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25 Best Vegan Camping Food Recipes

Going camping and need some vegan meals for the trip? I have 25 vegan camping food ideas the whole group will love. 

Camping is all about good company, getting back to nature, and eating some scrumptious grub along the way.

This means you’ll need a list of recipes, and vegans have some of the best!

Chickpea Burger with Lettuce and Tomatoes
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Plant-based fajitas and Middle Eastern chickpeas are just some of my favorites. Then there are sweet treats like wild blueberry pancakes and skillet brownies. 

Whether you’re a plant-based eater or someone in your group is vegan, there’s something on this list the whole gang will love to cook at the campsite.

1. Vegan S’mores Granola Bar

Breakfast, snack, or dessert, pass out these vegan s’mores bars, and you’ll have a bunch of happy campers. 

These granola bars have the classic s’mores ingredients. Plus, everything is vegan!

These are best prepared in the oven. So prep now, then when you get to camp, you can kick back and enjoy.

2. Middle Eastern Spiced Camp Fire Chickpeas

This 300minute meal is a must for vegans and campers alike.

The ingredients don’t necessarily require refrigeration, which is what you’ll want at camp.

Before leaving the house, make the spice mix. Then when it’s dinner time, all you have to do is toss it in a pan with spinach and chickpeas. 

3. Vegan Camping Pancake

Another camping staple that doesn’t require a cooler is these killer pancakes. 

Plant-based milk and vinegar are the wet ingredients and oats are the flour. Mix everything in a bowl, then pour the batter onto a greased griddle.

In 15 minutes, you’ll have a fluffy stack of vegan pancakes ready for the crew. 

4. Campfire Fajitas

My favorite part about camping is chilling by the campfire while dinner is cooking. Campfire fajitas are a hands-down favorite in my family.

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The peppers and onions have a simple fajita seasoning to keep things easy. For the protein, canned black beans do the trick. 

Heat up a couple of flour tortillas and fajitas are served! 

Salsa and guacamole are also a nice addition, and so is vegan shredded cheese. 

However, if you’re trying to keep it minimal, a simple bottle of hot sauce will suffice. 

5. Banana Coconut French Toast

Who said you couldn’t get a little fancy with your camping breakfast? This French toast might be slightly upscale, but it’s remarkably easy to make.

The topping of blueberries, shredded coconut, and maple syrup will wow campers, and there’s not a drop of dairy or eggs in the mix!

Rather, the batter is a unique blend of coconut milk and mashed bananas. It’s a little different from the standard, but so yummy. 

6. One-Pot Red Lentil Sloppy Joes

One-pot meals are key when you’re camping and these sloppy Joes are a crowd-pleaser. 

These aren’t your grade-school sloppy Joes. These are protein-rich plant-based sandwiches oozing with exceptional flavor.

A hint of maple syrup, Worcestershire, and apple cider vinegar add complexity to the red lentils.

There’s also a mild Anaheim pepper that’s a little sweet and peppery.

7. Wild Blueberry Pancakes

Fry up these flapjacks and reluctant campers will happily crawl out of their tents.

You’ll use a flax egg to bind everything together and water so there’s no dairy. If you want these creamier, you could use nut milk or coconut milk instead.

The best part is there are fresh, wild blueberries in the batter. I think some blueberry syrup is in order, don’t you?

8. Chickpea Flour Scramble Breakfast Recipe

It wouldn’t be camping without a hearty breakfast, and here’s how to do it the vegan way. 

This egg-free breakfast doesn’t miss a beat. With some nutritional yeast and spice, the chickpea flour takes on a scramble-like taste and texture. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a scramble without some veggies. Asparagus, green chile, and bell pepper go well with the spices.

But use whatever you have in the cooler.

9. Apple Pie Quinoa Porridge

I love this recipe because it’s great for breakfast and dessert. 

It infuses protein-rich quinoa with warming spices and coconut milk with just a drop of syrup to sweeten it up. 

Top it with apples, and you’ll get the full apple pie effect with far less work. 

10. Vegan Campfire Chili

In my family, camping usually entails whipping up a mean pot of chili, and here’s the vegan version. 

It’s full of hearty kidney beans, salsa, and spicy seasoning. Omit the beef for the vegan version or use a meat substitute if you like. 

11. Cheesy Vegan Quesadillas 

Another campfire staple I always insist on is quesadillas and these are dairy-free.

These loaded quesadillas are jam-packed with black beans, summer squash, and tomatoes. 

And the cheese? That’s the best part!

It’s a cashew cheese that consists of nutritional yeast and spices. I’ll admit it’s not traditional, but you’ll have to try it. 

