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30 Spring Pie Recipes for Pi Day

If you’re looking for spring pie recipes for Pi Day, I have you covered!

In case you didn’t know, March 14th is National Pi Day, and I know plenty of pizza places that have some amazing offers on their “pies.”

But for me, there’s nothing like some sweet and fruity pies!

Apple Pie with Ice Cream and Syrup
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My favorite has to be Key lime, but maybe you’re more of a classic apple fan.

Or do you like something more decadent, like chocolate and cherry?

The good news is, whether you like them fruity, creamy, or dangerously sweet, you’ll find something you’ll love on this list of 30 sensational spring pie recipes for Pi Day.

I should warn you in advance: though I said Key lime is my favorite, I’ll likely say the same of plenty others here.

I can’t be expected just to love one, right?

1. Blueberry Pie Recipe

Case and point: I absolutely adore blueberry pie.

One slice is not enough, and if you leave me alone with the leftovers, don’t expect to see any yourself.

Between the golden crust and the filling that’s just brimming with juicy berries, it doesn’t get much better than this.

I like my filling quite thick, so I prefer to pre-cook the fruit with the sugar and flour.

This helps it turn wonderfully glossy and ensures you get the perfect slice once it’s baked. 

2. Rhubarb Pie

I love the crumble topping for this – and for most pies, actually, since it’s so much easier, and you won’t have to worry about making a perfect pie crust.

Fresh rhubarb is sweet, tart, and super vibrant. For me, it’s a touch too tart, so I like to add some strawberries to the mix for added sweetness. 

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3. Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is notoriously sweet and wonderfully gooey.

The filling is so comforting, and the buttery nuts make the whole thing pop. 

For those looking for added indulgence, why not add some chocolate to the mix?

It takes something already pretty close to perfect and gives it so much rich flavor.

The best option is to use dark chocolate or semi-sweet since the pecan filling is already full of sugar – but please, let your sweet tooth guide you!

Pumpkin Pie

4. Pumpkin Pie

I’m pretty sure we all crave pumpkin pie year-round, and if you prepare yourself, it doesn’t just have to be a fall fave.

When you start seeing pumpkins in the stores, I highly recommend stocking up!

Peel, cut, cook, and mash them up, and store the puree in your freezer. That way, you can have pumpkin pie whenever you want!

5. Apple Pie Recipe with the Best Filling

This is, of course, pretty subjective. If you ask me, the perfect apple pie filling consists of thin slices of sweet apples and lashings of caramel.

To other people, that’s close to sacrilege!

But if you’re looking for something traditional, this is a great place to start.

It’s full of fruit and perfectly spiced with cinnamon for a delightful, warm finish. 

Granny Smith’s are always a safe choice since they’re not too sweet, and they hold up to the baking.

Or why not try mixing things up with a medley? 

Millionaire's Pie

6. Millionaire Pie

This pie gets its name from the fact that it looks and tastes like a million bucks!

Plus, it’s pretty quick to throw together, which is life-saving when you’re in a pinch.

I’ve used both graham cracker and Oreos as the crust for this, and both came out great.

Obviously, the latter was a little more intense, but I balanced it out with some raspberries thrown into the mix. 

7. Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie (No Tofu!)

Tofu can be a tough sell sometimes, and one complaint I often see when people look into vegan food is that there’s too much tofu. 

This chocolate pie is tofu-free, silky-smooth, and so creamy you won’t believe it’s not loaded with cream.

You’ll need to ensure your chocolate is vegan, which many dark chocolates are – milk and white contain milk, so they won’t work here. 

As for the crust, I like this vegan (& gluten-free) shortbread crust for a more crumbly texture.

Peanut Butter Pie

8. No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut butter pie is everything you think it is and more! It’s nutty, sweet, creamy, and ready to chill in just 20 minutes. 

The Oreo cookie crumb makes this extra rich, and I always top mine with a drizzle of salted caramel for good measure. 

9. Cherry Pie

Just like the blueberry pie from above, this one is bursting with fruit and looks so gorgeous when you make that first slice. 

