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What Are the Sweetest Apples? (15 Types)

You’ve likely had an orchard’s worth of apples in your life, but have you ever wondered what are the sweetest apples

I know I have! So let’s take a look at some of the sweetest apples around.

Raw Red Fuji Apple in a Basket

There are so many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures when it comes to apples. But most of us have a favorite or two.

Granny Smiths, for example, are the usual go-to for baking. And Pink Ladies are always pleasant to munch on between meals. 

But what are the sweetest apples? And what are they best used for?

What Are the Sweetest Apples?

Fresh Fuji Apples on a Woven Basket

1. Fuji Apples

Fuji apples are pretty sweet, and they come in so many colors. 

They’re high in natural sugars and low in acidity, with a fine-grained, dense texture. That makes them suitable for snacking and cooking. 

In fact, since they’re so sweet – one of the sweetest that’s also readily available – they’re ideal for candy apples and baked goods. 

They won’t turn to mush like many other types of sweet apples, so go ahead and add them to pies, cakes, tarts, and more.

Ambrosia Apples on Plate

2. Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia apples are famous for their sweetness. I mean, “ambrosia” literally translates to “food of the gods” so what else could they be?

And boy, do these babies live up to their name! 

They have a very distinct flavor with hints of honey and floral sweetness. They’re also super juicy! 

Plus, the natural sugars are front and center since they’re low in acidity. Take one bite, and you’ll be in sweet apple heaven.

Oh, and the texture is nice and crisp, meaning they’ll also work well in baking. 

Just remember: they’re sweet already, so you may not need as much sugar in your recipe.

I actually like to pair them with a tarter apple to help balance things out.

Box of Braeburn Apples

3. Braeburn Apples

Braeburn apples are crisp and sweet with a hint of spice that’s just delicious. 

To spot them at the store, look for red apples with yellow or green undertones. Though believe it or not, these are super easy to grow at home. 

However, they’re not quite as sweet as the apples above. Instead, they have a slight tartness, which really amps up the fruity apple flavor. 

With that in mind, I think they’re one of the best sweet apples for baking. They hold their shape well and won’t be too sweet or sour. Win-win!

Juicy Dazzle Apples

4. Dazzle Apples

Dazzle apples are aptly named as they’re a gorgeous red color. They also tend to be really shiny and larger than other apples. 

This variety is the result of apple breeding in New Zealand, and it shares DNA with Royal Gala, Braeburn, and Splendor apples.

That makes them super sweet, crisp, and ideal for snacking.

Enjoy them fresh or cook them in sauces and purees. 

Envy Apples

5. Envy Apples

Envy apples also come from breeding in New Zealand and were created to be the perfect balance of sweet and tart. 

A cross between a Royal Gala and Braeburn apples, they have a wonderfully sweet flavor with a crisp and refreshing texture. 

Another excellent quality about Envy apples is that they take a long time to turn brown.

This makes them ideal for slicing in salads, adding to charcuterie boards, or baking. 

Gala Apples

6. Gala Apples

Gala apples are one of the sweetest apples on this list, and they’re a result of breeding Red Delicious with Kidd’s red-orange apples. 

So you can imagine they have quite a high sugar content. 

However, unlike Red Delicious, Gala apples are crisp and hold their shape well when cooked. 

Enjoy these striped apples raw or in your favorite recipes. They’re excellent for adding sweetness to salads and desserts.

Golden Delicious Apples

7. Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious apples are named for their yellow-green color and scrumptious sweetness. 

At their peak ripeness, they’re sugary-sweet and hold their structure pretty well when heated. So they do great in baked goods. 

While most apples with this yellow or green coloring are tart, the Golden Delicious stands out.

Stay stocked up on Golden Delicious apples, and you’ll always have a yummy snack. 

Moist Honeycrisp Apples

8. Honeycrisp Apples

I often reach for Honeycrisp apples because the complex flavor makes them a fantastic snack. 

They have the ideal balance of sugar and acid content. Plus, as the name implies, they’re incredibly crisp. 

These apples are often huge too. During peak season, you can find them to be bigger than a softball!

Cook with or snack on Honeycrisp apples, and you won’t be disappointed.

Honeycrisp Apples on a Wooden Table

9. Jazz Apples

Like Envy, Jazz apples are a cross between Gala and Braeburns. 

They have a sweet-sharp flavor that’s almost pear-like with a touch of honey sweetness.

And with a buttery yellow flesh that’s dense and fine-grained, they’re ideal for baking. 

Since they’re so firm, they rarely bruise. That said, they’re easier to eat when sliced or cut. 

Keep an eye out for Jazz apples with more red coloring than others, as those have more of the signature Jazz apple sweetness. 

Fresh Whole and Sliced Opal Apples

10. Opal Apples

Opal apples are another cross-bred variety that comes from the Golden Delicious and Topaz. 

They have a nice, crisp texture that holds up nicely to heat, and the flavor is sweet and floral, much like their parents. 

Opal apples are highly resistant to browning, so they can be sliced and left out for a while.

So the next time you make a charcuterie board, reach for an Opal apple!

Pacific Rose Apples

11. Pacific Rose Apples

Pacific Rose apples get their name from their rosy red coloring. They’re also from New Zealand, which sits in the Pacific Ocean. 

Pacific Rose apples are the result of combining Gala and Splendor apples, so they’re most often used in desserts. 

They have a fantastic sweet flavor and crisp texture. Plus, they look terrific in salads and on cheese boards.

Bunch of Pink Lady Apples

12. Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady apples are a widely popular, super tasty variety that can easily be found at the grocery store. 

They have a high sugar content as well as lots of acidity, giving you the best of both worlds. 

They’re also pretty firm with gorgeous pink skin and look lovely in sandwiches and salads. 

And thanks to the high acidity, they’re great in sauces and purees.

Red Delicious Apples

13. Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious apples are probably the first apple you think of when you picture an apple. 

They have a stunning dark red hue and a super sweet flavor. Pretty much picture-perfect.

However, they’re much softer than other apples, so they’re more suited to snacking than baking. Too long in the oven, and they’ll turn to mush.

Red Delicious apples have a hint of tartness but are still considered a dessert apple.

So, slice Red Delicious apples for a snack or use them for a sweet fruit salad.

Sweetie apples

14. Sweetie Apples

As the name suggests, Sweetie apples are pretty high in sugar. 

They’re known for their dense, crisp flesh and ultra-sweet flavor and were created as an improvement upon the Gala apple. 

They share a lot of similarities but are even sweeter. 

They bake well, but like the Ambrosia apples, remember that you may not need as much sugar. Or add tart apples to help balance things out.

Kiku Apples

15. Kiku Apples

Kiku apples are most well-known for being deliciously sweet and are actually a natural mutation of the Fuji apple. 

They’re really juicy with crisp flesh and the most delightfully sweet flavor. So, they’re perfect for snacking. 

I like them smeared with peanut butter or hazelnut spread! But they’re also great for baking.

What Are the Sweetest Apples? 15 Types

You’ve likely had an orchard’s worth of apples in your life, but have you ever wondered what are the sweetest apples? I know I have! So let’s take a look.


  • Fuji Apples

  • Ambrosia Apples

  • Braeburn Apples

  • Dazzle Apples

  • Envy Apples

  • Gala Apples

  • Golden Delicious Apples

  • Honeycrisp Apples

  • Jazz Apples

  • Opal Apples

  • Pacific Rose Apples

  • Pink Lady Apples

  • Red Delicious Apples

  • Sweetie Apples

  • Kiku Apples


  • Select your favorite sweetest apple.
  • Find a fun recipe to try.
What Are the Sweetest Apples?

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