits. 

White-fleshed Dragon Fruit Sliced and Whole

9. Dragon Fruit (White-Fleshed)

Dragon fruit has a very distinct appearance, inside and out.

The outside is typically hot pink, sometimes yellow, with green horn-like fronds. But the inside comes in both pink and white. 

The white-fleshed dragon fruit is more commonly found in grocery stores in the U.S. 

When it’s ripe, dragon fruit tastes a little like kiwi with a hint of pear. It’s soft, juicy, and delicious.

Unripe dragon fruit tastes like nothing… literally, nothing. 

It’s rich in fiber, antioxidants, and gut-friendly prebiotics.  

whole and sliced noni fruit in a bowl

10. Noni Fruit

Noni fruit is native to Southeast Asia and Oceania. And it’s a fruit you absolutely need to incorporate into your diet.  

It’s been used for centuries as medicine in Polynesian and Asian cultures. 

Historically, it’s used to treat depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, tumors, and infections. And that’s just the beginning. 

The only downside to fresh noni fruit is that it can be kinda stinky. I’m not talking durian-level stink, but it’s not the most pleasant smell.

Luckily, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons. 

It has a slightly cheese-like flavor, but it’s also citrusy. It’s weird, but again, it’s so good for the body, it’s worth it. 

Fresh Soursop Fruit in Wooden Basket

11. Soursop

Soursop is closely related to the cherimoya fruit. And so it has similar properties, health-wise.

However, it is exceptionally high in immunity-boosting vitamin C.

It tastes like a combo of pineapples, strawberries, and apples. 

Fresh Mangosteen in Woven Tray

12. Mangosteen

Not to be confused with mangoes, mangosteen is a delicious tropical fruit.

It tastes like pineapples, strawberries, lychees, and peaches mixed together. And its health benefits are out-of-this-world amazing!

Mangosteen has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s considered a superfood due to its high antioxidant content.

Chinese White Pear

13. Chinese White Pear

Also known as Asian pears, Chinese white pears are a delicious fruit.

They’re sort of the lovechild of pears and apples. So, they taste like pears, but they are crisp like apples. 

Try them once, and you’ll be hooked.

Red apples sliced and whole

14. Apples (Without Skin)

Like people, apples come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And minus a few genetic differences, they pretty much have the same stuff inside.

In this case, white flesh and seeds.

And though their flavors differ, all apples are good for you! They’re a fantastic source of fiber and vitamins that promote overall longevity. 

So, don’t forget your apple a day!

White Mulberries on Small Woven Basket

15. White Mulberries

White mulberries have a sweet and sour flavor that’s best in jams and jellies! But they’re pretty yummy fresh, too.

White mulberries have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. And they make amazing tea. 

Bunch of White Currants on Ceramic Dish

16. White Currants

White currants are exactly the same as red currants. But for some reason, the red pigment doesn’t develop.

They’re actually translucent, which is pretty cool. 

The result is a delicious, sweet fruit that is far less tart than its red counterpart. 

Baobab Fruit

17. Baobab Fruit

You know those cool trees you see in photos from Africa and Australia? They’re tall, with smooth trunks that don’t branch out until the top of the tree. 

And then those branches fan out more horizontally than vertically. 

Well, those are baobab trees. And that’s where this fun fruit comes from!

Baobab is considered a superfood because it contains a plethora of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

Unless you’re native to regions where baobab trees grow, you probably won’t eat baobab fresh.

But you can easily find it online in powdered supplement form. 

Banana Fruit

18. Banana (Flesh)

The iconic banana is yellow on the outside and white on the inside. It’s loaded with potassium and soluble fibers, so it’s great for your health. 

Plus, bananas are loaded with natural sugars that make for one tasty tropical snack. 

19. Canary Melon

As the name suggests, this canary melon is known for its bright yellow skin. But inside, it’s sweet, tender, and white!

Also known as winter melon, it’s a lot like honeydew but with a slightly tangier finish.

The flesh is softer than your average melon, and it has a pineapple-like tartness.

White Nectarines

20. White Nectarines

If you prefer peaches to nectarines because they’re sweeter, try a white nectarine.

Because compared to the yellow varieties, white nectarines taste like candy. A delicious, honeyed, spiced candy that will tantalize your tongue. 

This is because they have a very high sugar content. The heavier they feel for their size, the sweeter they will be.

But don’t let their sugar content fool you, they’re still healthy. 

White nectarines are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber. Plus, lots of other health-boosting goodies. 

White Peaches on a Woven Basket

21. White Peaches

White peaches are my favorite kind of peach to eat raw.

Your average yellow peach is better for cooking. But the sweet, floral flavor of white peaches is hard to beat when they’re fresh. 

The consumption of white peaches has been shown to improve skin, eyesight, and heart health. So basically, they keep you young! 

heirloom tomatoes in a basket

22. White Tomatoes

I’m sure you know that not all tomatoes are red. They can be purple, yellow, orange, and multi-colored.

But it’s rare to see a white tomato. 

That’s because they’re an heirloom variety that disappeared over a century ago. They’ve resurfaced but haven’t made it to the mainstream.


White tomatoes are less acidic than their red cousins. In fact, they’re sweeter, so they taste excellent fresh!

And they are fantastic for your skin! They can help protect your skin from UV damage from the inside out. And they can even out your skin tone, too. 

longon fruit

23. Longon (Flesh)

Longon are close cousins of the lychee fruit. And though their skin is brown, their flesh is white.

And they taste just as wonderfully sweet and tropical as the lychee. 


24. Snowberry

Need a mint? Then pop a creeping snowberry into your mouth!

This fun fruit tastes just like wintergreen. Some even say it’s like a juicy TicTac.

And you know what’s better than fresh breath? The fact that they also have cancer-fighting properties. 

Just be careful because snowberries have an evil twin. And that twin is also named snowberry (the common snowberry or ghost berry).

 And those berries are poisonous, so always double-check before you eat. 

Lanzones on a Stainless Basket

25. Lanzones (Flesh)

Lanzones go by many names, including langsat, longkong, duku, and dokong. These tasty fruits come from Malaysia but are grown all over Southeast Asia. 

On the outside, lanzones look like small, beige-yellow potatoes. But inside, they’re white and squishy, kind of like a lychee.

However, they do not taste like lychee. Instead, lanzones taste much like a grapefruit with a hint of grape.

And like many of the fruits on this list, lanzones have medicinal properties.

You can use every part of the fruit, from the skin to the seeds. And the tree bark is useful, too! 

25 Different White Fruits to Try Today

These white fruits are tasty, unique, and absolutely bursting with phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins that benefit your body. So try them today!


  • Coconut

  • White Watermelon

  • Bosc Pears

  • White Blackberry

  • Pineberry

  • Cherimoya

  • Lychee

  • Rambutan (Flesh)

  • Dragon Fruit (White-Fleshed)

  • Noni Fruit

  • Soursop

  • Mangosteen

  • Chinese White Pear

  • Apples (Without Skin)

  • White Mulberries

  • White Currants

  • Baobab Fruit

  • Banana (Flesh)

  • White Honeydew

  • White Nectarines

  • White Peaches

  • White Tomatoes

  • Longon (Flesh)

  • Snowberry

  • Lanzones (Flesh)


  • Select your favorite type of white fruit.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious recipe in 30 minutes or less!
White Fruits

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