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23 Wagyu Beef Recipes That Melt In Your Mouth

Try these Wagyu beef recipes when you’re craving something tender and insanely delicious. They’re so luxurious and flavorful, you’ll feel like royalty.

Wagyu beef is arguably one of the finest meats in the world, with some incredible marbling that makes it melt in your mouth with every bite.

Grilled Wagyu Beef Steak
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If you’ve never had Wagyu before, don’t be intimidated by its fancy nature; it’s actually effortless to cook.

So, if you want to impress your family and friends and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience, you’ll want to give these Wagyu beef recipes a shot.

1. Wagyu Steak 

If you’re looking for a fancy main entree for a special someone in your life, this is your recipe.

Each steak is full of buttery flavor that is second to none. And while it looks intimidating, it’s not that hard to make. 

All you need is some salt to season and accentuate the meaty, heavenly flavors. 

If you ask me, this is the best way to serve this expensive meat. No frills, just delicious steak. Yum!

2. Wagyu Katsu Sandwich (Gyukatsusando) 

This recipe is known as one of the most expensive sandwiches in the world, and now you can make it in your own home for a fraction of the cost. 

This luxurious sandwich is created from a deep-fried cutlet of Wagyu beef. 

The marbling of the beef combined with the frying gives you a sandwich that is crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. 

3. Wagyu Burger

If you’ve never tried a Wagyu beef burger, you’re in for a real treat. 

They are the juiciest and most flavorful burgers you’ll ever try.

I promise these babies are worth the price tag!

4. Smoked Wagyu Brisket

If you think Wagyu steak is the best you can get, you’re gonna love this brisket. 

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This recipe creates the most sensational barbeque experience.

It’s best if you have a smoker, like a Traeger, as it allows the meat to cook slowly over oak pellets, giving it a touch of char.

5. Mouth-Watering Corned Beef with Guinness (Instant Pot)

Get ready for the flavor combination of a lifetime. If you love corn beef, you’ll go nuts for this Wagyu corn beef. 

The marbling makes it super tender and juicy, which is just what you want in a hot corned beef sandwich.

Pair it with some Swiss cheese, mustard, and a side of pickles, and you might think about making it again for dinner. 

6. Wagyu Meatloaf 

This is not your mama’s meatloaf. Instead, it might just be the best homestyle meal you’ve ever had. 

I know it may seem wasteful to use such an expensive type of meat in meatloaf, but I promise you’ll see the light after just one bite.

The savory sweetness of this recipe makes it so addictive. Plus, it’s full of unique richness that’ll have you reaching for more.

7. Beef Stroganoff

If you want to elevate normal beef stroganoff, then give this dish a try. 

Each bite is infused with delightful umami flavor from the mushrooms. And their earthiness blends perfectly with the tasty beef.

The heavy cream and fresh herbs create an unforgettable sauce.

Honestly, what more could you ask for?

8. Wagyu Ribeye 

This recipe for Wagyu ribeye is a flavourful and juicy dream.

Forget having a dinner party – I think you should make this for yourself and enjoy every single bite without interruption.

It comes complete with a red wine bacon gravy that emulates any sauce from a three-star Michelin restaurant.

When they say “treat yo self,” this is the meal they had in mind!

9. Wagyū Steak Don

Steak Don is a very simple rice bowl that adds tender, marbled Wagyu beef steak with a savory soy sauce. 

This quick and surprisingly easy recipe might give mac & cheese a run for its money. 

10. Wagyu Beef Salpicao 

This Filipino recipe consists of chunks of Wagyu beef mixed into a savory nest of mushrooms.

All you need is a hunk of French bread for dipping. That said, it would be extra delicious on a bed of mashed potatoes or maybe some creamy polenta.

11. Wagyu Beef Burger with Caramelized Onions

Okay, how incredible does this Wagyu beef burger with caramelized onions look?

Not only do you get the juicy bite of Wagyu beef, but you also get melted aged white cheddar with a smear of creamy roasted garlic aïoli.

