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24 Best Macadamia Nut Recipes

Do you have a bag of macadamia nuts sitting in your kitchen and you’re not sure what to make? I have some awesome macadamia nut recipes right here.

Walnuts, pecans, and almonds may get all the cooking and baking praise, but macadamia nuts are where it’s at!

Sweet Homemade Macadamia Nut Cookies
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Macadamia nuts and white chocolate chip cookies are undoubtedly a winning combo.

But these buttery nuts have so many applications that go beyond cookies.

From breakfast to dinner and sweet to savory, here’s a macadamia nut recipe for every occasion. 

1. Coconut Macadamia Nut Waffles 

Jazz up your morning waffles with the crunch of macadamia nuts. 

Between the nuts and shredded coconut, these waffles are an infusion of tropical flavors.

They’re so tropical that they remind me of mornings vacationing in Hawaii. 

For a special touch, top these off with some macadamia syrup and coconut whipped cream.

2. Macadamia Nut Brittle

Treat yourself to some sweets with these goodies. This confection is very similar to peanut brittle, except with macadamia nuts of course.

I love the buttery tasty and crisp crunch I get when biting into these brittles. 

They’ll stay good for up to a couple of weeks, which makes them excellent gifts or great holiday sweets for entertaining. 

Sweet Homemade Macadamia White Chocolate Nut Cookies

3. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies 

As I said earlier, macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips go smashing together. So I couldn’t resist mentioning my favorite cookie recipe.

They’re sweet, buttery, and chewy, which I think is the best cookie combination. 

To infuse these cookies with even more flavor, you can roast the nuts. This will cause them to become even more sweet and creamy.

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4. Grilled Banana and Macadamia Milk Vegan Ice Cream

Nowadays, there are so many delicious non-dairy ice creams to choose from that it can be hard to pick a flavor.

However, this is my go-to when I’m yearning for a hot summer beach day.

Most vegan ice cream recipes use raw bananas for sweetening, but this one takes it up a notch by grilling. 

By doing so, you caramelize the fruit and enhance the sweetness. This only gets better because this recipe also uses macadamia milk!

Homemade Subway White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

5. Subway White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I know I already told you about my favorite macadamia nut cookie recipe. However, I have a soft spot in my heart for the ones from Subway. 

I’ll swing by a Subway just to pick up one of these cookies. So if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate this copycat recipe.

You can have a big batch of these cookies hot and ready in 35-minutes, and it’ll save you a pretty penny.

6. Granola with Macadamia and Coconut Oil 

Fuel your body right and whip up a bowl of this yummy granola. 

Macadamia nuts are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Pair that with almonds, old fashioned-oats, and honey for an energizing breakfast. 

This granola only takes about 15-minutes to make. It also doesn’t have any unwanted preservatives or added sugars because it’s homemade!

7. Macadamia Nut Hummus

This may sound odd at first, but wait until you give it a try! 

I’m a big hummus eater who never could have dreamed how incredible macadamia nuts taste in this dip.

Combining the standard hummus ingredients with macadamia nuts manages to make it even richer and creamier. Plus, it only takes 10-minutes to make. 

8. Vegan Blondies

Blondies are soft and buttery, which makes them the perfect match for macadamia nuts. 

This divine recipe gives blondies a vegan twist by using cashew butter and vegan butter.

This imparts a richer and nuttier flavor that tastes to die for with the macadamia nuts.

9. Gingerbread Macadamia Biscotti 

Grab a cup of coffee because I’ve got your new favorite dipper. 

These biscottis have a wonderful spice blend of ginger, cinnamon, and clove.

Meanwhile, the macadamia nuts and sweet kisses of molasses make them extra special.

10. Oven-Baked Mahi Mahi With Macadamia Crust 

I find it amazing how elegant this dish looks and yet how simple it is to make. With three ingredients and 25-minutes, you can whip up this scrumptious dish. 

You’ll crush macadamia nuts into a crumbly texture, then coat mahi mahi. To help the nuts stick, you’ll brush each filet with coconut oil. 

