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25 Classic Camping Desserts

Enjoy the great outdoors with the easy camping desserts!

From apple pie to s’mores tacos to dessert pizza, cooking around the campfire has never been sweeter!

Campfire S'mores
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I have a love-hate relationship with camping, and it mostly boils down to the weather.

Too hot, and I’m out. Too cold… I’m gone. Oh, and if it’s raining? See ya!

But I know so many people that genuinely love it, and I think they deserve something sweet after a day in the woods!

The trick to campfire recipes is that you’ll ideally want to start with pre-cooked ingredients. I’m talking about melting chocolate and marshmallows! 

Whatever you make should be quick and hold up to an open flame. Oh, and if it will work in a piece of foil for easy cleanup, even better!

1. Campfire Banana Boats 9 Ways

I’m coming in strong with this one! Warm, sweet bananas are cooked right in their peels with everything from chocolate chips to pralines melted inside!

I dare you to say no to one of these!

I highly recommend the classic with chocolate and marshmallow, but if you happen to bring along a jar of dulce de leche, more power to you!

2. Campfire Cones

I never would’ve thought that you can stuff a waffle cone with treats and bake it over a fire, but here we are.

This simple little dessert is just that: a waffle cone filled to the brim with chocolate, nuts – anything your heart desires.

But the key ingredient is the marshmallows. They’ll be the sticky-sweet goodness that holds it all together.

3. Caramelized Peaches in Foil

This recipe can be made just as well with canned peaches as with fresh.

The only benefit to using fresh is that you can cut them in half and add the brown sugar mix to the middle, keeping it from spilling all over. 

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That being said, who would turn down a foil packet full of juicy peach slices and a bubbling brown sugar syrup?

4. Dutch Oven Apple Pie

Ok, hear me out: I know most people don’t travel with a Dutch oven in their packs!

But some hardcore campers are gone for days, and I know they have some kind of oven situation. 

For those blessed few, this recipe is a must-try! You can totally cheat with some store-bought pie dough, and feel free to experiment with different fruits for the filling.

5. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

This recipe has a few steps, but it’s a super simple way to make up a warm and filling dessert by the fire. 

I love that you just throw the fruit over the batter so that all the juices soak into the cobbler.

Of course, if you’re looking for something even easier, try this peach cobbler with cake mix recipe. Just dump it in the pot and bake!

6. Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packets

Much like the cake mix cobbler, this recipe just needs to be layered up and baked. Ok, you’ll have to mix a few things together, but that’s it!

Try to keep your apple slices nice and thick, so they don’t turn to mush over the heat.

I like to open the packs for the last few minutes of baking to help crisp up the top a little.

7. Campfire Dutch Oven Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Baking from scratch isn’t always possible when camping, or the easiest on a tree stump!

Using a cake mix will make this go so much faster, and it cuts down on ingredients you’ll have to bring along. 

To make your cake a cinch to lift out, try lining the pot with foil. 

8. Pound Cake and Berry Campfire Skillet Dessert

I can’t recommend this enough as a quick and easy after dinner campfire dessert. I think most campers bring along some kind of skillet, right?

Well, for this recipe, you’ll just need to toast some pound cake and let the warmth of the pan do the rest.

As the skillet heats, the fruit will release its juices, and the chocolate will start to melt.

When using Rolos, take the skillet off the heat before they melt completely. That way, you’ll get perfect pops of caramel.

9. Campfire S’mores

Let’s be honest; there’s no wrong way to make a s’more.

So long as you have the key ingredients – chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers – you’re pretty much guaranteed a mouthfeel of yumminess. 

But if you want to know how to do it very right, I have you covered. 

You’ll want to keep the marshmallow moving, so it toasted evenly all around.

Then, place it right in the middle of the cracker and press firmly when you pull.

Otherwise, you’ll just get the melted coating, leaving the center of the marshmallow on the stick.

10. S’mores Nacho

This is a great recipe to make when you’re feeding a crowd!

Bring a few disposable foil roasting dishes and load them up with chocolate, marshmallow, and cracker. 

Let people dig in, pulling the marshmallows and scooping on extra chocolate where they want.

11. Tortilla Smores – Grilled S’mores Tacos

I can’t get over how clever this is! It’s all the flavors we love in a s’more, wrapped up just like a taco – and who doesn’t love a taco?

If you really wanted to, you could take these up a notch and throw in some chopped strawberries and a drizzle of lime juice.

12. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Have you seen those ready-made cinnamon rolls that you just need to thaw and bake? So dangerous!

But for camping, they’re a perfect way to enjoy a warm and tender cinnamon roll without all the hassle.

Just cook them on a stick and drizzle with plenty of cream cheese frosting (it comes with a pack!).

