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21 Best Road Trip Snacks for Long Drives

From granola bars and cookies to chips of all kinds, here are some of the best road trip snacks to take with you on your next road trip.

Road trips aren’t complete without snacks. Be sure you’ve packed enough nourishment for the long drive!

A Bowl of Vegetable Chips
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Whether you’re in the mood to indulge or want something clean to nibble on, I have you covered.

This last has everything from healthy roasted chickpeas to sinful caramel corn.

Fill up the tank and get your itineraries ready. This list will take care of the snacks.

21 Healthy Snacks for Your Next Road Trip

1. Trail Mix  

Let’s start things off with a snack that’s loved both by kids and adults. This trail mix isn’t just about nuts and dried fruit.

Also loaded with pretzels, Cheerios, mini-marshmallows, and M&M’s, it gets a 12/10 for color, flavor, and texture.

It’s so good, it’s almost impossible to stop snacking on it.

So instead of packing it in one big bag, I suggest you place it in smaller bags so everyone gets their own.

Homemade Puppy Chow

2. Puppy Chow 

Puppy chow, also called muddy buddies, doggy bag, and reindeer chow is a snack made of rice cereal squats (such as Chex) coated in peanut butter and chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar for good measure.

While its sounds like something a dog would it, it is nothing of the sort.

In fact, no matter how your pup begs for it, you mustn’t give in. Remember, it contains chocolate.

3. Beer Nuts 

Personally, I don’t find peanuts a fun and exciting snack. Beer nuts, however, is an entirely different story. These nuts I can eat all day!

Cocktail peanuts are cooked in sugar syrup. Once it sets, the sugar crystallizes, forming a sweet and crunchy coating covering the nuts. 

Finishing it off is a sprinkling of sea salt, adding a nice salty contrast to the sweet sugar coating.

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Caramel Popcorn

4. Popcorn 

If you’re a sucker for caramel corn, you’ll love this recipe.

If you think there’s no way to make your very own without making a huge mess, think again.

This recipe for caramel popcorn takes place in the microwave. This is not a drill, people!

Yes, you can achieve that sweet, crunchy, beautiful golden brown caramel popcorn by only using this nifty kitchen appliance.

Salty Snack Party Mix with Cereals and Pretzels

5. Texas Trash 

The name may be disgusting, but Texas Trash is a treasure.

It’s a sweet, salty, and savory mix of Cheerios, pretzel crisps, peanuts, and a variety of Chex cereals.

It doesn’t end there, though. The medley of crunchy munchies is coated in a garlic-y, buttery, and umami-rich sauce to tie all the flavors together. 

Finally, they’re popped in the oven to give them that extra crunch.

6. Granola Bars 

Granola bars are awesome at keeping you energized throughout the day. The only thing is, they cost a lot.

Don’t spend all your money on granola bars. Save it for pocket money and souvenirs. With this easy, budget-friendly recipe, your problem is solved. 

A mix of almonds, oats, peanut butter, maple syrup, and dates, these homemade granola bars are just as delicious, if not more, than any you can find in stores.

The best part? You’ll get to enjoy as many granola bars as you can at a fraction of the cost. 

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Nothing adds more joy to a road trip than chocolate chip cookies do. These classic treats are iconic for a reason – they’re seriously delicious.

These aren’t your average chocolate chip cookies, though.

This recipe is a copycat of the famous Doubletree cookies – gigantic cookies that are outrageously buttery and chewy.

They’re not just packed with chocolate chips, but walnuts as well – a wonderful combination of gooey and crunchy.

8. Fire Crackers 

Let’s be honest – saltines are no fun. If there’s any way to put a damper on your road trip, it’ll probably be saltine crackers.

That’s not to say you can’t turn the boring crackers into something exciting, though.

This recipe for fire crackers will revamp those squares from bland to banging.

Saltin crackers are drizzled with spiced melted butter and baked until golden. The difference it makes is simply astonishing.

Apple Chips

9. Apple Chips 

Excursions with friends and family are generally fun, but the long drive can get boring.

What better way is there to pass the time than with a bag of chips?

Sure, potato chips are king, but if you’re looking for a cleaner option, these apple chips have you covered.

They’re just as crispy and crunchy as potato chips, but they won’t make you feel guilty. 

Stacks of Fantasy Fudge with Nuts

10. Fantasy Fudge 

These fantasy fudge squares are truly a dream come true.