11. Lemon White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies 

Lemon zest is a fun ingredient that gives these classic cookies a citrusy kick. 

That extra little bit of zing makes them bright and refreshing like a summer breeze. 

12. Freezer Fudge with Macadamia Nuts 

Chewy chocolate and crunchy nuts come together in this recipe for a melt-in-your-mouth dessert. 

The best thing about this homemade fudge is it uses natural ingredients like coconut sugar and maple syrup. 

I’m also loving that you can store these in the freezer and bust them out whenever you have company.

13. Macadamia Nut Butter

Guys, have you tried macadamia nut butter yet?! 

This two-ingredient recipe takes macadamia nuts and turns them into a smooth, spreadable treat. 

You can smear this on sandwiches, add it to smoothies, or dollop some on top of the macadamia nut granola I mentioned. 

14. Vegan Macadamia Mascarpone Frosting 

Cakes, brownies, or cupcakes, macadamia mascarpone frosting can elevate the level of your baked goods. 

The macadamia nuts will need to soak for about four hours.

This will help you to gain the most from their nutrients while increasing the creaminess of your frosting.

15. Baked Macadamia Feta 

Nobody is more skeptical of vegan cheese than me, but this stuff is seriously delicious. 

Apple cider vinegar is essential as it gives this dish a bite like feta, while the macadamia nuts make it very creamy. 

16. Vegan Macadamia Nut Brussels Sprouts 

If you’re looking for something that’s both healthy and satisfying, this is a great place to start. 

Brussel sprouts and macadamia nuts are rich in nutrients and so filling. Plus, this dish is gluten-free, vegan, and a cinch to make.

17. Pineapple Coconut Macadamia Pie 

Let the Hawaiian islands come to you with this heavenly dessert. 

The filling of this pie consists of shredded coconut, macadamia nuts, and fresh pineapple.

The only way this dessert couldn’t get more Hawaiian is if you serve it with a cup of Kona coffee.

18. Coffee-Candied Macadamia Nuts 

Coffee-candied macadamia nuts are fabulous for snacks, appetizers, holiday gifts, and so much more.

They’ll take about 10 minutes to make, requiring minimal work. 

Depending on how strong you like your coffee, you can play up or dial down the coffee intensity. 

19. White Chocolate Macadamia Macarons

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Make a batch of these macarons. 

This recipe does require a couple of hours of your time and will take a little bit of skill.

But this labor of love will be well worth the effort once you see the smile on everyone’s face. 

20. Macadamia Pesto

Spruce up your pesto and make it with macadamia nuts instead. The addition of macadamia nuts makes this pesto ultra-creamy. 

While it’s optional of course, I like to add a squeeze of lemon juice. This gives the pesto a nice zip that enhances the fresh flavors.

21. Key Lime Pie Recipe with Macadamia Crust 

With this macadamia crust, you’ll never be able to go with pre-made, store-bought crust again. 

Macadamia nuts and graham crackers come together to make a unique crust that is sensational with the creamy key lime filling. 

When making the crust, use the pulse function on the food processor. This will help you achieve the right texture.

22. Macadamia Nut Banana Bread

Got some overripe bananas you don’t want to go to waste? Turn them into this banana nut bread. 

I love how something as simple as swapping out walnuts for macadamia nuts transforms this bread.

Like walnuts, though, you’ll want to chop them up before mixing them in. 

23. White Chocolate and Macadamia Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce 

If you’re like me, you probably have a stockpile of cooking projects you can’t wait to try. Well, here’s one you’ll want to bump to the top of your list. 

It starts with a graham cracker crust that’s followed by a thick layer of white chocolate and macadamia nut cheesecake. 

Then, roasted macadamia nuts and a heavy drizzle of caramel tops everything off. 

24. Chocolate Macadamia Cookies 

To end on a sweet note, here’s one more cookie recipe I think you’ll fall head over heels in love with. 

The infusion of Ghirardelli chocolate and milk chocolate chips is a chocolate lover’s dream.

The only thing that makes these soft cookies more heavenly is the macadamia nuts! 

24 Best Ways to Use Macadamia Nuts


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Macadamia Nut Recipes

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