This recipe calls for you to cook the filling first, which, as I mentioned before, ensures you’ll get something glossy and thick. 

I like to use canned cherries for mine because they’re just so easy to pour out, but feel free to use fresh.

I love a nice medley of dark and light to give the pie some character.

10. Vegan Key Lime Pie

On my search for the perfect Key lime pie, I came across this sensational vegan recipe that I just had to share. 

I have to admit; I had no idea you could make your own vegan condensed milk, which is an essential ingredient in a Key lime pie.

It’s such a game-changer. 

You’ll mix that with coconut creme for a wonderful, velvety, cream filling that is so close to perfect, I bet most people won’t know it’s vegan!

11. Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

With the explosion of people using aquafaba in their vegan desserts, I have to admit I was hesitant but curious. 

Doesn’t it just taste like chickpeas? If you’re not aware, aquafaba is the liquid you get when you open a can of chickpeas. Who knew?

But when you whip it up, due to its high protein content, you get a light and stable vegan meringue!

12. Peach Pie

I mentioned my love for crumble toppings earlier, but I feel like I should say it again!

A crumble-top is essentially a butter crumble made using butter, sugar, and flour. 

The beauty of using this to top your pies is that it will turn golden and crunchy on the top while being wonderfully tender underneath.

Plus, it’s sweet, rich, and all you’ll have to do is pile it over the fruit. 

That being said, I do love a good lattice-topped pie!

I know they can be time-consuming, but you can’t deny how effective it is. 

13. Tomato Pie

I gotta take a quick break from the sweets and share this savory pie with you.

It’s a fantastic combination of tomato, pie crust, and a heavenly cheesy top.

It’s not a quiche, which means you don’t have to worry as much about a soggy bottom.

But between the mayo, shredded cheese, and slices of tomato, it’s such a fresh and filling pie to have for lunch or dinner. 

14. Pineapple Pie

If you’re looking for something a little different to help celebrate this year’s Pi Day, this recipe is for you.

We’ve all had apple, rhubarb, and blueberry – but have you ever tried pineapple pie?

Since pineapple is pretty juicy, you’ll need to thicken it up on the stove before adding it to your crust. 

This recipe calls for a double-crust (pie dough over the top, too), but I like it with a crumble made using sugar, butter, flour, and toasted coconut!

15. Caramel Pear Pie

If it were up to me, there would be caramel in every dessert. I can’t get enough of the stuff, and it elevates pretty much everything it touches. 

One thing to note here is that this is one juicy pie. Because you’ll add fruit and caramel, I suggest giving your base a pre-bake. 

That, or try cooking your pie on a pizza stone to ensure the bottom gets plenty of heat!

16. Dark Chocolate Tart

There’s something so elegant about chocolate tarts, and they always look so perfect.

Can I tell you a secret? It’s ridiculously easy to get that silky smooth finish.

The ganache does all the work, you just have to let it settle and try not to touch it!

17. Mango Tart (Gluten Free, Paleo & Vegan)

Here’s another Insta-worthy tart that’s easier than it looks!

The rose effect here will impress and you might have a hard time cutting into it! But it’s super simple to achieve. 

All you need to do is slice your mangoes nice and thin, and carefully work your way out from the middle.

You’ll get the hang of it pretty fast, and soon, this will be your signature dish!

18. Banana Cream Pie (Vegan + GF)

Other than Key lime, banana cream has to be my weakness when it comes to pies.

It’s just so creamy, and I can never resist anything banana!

To make this vegan, you’ll make a light little pudding using cornstarch, sugar, almond milk, and vanilla.

This gets folded with some whipped coconut cream for a delicious and creamy finish.

19. Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

I know a few people that shy away from strawberry pie because the fruit is very soft.

For those who prefer a bit of bite with their pie, this fresh strawberry pie is the perfect middle ground. 

Between the berries and the jello, this pie is sweet and bursting with flavor. 

