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13 Best Types of Yogurt (Different Kinds)

Did you know that there are all sorts of different types of yogurt?

From classic yogurt to drinkable yogurt and even spiced yogurt, it’s hard to choose a favorite.

There are so many different types of yogurt on grocery store shelves these days.

It’s a staple treat worldwide because of its health benefits and fantastic flavors.

Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries in a Glass Container

Yogurt comes in both dairy and non-dairy varieties and can be plain or flavored.

It has a range of textures and consistencies based on different fermentation processes. 

In this post, I’ll explore different types of yogurt and their unique flavors.

13 Different Types of Yogurt

There are so many different kinds of yogurt. Some are thick, and some are light.

Some are fruity and sweet, while others are tart and rich. 

But there’s one thing that ties them all together, they’re all delicious!

Here’s a quick rundown on 13 different types of yogurt on the market today:

1. Greek Yogurt

Two Jars of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is made by removing all of the whey from regular yogurt.

This process makes it incredibly rich, creamy, and oh-so-satisfying.

It’s rich in protein, probiotics, and heart-healthy nutrients, making it an excellent option for healthy eaters.

The best part about Greek yogurt? It’s so versatile! You can use it in smoothies, dress it up with toppings, or use it for baking. 

But whichever way you go, Greek yogurt will make your day better every time.

Nutrition Facts (1 cup – plain whole milk): 20g protein, 9g carbs, 11g fat, 9.1g sugar

2. Plain Yogurt

Bowl of Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is so simple, yet so delicious.

It’s the perfect blank canvas for any topping you can dream up. You can eat it with fruit and granola or eat it plain with a spoon.

Its light, smooth texture and tart flavor make it the perfect base for almost anything.

There are endless ways to enjoy plain yogurt. This treat truly deserves the “kitchen staple” title!

Nutrition Facts (1 cup):  8.5g protein, 11g carbs, 8g fat, 11g sugar

3. Kefir

Kefir Grains Scooped By a Wooden Spoon From a Glass Jar

Kefir is a Turkish yogurt drink cultured from kefir grains. It’s light and watery, making it a delightful drinkable yogurt.

This yogurt drink packs a ton of nutrients, protein, and probiotics that’ll leave you feeling good.

One of the best ways to enjoy kefir is by just drinking it straight! It has a tart, creamy taste with a bit of fizz.

Nutrition Facts (1 cup):  8g protein, 9g carbs, 8g fat, 7g sugar

4. Probiotic Yogurt

Glass Bowl With Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is a delicious, healthy treat you can enjoy anytime.

It’s a blend of cultures that are good for your digestive health and immune system.

It aids digestion and absorbs nutrients. Probiotics are like little helpers in your belly.

You’ll indeed thank the bacteria for this one!

Nutrition Facts (1 cup): 13g protein, 18g carbs, 0g fat, 17g sugar

5. Lassi

Fresh Lassi on a Cup Made With Can

Lassi is a yogurt-based drink that’s a staple in Indian cuisine.

It’s made with a mix of water, yogurt, and spices, and sometimes, it’s infused with fruits. 

Lassi’s texture is thick and creamy, like a smoothie.

This yogurt-based beverage is typically infused with sweet ingredients but also works as a salty drink.

The tangy yogurt and rich spices create a symphony of mind-blowingly delicious flavors.

Not only is it delicious, but this yogurt drink is rich in nutrients and probiotics.

Nutrition Facts (100g – plain, unsweetened): 3.8g protein, 4.7g carbs, 4.7g fat, 4.7g sugar

6. Frozen Yogurt

Sliced Fresh Fruits With Frozen Yogurt on Top

A bite of frozen yogurt is guaranteed to send your tastebuds into a frenzy.

That’s what makes frozen yogurt so great. It’s creamy, smooth, and refreshing.

It’s tart and slightly sweet, making it taste like a treat without the sugar rush.

It’s the perfect backdrop for different flavors and toppings for the ultimate treat.

Nutrition Facts (1 cup): 5.2g protein, 37.6g carbs, 6.3g fat, 34.6g sugar

7. Unstrained, Traditional Cow’s Milk Yogurt

Cow's Milk Yogurt on Jars

Yogurt is a staple in many cultures, and this particular type of yogurt is available worldwide.

It’s made with traditional cow’s milk thickened using a yogurt starter culture.

This process results in a rich, creamy yogurt with an almost custard-like texture.

It has a unique mouthfeel that you won’t get from any other kind of dairy product out there.

There are no icky aftertastes you get from commercial yogurts, just pure, unadulterated yogurt goodness.

Nutrition Facts (1 cup): 8.5g protein, 11.4g carbs, 8g fat, 11.4g sugar

8. Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt)

Skyr Yogurt on a White Ceramic Bowl

Imagine a yogurt that’s so rich and creamy it almost melts in your mouth. That’s skyr, and it’s found in Iceland.

Skyr has the same consistency as strained yogurt but has a milder flavor.

The best thing about skyr is the health benefits in one package. It’s loaded with protein and nutrition and low in sugar, carbs, and fat.

While skyr has a mild flavor, you can add fruit or other seasonings for some zing!