13. Cherry-Chocolate Pudgy Pie

Don’t ask me about the name. All I know is that these chocolate and cherry grilled sandwiches are impossible to resist.

Not only that, but they’re so simple and need just a handful of ingredients.

You can easily bring along some bread and a can of pie filling on your next camping trip.

14. Campfire Donuts Recipe

You have to be pretty determined to make these. They involve a big cast-iron skillet full of hot oil!

Though the kids will love them, I recommend keeping them away during your cooking for this one.

Don’t crowd the pan when frying, and always toss the donuts right into the sugar, so you know it’ll stick.

15. Campfire Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is probably the easiest way to get your sugar fix without having to bring along too many extras. 

Just warm up some milk and add in your cocoa and sugar. I like to mix these before we go and store them in a Ziplock bag until we need them.

Since you’re already camping, I know you’ll have marshmallows to throw on top!

16. 10-Minute Dutch Oven S’Mores Cake

My favorite thing about this has to be that no matter how messy it looks under the top layer, the marshmallows make it look so pretty once they’re toasted. 

This recipe involves adding pre-made cake into a baking dish and layering it with graham crackers and chocolate. Then the thick marshmallows seal it all in!

Once you scoop out a bowl-full, nobody will care how it looks. 

17. Woof’em: A Campfire Treat

Full disclosure: this one needs some prep work.

You have to make a special stick onto which you cook the dough.

It’s not hard, and it’s an easy project to do with the kids.

When you have the stick, you’ll cook canned dough right onto it. It’ll bake and leave a hollow pocket – and that’s where the good stuff goes!

18. S’mores Muddy Buddies

This is one to make at home and bring along on your next camping trip. If you’ve ever had puppy chow before, you’ll know that this stuff is addictive!

This camping version uses Golden Grahams cereal, Chex cereal, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, peanut butter, and powdered sugar.

It all comes together to make the perfect snack for the trails.

19. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Campfire Desserts

I know I already added a pineapple upside-down cake to the list, but let’s be honest, we all like a shortcut from time to time!

This simplified dessert has all the flavors, with less than half the effort. Plus, it’s super campfire friendly, and all you’ll need are a few ingredients and some skewers.

Pound cake is ideal for this kind of recipe: it’s tender but firm enough to hold up as you travel and toast it over an open flame.

20. S’mores Snack Mix

This recipe is almost like the muddy buddy recipe from above, only you won’t toss your ingredients in powdered sugar.

For people looking to spend a little longer on their camping trip, this in the mix for you, as it will hold up much better.

You can keep this simple with just chocolate, marshmallow, pretzels, and Chex mix, or make it more colorful with some M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces.

21. Campfire Dessert Pizza

Camping is the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones away from screens and distractions.

In my house, cooking is the center of it all. So why should camping be any different?

This is such a fun way to get everyone involved! You could easily set up a little station with ingredients and let people make their own versions of this dessert pizza.

Personally, I love the peanut butter and jelly combo, but I bet a Nutella and brownie mix would be popular, too!

22. Fudge Striped Cookie S’mores

I always wondered why s’mores were made with graham crackers. I know it’s traditional and what we’re all used to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment, right?

Using cookies instead is a sure-fire way to up your s’mores game, and these fudge cookies are the perfect option since they have the chocolate right on the cookie!  

That being said, I won’t say no if you happen to have some chocolate with you… less isn’t always more, ya know?!

23. Campfire Quesadillas

Quesadillas are the perfect campfire food. Since tortillas last forever and don’t take up too much room, you can easily bring a couple of packs for your next camping trip.

For tacos, I prefer the mini-tortillas, but for this recipe, you’ll want the bigger ones so you can fold them over to hold all the ooey-gooey goodness inside. 

To ensure your marshmallows melt before the tortillas burn, be sure to use minis, or even Marshmallow Fluff. Just be careful, as they’ll be hot!

24. Campfire Baked Apples

Baked apples are healthy, sweet, tender, and such a cinch to make! Just hollow out a few apples, fill them with some dried fruits, wrap, and bake.

These can easily be nestled into the fire for a few minutes, or you can add them to a Dutch oven and cook with some added oat topping if you prefer. 

I recommended keeping the skins on, as they’ll help to keep the apples in one piece, but for picky eaters, you could always peel and slice and cook this like the peaches from above.

25. Campfire Strawberries

As much as I love a good s’more, after one or two (ok, three or four), they get a little too sweet. All that chocolate and marshmallow is so rich and decadent.

On a longer trip, you might be looking for something a little different.

These campfire s’mores are the perfect alternative. The strawberries are sweet and refreshing, and the Marshmallow Fluff will toast up beautifully.

Just be sure to dry out your fruit so the Fluff will stick!

25 Classic Camping Dessert Collection


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