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20 Unique Samosa Filling Ideas To Try Tonight

Make your next Indian feast one to remember with these 20 fantastic samosa filling ideas.

From sweet to savory, these samosas are too good to miss.

Samosa Filled with Ground Beef
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Samosas are pockets of fried pastry stuffed with delicious fillings.

And while they’re traditionally loaded with Indian spiced potatoes and peas, there are so many different types of samosa fillings to try.

Some are wonderfully savory, thanks to fillings like onions and peppers. But you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a sweet samosa!

These babies are traditional Indian sides, but they also make terrific snacks. So try these samosa filling ideas today and let me know which you like best!

20 Samosa Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss

1. Apple Samosa 

This sweet samosa is filled with caramelized apples. They’re like little handheld apple pies!

Stuffed with cinnamon-sugar apples, they’re super simple but wonderfully classic.

After all, who doesn’t love warm apple pie?

The outside is crispy, and the inside is gooey. Dip these in chocolate or pair them with some ice cream for even more fun!

2. Mini Cream Cheese Sweet Samosas (Samboosak) 

First off, how amazing do these look lined up on that tray? They’re ideal for serving at parties because your guests can have as many as they want.

The cream cheese filling is tangy and creamy, perfectly contrasting the sticky-sweet and crispy crust. 

You might want to double the batch because these sweet snacks will go fast!

3. Sweet Coconut Samosas – Khopra / Nariyal Ka Samosa 

These samosas have a deliciously sweet and fluffy filling. It’s a crazy easy blend of coconut and sugar, and they’re packed to the brim.

I love chewy coconut, but it’s even better with a crispy pastry shell.

Best served warm, I like to sneak a couple of chocolate chips in the middle. That way, you get an ooey-gooey surprise when you take that first bite.

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4. Three Cheese Samosas 

These savory samosas remind me of delicious grilled cheese. Better yet, a fried, portable grilled cheese. 

Packed to the brim with mozzarella, feta, and cream cheese, they’re the perfect combination of salty, tangy, and creamy. 

The scrumptious cheeses are all held together in a crispy, triangle-shaped crust. These are incredible cheese appetizers that will disappear at any party.

5. Chocolate Samosa 

Now this is a truly decadent dessert. Rich chocolate ganache filling enveloped in a crispy pastry and served warm and melty. Yum! 

Chocolate ganache is embarrassingly easy to make, and when fried, it turns into sweet, rich chocolate lava.

You’ll love the cinnamon sugar on the pastry, which adds sweetness and texture. 

You can even experiment with different types of chocolate for the filling to make your own perfect chocolate dessert

6. Keema Samosa Recipe (Patti Samosa) 

This savory samosa filling is a traditional Indian and Pakistani snack. 

Jam-packed with a spicy and smoky meat filling, these are too good to pass up.

The traditional meat is mutton or lamb, but you can use any meat you prefer. 

I like these at parties, but they’re especially tasty during Ramadan

7. Sweet Samosa (Mawa Samosa) 

Sweet samosas like this are traditionally served at festivals such as Ramadan, Holi, or Diwali. But after one bite, you’ll want them every day! 

The crispy pastry is filled with a sweet and creamy mixture of mawa, nuts, coconut, and other traditional ingredients and spices. 

If you can’t find mawa (which is kind of like curd), you can use ricotta as an easy substitute.

Whether you’re celebrating or just want to try something new, these are a flavorful treat that will not disappoint.  

8. Onion Samosa (Irani Samosa) 

Crispy samosas stuffed with a spicy onion filling are as classic as it gets. These are a wonderful lunch item or appetizer for your Indian feast. 

This variation of a samosa is actually pretty popular in India as an evening snack. The onion filling is flavorful, and the pastry is crisped to perfection. 

Serve these while they’re still hot and with a strong tea, like cardamom or chai. 

9. Baked Spinach and Cheese Samosa 

Many of these samosas are deep-fried to create a nice crust on the pastry. And since they’re sides or snacks, I don’t mind the added oil so much.

But if you want something healthier, you have to try these baked samosas.