Nutrition Facts (1 cup): 16g protein, 7g carbs, 0g fat, 7g sugar

9. Sheep’s Milk Yogurt

Sheep's Milk Yogurt on a Glass Bowl

Sheep’s milk yogurt is the answer if you’re looking for a treat with lower lactose content.

It combines sheep’s milk with live cultures to create a thick, smooth yogurt. 

Because of its high-fat content, sheep’s milk yogurt is incredibly creamy and smooth.

It also has a rich flavor that makes it stand out among other types of yogurt.

It’s not just delicious on its own, though! 

You can use sheep’s milk yogurt in both sweet and savory recipes.

Try using it in your favorite baked goods, or pair it with homemade granola.

Nutrition Facts (100 grams): 5g protein, 4g carbs, 4g fat, 4g sugar

10. Australian Yogurt

Australian Yogurt on a Ceramic Bowl

If you’re looking for a yogurt with a subtle sweet taste, Australian yogurt is sure to deliver!

Aussie-style yogurt is unstrained but has a thicker consistency thanks to the whole milk.

The hint of sweetness comes from the addition of honey.

It’s rich, creamy, and soft with a delicate tartness that’s hard to put into words.

Once you taste this treat, you’ll want to scrape the bottom of the container.

Nutrition Facts (100 grams): 5g protein, 16g carbs, 5g fat, 15g sugar

11. Swiss Yogurt

Swiss Yogurt on a Ceramic Bowl

Swiss yogurt is another unique type of yogurt that boasts fantastic flavors. But how did Swiss yogurt come to be?

The cultured milk is incubated and stored in a large tank to cool. It’s stirred until the consistency is thick and creamy.

Some store-bought Swiss yogurts are infused with sweeteners and fruit purees to boost flavor.

Nutrition Facts (1 container – 170 grams): 9g protein, 27g carbs, 3g fat, 25g sugar

12. Doogh

Fresh Doogh on a Plastic Cup

Looking for a new and delicious way to enjoy yogurt? Then doogh is the way to go!

Doogh is a traditional Persian drink made by mixing yogurt, sparkling water, and salt.

The result is a fizzy, refreshing drink loaded with nutrition and probiotics.

This healthy fermented beverage is typically infused with mint and fresh herbs for a richer taste.

It sounds kind of strange, but it’s absolutely delicious! 

Nutrition Facts (100 grams): 3.8g protein, 4.7g carbs, 4.7g fat, 4.7g sugar

13. Non-Dairy Yogurt (Coconut, Almond, Cashew, Soy)

Yogurt in a Glass Bowl

Are you on a diet or have food allergies? Do you need a non-dairy yogurt alternative? Well, you have plenty of options!

With the growing popularity of non-dairy milk, the options for non-dairy yogurt are increasing, too!

There are yogurts made from coconut, almond, soy, cashew, and more!

They’re dairy-free but don’t lack the signature creamy goodness.

Nutrition Facts: depends on which type of non-dairy milk is used

Storing Yogurt

There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of yogurt. But when you’re planning on stocking up after your grocery run, what do you do?

Here are some tips for storing yogurt that work.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

If you can’t finish the whole yogurt package, avoid cross-contamination.

Instead, scoop your desired servings into a bowl and eat them from there.

This way, any bacteria from your spoon won’t be mixed with what’s left over.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of those delicious probiotics without risking contamination.

Seal the Container Properly

Be sure you don’t open the yogurt container until you’re ready to eat it.

But if you have to leave your yogurt, seal it tightly with a lid.

You can also use an air-tight container to keep off any unwanted bacteria or strong odors. T

his method will help keep out moisture and air.

Store Yogurt in Your Fridge

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product made with bacteria and yeast.

When you eat yogurt, you’re eating those bacteria. That’s where probiotics come from!

If you leave the yogurt on the counter, it can get contaminated with unwanted bacteria. 

The cool temperature helps keep all those nutrients intact while also slowing spoilage. 

It’s crucial to store yogurt at the back of the fridge where the temperature is stable.

If you place the yogurt in your fridge door, the constant temperature change will spoil it.

Freeze Yogurt

Freezing yogurt is a great way to preserve it and make it last longer.

But how do you freeze yogurt properly and avoid it from becoming a gloppy mess?

The most common way to keep your yogurt fresh is by using air-tight containers.

This process prevents moisture and strong odors from getting into your yogurt.

If you’re planning on using yogurt for smoothies, you can freeze them in ice cube trays.

Once the yogurt completely freezes, transfer it to a freezer-safe bag to keep its shape.

13 Best Types of Yogurt (Different Kinds)

All of these different types of yogurt bring you so many health benefits. From Greek to Kefir to Skyr, you can’t go wrong with any of these varieties.


  • Greek Yogurt

  • Plain Yogurt

  • Kefir

  • Probiotic Yogurt

  • Lassi

  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Unstrained, Traditional Cow’s Milk Yogurt

  • Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt)

  • Sheep’s Milk Yogurt

  • Australian Yogurt

  • Swiss Yogurt

  • Doogh

  • Non-Dairy Yogurt (Coconut, Almond, Cashew, Soy)


  • Select your favorite type of yogurt.
  • Try a fun and exciting new recipe.
  • Enjoy!
Types of Yogurt

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