They’re chewy, ooey-gooey, and oh so chocolatey. They’re loaded with walnuts, too, giving you a crunchy surprise in every bite.

Here’s a bonus: fudge is so easy to make. It’s impossible to fudge up!

The hardest part is waiting for it to set. It takes 4 hours, but the wait is worth it.

11. Bagel Chips  

Got some stale, leftover bagels? Put it to good use and turn it into bagel chips. You’ll be snacking on these crispy-crunchy delights all day and night!

It couldn’t be easier to make. You can use seasoned bagels for a flavorful snack, or use unseasoned and flavor them yourself.

You can make them smokey and savory with BBQ seasoning, or sweet and spicy with cinnamon sugar. Either way, these chips will be a road trip hit.

Apple Fritters

12. Apple Fritters 

Got a hankering for fall flavors? Scratch that itch with these glorious apple fritters.

Pillowy cakes are bursting with sweet apple chunks and bathed in a sweet cinnamon-sugar glaze.

These fritters are extra special, too, because, for this recipe, we’re using donut batter.

That’s why they’re so plump and pillowy. Move over, Krispy Kreme! 

13. Roasted Chickpeas 

Chickpeas aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to road trip snacks.

But trust me, you’ll definitely want to take this treat with you wherever you go.

Canned chickpeas are soft, sometimes mushy. But when you pop them in the oven, a magical transformation occurs. 

They become wonderfully crispy and addictive. Seasoned with a slew of herbs and spices, they’re so tasty they’ll blow your taste buds away.

Banana Muffins

14. Banana Muffins 

Muffins are always a good idea for road trips. These grab-and-go snacks aren’t only mess-free, but insanely delicious as well.

These banana muffins are dense and moist at the same time.

Flavored with sweet, overripe bananas, their delicious banana flavor can’t be denied.

The recipe calls for Bisquick for the batter, so you know it’s an easy one.

15. Peanut Butter Pretzels 

Pretzels are already a fun snack, but you can always take it up a notch.

Coat those crunchy treats with a mixture of melted chocolate and peanut butter, and they become a thousand times better.

Drizzled with even more melted chocolate garnish, these pretzels are as tasty as they are pretty.

16. Coconut Chips

I love all things coconut. Whether it’s in cake or cookie form, I’ll eat it all. So when I saw this recipe for coconut chips, I just had to give it a try. 

These coconut chips are mind-blowingly amazing! They’re sweet, nutty, and unbelievably crunchy.

They’re sprinkled with a bit of salt, so they also have that sweet and salty contrast going on.

Best of all, these chips are healthy.

17. Baked Veggie Chips

Just because you have diet restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an addictive snack.

These veggie chips are oil-free, vegan, gluten-free, and definitely guilt-free. 

Most importantly, they’re delicious. With this recipe, you get a mixed bag of crispy beetroot, zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, and rutabaga.

How fun is that? The colors alone will make your mouth water.

Blueberry Muffins

18. Blueberry Muffins 

Need some last-minute road trip snacks? These blueberry muffins are here to save the day. 

They’re soft, moist, and bursting with fresh blueberries. Also, they’ll only take you 15 minutes to make – and that’s not a typo!

Thanks to Bisquick, these muffins come together in no time, without sacrificing flavor. 

19. Green Bean Chips 

If you have a dehydrator, I know exactly what you should make.

These green bean chips are a billion times tastier and healthier than store-bought veggie sticks, and they’ll cost you a lot less.

Flavored with just a bit of salt and nutritional yeast and dehydrated overnight, these green bean chips are surprisingly crispy and delicious.

Believe me, even the kids will love them. 

20. Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almonds and chocolates are great. Put them together and you’ll get a snack that’s even better.

I can never say no to chocolate-covered almonds.

They have the perfect combination of smooth and crunchy, sweet and nutty. They’re absolutely addictive.

Instead of buying them, I prefer making them myself. It’s more affordable and tastes just as good, if not better.

If you want to stay within budget, this recipe is a must-try.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

21. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

How about some thirst quencher? If you’re looking for a sweet, hearty, and refreshing drink to bring on your next road trip, this smoothie perfectly fits the bill.

Bananas and peanut butter are an age-old combination that never disappoints.

Turn them into a smoothie, and you’ll have an outrageously tasty refreshment that’ll keep you full throughout the long drive.

21 Best Road Trip Snacks For Long Car Rides

These road trip snacks are a must for your next car trip! From roasted chickpeas to caramel corn to trail mix, don’t hit the road before packing these tasty snacks.


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