12. Vegan Mexican Tortilla Soup 

One-pot recipes like soup are always a good meal for camp. And here’s one you’ll want to add to the list. 

It’s healthy, fresh, and seriously delicious. 

The broth is a bit spicy and tomato-flavored, which is perfect for the bounty of veggies packed into the pot!

It’s got spicy peppers, zucchini, black beans, and then some. If you have any lime or avocado, I highly recommend adding them on top.

13. One-Pot Mushroom Pasta

If you’re feeling pasta, try this homely one-pot mushroom dish. 

The sauce is a cozy creamy concoction that has a handful of nutritional yeast and miso paste to make it more savory.

Rather than fuss with cooking the pasta and sauce separately, you’ll toss it all in the same pot.

That means more stargazing time at night and fewer dishes in the morning.

14. One-Pot Lemon Broccoli Pasta 

Here’s another tasty way to make a mean, green, vegan pasta. 

It’s super fresh and easy, which is exactly what you’ll want at camp.

I love the combination of zippy lemon zest and subtle chili flakes.

Add some broccoli to the mix, and you’ll have a healthy pasta dinner that’s not drowned out by sauce.

15. Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Have a big day of exploration planned? Start it off right with some grab-and-go breakfast burritos. 

At home or camp, I’m a big fan of breakfast burritos, even egg-free ones like this bomb burrito. 

It features scrambled tofu, hash browns, black beans, and kale.

There is so much energy inside these tortillas, you can power through your hike without immediately needing a snack.

16. No-Bake Vegan Protein Bars 

There are so many things I love about these bars! 

First, they only call for four ingredients. Second, they’re packed with protein and don’t require added sugar. Last, they’re seriously addicting.

You’ll love the combination of peanut butter and dark chocolate, and so will the kids.

17. Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers

Chickpeas are a vegan dietary staple that is not only packed in protein, but unbelievably versatile. Take these scrumptious burgers for instance. 

These vegan patties are a camper’s dream! 

You mix ingredients like chickpeas, peanut butter, veggies, and spices in a bowl. Then toss your patties on the grill. 

In the meantime, you can make your bun. Dinner won’t be long.

18. Vegan Kabobs with Tofu

Need an easy camping recipe after a long day of hiking? Go with these vegan kabobs. 

Marinate the tofu the night before. Then making these are as simple as slicing, skewering, and grilling. 

The other great thing about these is that you can mix and match any assortment of veggies you like. 

19. 5-Ingredient Vegan Tacos

These vegan tacos are my camping jam! The ingredients list is minimal, and you won’t even need a cooler. 

Plus, they are protein-packed thanks to the black beans and pea protein.

If you do have room in the cooler, pack some extra fittings like salsa, avocado, and cilantro. 

20. Campfire Bread on a Stick

The whole family will be excited to sleep under the stars when you have campfire bread on a stick. 

This recipe is precisely as it sounds. You’ll make the dough, wrap it around a stick, then hold it over the fire. 

It’s a fun activity the kids will love and makes for a great snack or side. 

21. Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew 

This creamy, sweet, and hearty stew will help keep you warm at camp. It’s an African-inspired meal starring sweet potatoes and crunchy peanuts. 

Chickpeas are the main protein source while peanut butter makes it extra creamy. 

With a stew this hearty and scrumptious, you won’t even think twice about meat. 

22. Vegan Skillet Brownie 

I know s’mores are the traditional camping dessert, but who said you can’t start a tradition of your own?

These fudgy, chocolate treats are super simple. All you’ll have to do is mix your ingredients and then let them cook in a pan over the fire. 

For a more indulgent variation, add in some peanut butter, cranberries, and nuts. 

23. Artichoke and Poblano Campfire Paella

Tired of burgers and stews at camp? Here’s a special recipe for you to try. 

Vegan paella is the one-skillet dinner that will have everyone’s stomach grumbling.

The fragrant rice gets enhanced with tofu sausage, artichoke hearts, and red wine. 

I like to use soyrizo for mine to give it more oomph. Also, swap out the chicken broth for a veggie broth to keep it vegan. 

24. Vegan Orange Peel Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Have a lazy morning at camp? Perfect, whip up a batch of these cinnamon rolls. 

This genius idea is threefold. 

First, stuff an orange peel with a vegan Trader Joe’s cinnamon roll. Second, bake. Third top with icing and you’re ready for an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll. 

25. Sweet & Savory Grilled Tempeh

Have you tried vegan BBQ at camp? Camping is the best time to bust out some mouthwatering barbecue and here’s a tasty tempeh for you to try.

It’s got a sweet, tangy, and umami glaze that spruces it right up. You can serve these on skewers, sandwiches, salads, and more. 

25 Best Vegan Camping Foods


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