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11 Split Pea Recipes That Go Beyond Soup

Nothing beats the velvety texture of split peas.

And if you couldn’t agree more, check out this list of split pea recipes!

Split Pea Soup with Tomatoes in a Bowl
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I think split peas are insanely underrated. Not only do they taste like little pockets of deliciousness, but they’re uber-nutritious, too!

The little green beans (and yes, they are technically part of the legume family), are rich in protein and fiber.

They also contain impressive amounts of zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, and more.

So, I’ve listed 11 of the best split pea recipes. Try them and let me know what you like best!

1. Split Pea Soup

If you’re craving a little nostalgia, you can’t go wrong with this split pea soup recipe.

It tastes exactly how mom made it, except even better.

Every hearty spoonful combines smoky ham, tender split peas, and fresh vegetables for one nourishing bite. 

Trust me, this soup needs to be in your weekly rotation of dinners this winter.

2. Mediterranean Split Pea Soup

This rustic Mediterranean split pea soup will make your palate swoon. 

I mean, how can you beat the combination of caramelized onions, fresh herbs, and sun-dried tomatoes? 

The best part about this soup is the homemade crouton topping, which adds a savory crunch to every bite.

If you’re trying to achieve a little balance in the health department this holiday season, this vegan stew will serve you well.

3. Basic Cooked Split Peas

Let’s go back to basics with this recipe for cooked split peas.

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Whether it’s Christmas brunch or Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll love serving this healthy side dish alongside your festive fare. 

All you need to create this simple dish is water (or broth if you’re feeling fancy), split peas, and salt. That’s it!

In just 25 minutes, you can have these silky split peas ready to serve.

4. Crispy Split Peas

Now, here’s a new take on split peas that will blow your mind.

If you only associate split peas with mushy stews, you’re in for a treat.

This recipe showcases the many possibilities of the green bean. 

By using just a handful of pantry staples, you can turn the ordinary bean into the ultimate snack food.

Every handful tastes crunchy, salty, and will satisfy any late-night munchies.

The only difference is you won’t feel the post-snacking regret in the morning.

5. Yellow Split Pea Dahl

Whether you need an easy lunch or a simple side dish, this yellow split pea dahl does not disappoint! 

By swapping in split peas for lentils, you’re able to create an unforgettable texture in every bite.

You’ll love the combination of savory flavors and cozy spices that tickle your tastebuds with yummy goodness. 

When you have a spare hour on a lazy Sunday afternoon, do yourself a favor and make this delicious dahl.

6. Creamy Split Pea Hummus

Here’s another ingenious way to use split peas.

If hummus is your go-to healthy snack, why not shake things up a bit with this unique homemade hummus recipe?

It hits all the familiar flavors of a classic chickpea hummus with an even creamier texture.

I mean seriously, there’s so much silky smoothness in this split pea hummus. You’ll love dunking your pita bread into this decadent dip.

After trying this ultra-creamy hummus, you might have a hard time going back to its chickpea counterpart. 

7. Easy Summer Split Pea Salad

This split pea salad is just begging you to make it on a balmy July evening.

The delicate, citrusy flavors complement the summer season so perfectly. 

Plus, the extra fiber doesn’t hurt when you have a whole afternoon of outdoor activities planned. 

This meal will power you through swimming, hiking, or even just lounging by the pool.

You won’t need to worry about feeling weighed down after gobbling up this salad. 

While this recipe goes heavy on the ingredients it comes together quickly. So you can spend more time soaking up the rays.

8. Yellow Split Pea Tortilla Soup

If tortilla soup is your go-to comfort food, take this recipe for a spin. You’ll love the fun twist on traditional split pea soup.

Between the hearty split peas, rich tomato broth, and juicy ground beef, you’re looking at one wholesome soup. 

If that’s not good enough, every heaping spoonful is overflowing with cheesy goodness. 

Trust me, no blistering cold day is a match for this warm, cozy bowl.  

9. Easy Vegan Split Pea Curry 

You won’t believe how much flavor is in this 7-ingredient curry.

Your palate won’t know what to love more, the creamy coconut milk, aromatic red curry, or the velvety split peas.

If the weather is looking a little ‘blah’ outside, allow this vibrant curry to lift your spirits. 

It’s the perfect, plant-based pick-me-up.

10. 1-Ingredient Split Pea Tortillas

Just as the title suggests, you can create delicious split pea tortillas using only 1 ingredient!

Soak the peas in water, then blend them with salt to achieve a batter with a smooth consistency. 

Add a dollop to a hot skillet, smooth into a 6-inch circle, and let your tortilla cook like a crepe. 

Easy peasy!

11. Creamy Potato Green Split Pea Soup

You’ll fall in love with this silky texture in this split pea soup. 

You enhance the velvety texture of split peas with creamy potatoes and coconut milk to create one unforgettable spoonful.

Every creamy bite is complemented by flavors of fresh thyme, garlic, and pepper.

This one-pot meal takes under 40 minutes, and you can also make it in an Instant Pot for extra ease.

If that’s not good enough, this recipe is also vegan and gluten-free. 

11 Best Ways to Cook Split Peas

These tasty split pea recipes prove there’s more to these peas than just soup! From salad to dahl to hummus, you’ll love these tempting dishes.


  • Split Pea Soup

  • Mediterranean Split Pea Soup

  • Basic Cooked Split Peas

  • Crispy Split Peas

  • Yellow Split Pea Dahl

  • Creamy Split Pea Hummus

  • Easy Summer Split Pea Salad

  • Yellow Split Pea Tortilla Soup

  • Easy Vegan Split Pea Curry

  • 1 -Ingredient Split Pea Tortillas

  • Creamy Potato Green Split Pea Soup


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Split Pea Recipes

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