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10 Best Romanesco Recipes to Replace Broccoli

Some call it Romanesco broccoli, and others think of it as Roman cauliflower.

But whatever you call it, these Romanesco recipes are super tasty, insanely nutritious, and a breeze to make at home.

Baked Gratin of Cauliflower, Broccoli and Romanesco
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This veggie has such a unique appearance and yummy taste.

And by the way, it tastes like a slightly sweeter, nuttier version of broccoli. Yum!

It’s super easy to cook and can be used in place of broccoli or cauliflower in pretty much any recipe.

That said, I suggest giving these ten Romanesco recipes a try first. They’re tried, tested, and guaranteed to be a hit!

Easy Roasted Romanesco Recipe and More!

1. Garlic and Lemon Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower

This simple, four-ingredient dish has a lot going for it. It takes just 25 minutes to make and is gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly. 


It’s also pretty scrumptious with the earthy and garlicky notes. That said, the bright burst of lemony flavor adds a light zestiness you’ll love. 

It’s an excellent choice if you need a nutritious snack, and it’s not bad as an appetizer, either.

Believe it or not, it’s a pretty great crowd-pleaser. Plus, it just looks fantastic! 

2. Roasted Romanesco With Turmeric Tahini Sauce

Here’s another beautiful roasted Romanesco dish. In fact, the recipe is pretty similar to the garlic and lemon one above.

It, too, takes just 25 minutes to make. But the main difference is the heavenly tahini sauce.

This lovely golden dressing is bright and zingy with just a touch of gingery heat. It’s the perfect complement to the crunchy, garlicky Romanesco.

Add it to your vegetable and dip tray, or serve it by itself. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it.

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3. Roasted Romanesco With Parmesan Panko

Want a little more crunch (and a lot more cheese)? Use this recipe for roasted Romanesco with Parmesan Panko breadcrumbs

It has a familiar fresh, garlicky flavor that’ll delight your taste buds.

But the mix of Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, and breadcrumbs really set it apart.

The recipe’s author says the topping is like a “savory streusel,” and I think that’s an accurate description.

So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, give these a try. 

Note: The topping is similar to that on Parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts. So, if you enjoy those, you’re sure to like these, too. 

4. Romanesco Cauliflower Pasta With Olives, Pesto, and Parsley

Looking for a fragrant, flavorful pasta dish? You just found it!

This 35-minute meal is light and zesty with briny olives, capers, and crunchy Romanesco. 

It’s a salty, cheesy, vegetarian-friendly meal that even meat enthusiasts will love. I promise the intense, unique flavor is unlike any pasta you’ve ever tried.

Its colorful appearance is lovely, too.

Of course, you can make it with cauliflower if you prefer. However, it loses something in the presentation without the bright green Romanesco. 

Still, cauliflower will do if you’re in a bind, and it’s sure to taste just as impressive either way.

5. Pan-Roasted Romanesco With Hazelnuts and Crispy Bits

Here’s another gorgeous, vegetarian-friendly Romanesco dish.

It combines the fractal veggie with hazelnuts, parsley, and fresh garlic cloves to create a dense, crunchy treat that’s hearty enough for a full meal.

Feel free to be liberal with the white wine vinegar and oil. Doing so ensures you won’t scorch the Romanesco and gives the dish a light, bright flavor. 

If you don’t have hazelnuts, substitute pistachios or macadamia nuts instead. You can also toss a few pomegranate arils on top for a bright flourish. 

6. Roasted Romanesco Arugula Pasta

Roasted Romanesco and arugula pasta is full of garden-fresh flavor.

It features tender, chewy pasta noodles and flavorful garlic and lemon. There’s also plenty of cheese, red pepper flakes, and arugula.

And the roasted Romanesco, of course! 

It takes a little over 30 minutes to make and is an excellent choice for a quick and easy dinner

7. Romanesco Salad

It’s hard to beat a nutritious, delicious dish you can whip up in 30 minutes or less. And that’s precisely what this salad is. 

In fact, you’ll only need Romanesco, oil, sea salt, lemon juice, and shallots to make this simple vegan salad.

Top it off with a homemade lemon and garlic vinaigrette, and you’re all set.

It’s a lovely, healthy lunch option that’s full of flavor and crunch. I know you’ll love this beautiful fall salad, so give it a try tonight!

8. Romanesco Soup With Za’atar Granola

What I love most about cooking with Romanesco is its beauty.

The vegetable itself is gorgeous – almost magical-looking. But when you add it to a dish, it instantly makes it Insta-worthy.

And this soup with an enchanting green hue is proof!

You’ll garnish it with granola and colorful plant sprigs. The creamy texture of the soup pairs flawlessly with the crunchy granola.

Plus, it’s entirely vegan-friendly, so everyone can enjoy it, no matter their dietary needs.

9. Romanesco Broccoli Soup With Blue Cheese and Chives

This soup isn’t as pretty as the one above. Even so, it’s every bit as delectable – maybe even more so! 

You’ll use robust, tangy ingredients, including onions, chives, sour cream, potatoes, blue cheese, and bay leaves.

And those are just to name a few! 

It’s a brothy, vegetable-packed soup with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s easy to make and even easier to eat. 

Serve it with the recommended pita bread or something crusty to soak up the leftovers. You’ll enjoy it either way.

(It may sound strange, but pumpernickel tastes fantastic with this soup. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think!)

10. Whole-Roasted Romanesco

You’ll need only four simple ingredients for this savory side dish: Romanesco, olive oil, kosher salt, and lemon juice.

(You may want extra oil for dipping, as well.)

The Romanesco turns out beautiful. It’s bright, crunchy, and features a sweet nuttiness that’s irresistible. 

And while it takes nearly an hour to make, only 5 minutes of that is hands-on work.

Everything else happens in the oven.

If you’re new to Romanesco and are worried about cooking it, don’t be. Just start with this easy recipe, and you’ll do fine.

10 Best Ways to Cook Romanesco Broccoli

Is it cauliflower or broccoli? Either way, these Romanesco recipes are super tasty, nutritious, and a breeze to make at home. They look great, too.


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Romanesco Recipes

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