This might just be the best burger you’ve ever tried.

12. Wagyu Beef Dumplings 

Who doesn’t love dumplings? If I had to pick one comfort food to eat for the rest of my life, dumplings would be it.

There’s something so satisfying about the crispy yet soft exterior and the succulent, meaty filling. 

In this recipe, beautifully marbled Wagyu beef is the star. It creates an unforgettable bite that will send you to another dimension. 

13. Sous Vide Wagyu

If you haven’t bought a sous vide yet, put it on your birthday list!

You won’t believe how such a simple appliance can make meat fall-apart delicious.

To create this heavenly gourmet dish, all you need are two ingredients: Wagyu and sea salt.

The vacuum sealer allows the meat to tenderize and cook to perfection; then, it gets a quick sear before serving.

14. Butter-basted Wagyu Sirloin Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce

Butter makes everything better, don’t you think? It’s why Paula Deen’s recipes are all so amazing!

It can even make buttery Wagyu beef better if you can believe that.

This mix of butter, mushrooms, Wagyu, and red wine might sound simple, but it packs quite a flavor punch.

15. Wagyu Sukiyaki 

This elegant dish focuses on the mushrooms to create an unparalleled umami taste experience.

If you want to try your hand at fine dining, this is the recipe for you.

16. Welsh Wagyu Beef Pie with Monty’s Ale

Beef and ale pie doesn’t have to be a poor man’s food anymore!

This traditional dish is elevated with the addition of Wagyu beef to create extraordinary richness in every bite.

Combined with a flakey dough crust and a cute little flower etched on the top, this is one edible masterpiece. 

17. Osso Buco 

This restaurant staple is hearty, luxurious, and the kind of dinner that never goes out of style.

It might seem like a challenge to improve this timeless dish, but that’s precisely what this recipe does.

It’s tender like any good beef shank recipes are, but you’ll use Wagyu to create even more richness. The meat falls off the bones and each bite is more indulgent than the last. 

18. Wagyu Steak with Heirloom Tomatoes and True Corn Pudding 

This is one recipe that belongs in a fine-dining restaurant. But while it looks lavish, it’s effortless to recreate at home.

You only need eight ingredients at 15 minutes of prep, and this stunning dinner is ready.

But hey, if you think it’s missing something comforting, go ahead and add a pile of fries to the side.

19. Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich   

It’s hard to describe how scrumptious this pastrami sandwich is, so you’ll just have to make it yourself!

It uses the highest quality ingredients and leaves you with all the flavors you love, only a little more elevated.

20. Yakiniku 

Yakiniku is a Japanese dish that allows you to sear meat on a hot plate right in front of you.

It’s the freshest way to consume a good cut of Wagyu beef and fills the table with savory aromas that will leave your mouth watering for more.

21. Tandoori Wagyu Beef Kebabs

If you’re a fan of curry, you’ll definitely want to give this recipe a try.

Wagyu beef accentuates the flavors of curry perfectly, creating an unforgettable dinner.

These kebabs need to be on your list of foods to try when you’re feeling adventurous.

22. Beef Tenderloin Tips with Mushroom Gravy

Try this beef tip dinner if you’re looking for an easy weeknight dish to whip up last minute.

In just thirty minutes, you can achieve the perfect, succulent beef tenderloin tips doused in a savory mushroom gravy.

It’s family-friendly and super satisfying.

23. Steak Tartare With Potato Chips

If you’re feeling a little squeamish about eating raw beef, read this recipe over. You’ll see that it’s not only safe but crazy delicious.

The trick is to use the freshest grass-fed beef you can get your hands on. Not only does it taste better, but it’s also safer to eat.

This dish is an exemplary example of how you can recreate the fine-dining experience in your own kitchen. 

23 Best Ways to Cook Wagyu Beef

Try these Wagyu beef recipes when you’re craving something tender and insanely delicious. They’re so luxurious and flavorful, you’ll feel like royalty.


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Wagyu Beef Recipes

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