If you need to make it ahead, once you’ve pre-baked your crust and let it cool, try brushing it with some melted chocolate.

It will keep the moisture from soaking in!

20. Triple Berry Pie

I’m pretty sure we all have a bag of mixed berries in the freezer, right?

We get them when they’re on sale, thinking we’ll make smoothies or something, but they sit there for months, untouched. 

Well, this is the perfect recipe to use them up. And if you have a store-bought pie crust, it can be ready in a matter of minutes!

21. Fresh Apricot Pie

If you’re looking for a bright and sunny pie that’s not quite as sweet as peach, why not try this apricot pie?

Apricots are very similar to peaches, only they’re slightly more tart.

Still, they’re super delicious, and I love that they stay nice and chunky in this recipe. 

22. Blackberry Pie

Blackberries are a fantastic little berry that doesn’t get enough love.

You get the wonderful tartness of the berry with the lovely texture of a raspberry. 

Not to mention, they’re so vibrant and have an incredibly deep and intense coloring.

If you see these on the market, it’s well worth getting a pack!

23. Old Fashioned, Traditional Saskatoon Pie

Saskatoon berries may look like blueberries, but did you know they’re more closely related to apples?

These berries are sweet, and tart and many people claim they have a mild nutty flavor to them.

You’ll mostly find these berries in Canada, but it’s well worth trying them out if you get the chance.

24. No-Bake Frozen Chocolate Raspberry Pie

There are a few steps to making this, but it’s worth it in the end.

You’ll start by making a quick raspberry puree, then whipping up a faux-cheesecake mix with cream cheese and powdered sugar.

These two alone make a fantastic filling!

But then you’ll mix through cooled, melted chocolate.

The reason you want it cooled is so that it will begin to harden as you fold it through.

This leaves you with a fabulous streaked chocolate effect throughout the filling. 

25. Vegan Coconut Cream Pie

This pie is strictly for the coconut lovers in the room. If you’re not a fan, just go ahead and skip to the next recipe!

This pie has coconut in the crust, in the pudding filling, in the whipped topping, and it has a toasted coconut sprinkle for good measure. 

26. Easy Cold Brew Coffee Pie

Being a cold brew coffee lover, this one’s a no-brainer for me. It’s light, creamy, and full of that rich flavor I love so much.

I used chocolate chip cookies for my crust, which lightens it up further, and of course, I had to finish with a drizzle of caramel.

27. Brownie Pie

This recipe is a little dangerous, and you won’t be able to stop at just one slice. You’ve been warned!

There’s just something so unique about the buttery pie crust mixed with the brownie, which is fudgy and chocolatey. 

That being said, this works so well with a Graham cracker crust, too!

28. Crustless Summer Zucchini Pie

I had to add another savory pie for those that don’t have the same level of sweet cravings I do!

I serve quiche at almost every gathering, be it cheese and bacon, tomato, or this crustless zucchini pie, and it’s always a hit.

Be sure to thoroughly drain your zucchini. It’s full of moisture and will ruin your quiche if you don’t. 

29. Root Beer Float Pie

I can’t remember when we all stopped indulging in root beer floats, but I think it’s time we brought them back!

This no-bake pie has all the terrific flavors we remember – sweet root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream – served in a buttery graham cracker crust.

I highly recommend using the root beer extract, if you can find it, to help boost the flavor. 

If you can’t, try reducing some root beer (gently simmering a can of root beer with a bit of extra sugar until it’s thick and syrupy) and adding that to the mix instead.

30. Southern Buttermilk Chess Pie Recipe

This classic southern pie is sweet, tangy, creamy, and perfectly flavored with a little bit of lemon. 

Since the filling is very wet – it’s like a custard – you’ll blind-bake your crust to ensure it cooks all the way through. 

This recipe calls for cornmeal, which will help to thicken the filling and make the texture just a little less smooth.

It’s not grainy, but you can taste the difference.

30 Spring Pies for Pi Day


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious pie in 30 minutes or less!
Spring Pie Recipes for Pi Day

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