The cheese and spinach filling is creamy and so tasty. And the crust is still nice and crisp, so you get that signature crunch. Talk about a win-win!

10. Cheesy Samosa Puffs 

With a flaky puff pastry shell, I like to think of these more like Indian empanadas.

And don’t let the title fool you. These may be cheese and potato-filled, but there’s also plenty of garam masala, cumin and mustard seeds, and turmeric.

I love these samosas dipped into hot sauce, but they can be dipped in almost any sauce you like. 

11. Jalapeño Three Cheese Samosa

These cheesy samosas are soooo good. The gooey, stringy cheese is pretty much what appetizer dreams are made of. 

Filled with cream cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese, they also have chopped jalapeños for a hint of spice.

Pair this yummy samosa filling recipe with an ice-cold beer.

12. Vegetable Samosas 

These little triangles of goodness are the most delicious veggie appetizer ever. 

Loaded with the classic blend of potatoes, peas, and onions, you’ll also include a ton of flavorful spices.

It makes the perfect filling for the light and crisp exterior. 

These are tasty even if you aren’t vegetarian. However, you could include some meat if you wanted to. I think ground pork would work well.

13. Chinese Samosa With Chicken And Noodles | Chinese Recipes 

I would never think to put noodles inside a samosa, but somebody else did, and it’s genius!

These Chinese samosas are filled with Asian-style spices, chicken, and noodles. They’re like egg rolls, but I venture to say, even better!

14. Easy Chicken Samosa 

These chicken samosas are easy to make and impressively good. 

After you prepare the dough, it needs to rest. That’s the perfect time to make the filling. By the time you’re done, everything will be ready to assemble. 

These samosas are a scrumptious snack or party hor d’oeuvre. 

15. Nutella S’mores Samosas 

Nutella, s’mores, and samosas…need I say more? 

These golden bites of heaven are stuffed with indulgent chocolate-hazelnut spread and gooey marshmallow fluff.

When the samosa is fried, all of the ingredients melt together, and it’s pure bliss. 

If Nutella or marshmallows aren’t your idea of a good time, try experimenting with all kinds of sweet fillings. 

I’ve tried this with cookie butter and fluff, and let me tell you; I went weak in the knees!

16. Butter Chicken Samosa 

This butter chicken filling is inspired. It’s creamy, flavorful, and perfectly spiced.

In short, it’s outrageously delicious!

These fantastic samosas will definitely get gobbled up faster than any other dish at your next party.

17. Egg Samosa 

Egg samosas feature an egg salad-like filling. It’s rich and creamy, but there’s a fun Indian twist.

You’ll blend hard-boiled eggs with traditional Indian flavors. And instead of regular pastry, these are covered in crispy phyllo. 

The outside has so many delicate layers, and the inside is flavorful and fragrant. That makes the ideal snack for your mid-afternoon slump.

18. Potatoes and Peas Samosa 

As mentioned, potatoes and peas are a classic samosa filling. And these little handheld flavor bombs are one of my favorites. 

The potatoes and peas offer such a yummy texture, and the flavors are absolutely delectable. 

I can tell you from experience that these make a really satisfying midnight snack. That said, they hit the spot any time of day. 

19. Spicy Chicken Samosas  

If you like spice, this fragrant samosa filling recipe is for you. 

They’re fried to a deliciously crispy golden brown and bursting with chicken curry.

But don’t worry, these have just the right amount of spice, so they’re not overwhelming. 

The tasty chicken is wrapped in flaky phyllo dough and will be a hit at your next gathering. 

20. Sambousak (Meat and Vegetarian Filling) 

These Sambousak are slightly different in appearance from traditional samosas. But that doesn’t make them any less tasty. 

Also known as an Arabic samosa, they’re sort of like egg rolls instead of triangular samosas. 

In this recipe, you’ll find variations for both carnivores and herbivores, so you can find the right option for any taste.

20 Unique Samosa Fillings To Try Tonight

Make your next Indian feast one to remember with these 20 fantastic samosa filling ideas. From sweet to savory, these samosas are too good to miss.


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Samosa Filling Ideas


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