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10 Best Redfish Recipes

Looking for the best redfish recipes to prepare your fresh catch? I have the top 10 right here!

All these recipes highlight the flavor profile of redfish and are so tasty.

Like white fish, redfish is a general term for a variety of species. (Red snapper, red drum, and ocean perch to name a few.)

Warm Redfish Stew with Vegetables and Lemon
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It tends to be on the mild and sweet side making it a highly versatile ingredient. 

Keep in mind some species aren’t sustainable, so always check before you eat!

If you have the green light, I say slap on some blackened seasoning and try one of my favorite tacos.

A fried fish sandwich is always a winner, too. 

Bring the seaside dinner to your home with these 10 incredible redfish recipes.

1. Perfect Garlic Butter Blackened Redfish

One of my favorite ways to prepare redfish, or any fish for that matter, is to sprinkle on some blackened seasoning.

And this one comes with garlic butter!

Brush each filet with a good coating of that garlicky goodness. 

Next, rub them down in a homemade blackened seasoning and toss them on a piping hot skillet with butter melted in the pan.

I know it’s a ton of butter, but that’s what makes it so great. 

Oh, and leave the skins on when cooking.

It will help keep the filets from burning, and the skin will be easier to remove when it’s done.

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2. Redfish on the Half Shell

Redfish on the half shell has a Mexican flair that’s fresh and zesty. 

The term “half shell” is referring to how you cook the fish. It means the skin and scales are intact. 

For this recipe, you start by flavoring a mayo base with shallots, garlic, lime zest, and cilantro.

Spread that all over your redfish of choice then hit the grill. 

You’ll know the fish is ready when it starts to flake. 

For a complimentary accompaniment, try a Mexican side dish like tangy slaw, Mexican rice, or street corn.

3. Fried Redfish Sandwich

A family trip to the ocean usually entails a fried fish sandwich.

But here’s one you can make even when you’re not dining seaside. 

You need an egg mixture and flour mixture to dredge the fish.

This one adds a few dashes of hot sauce, pickle brine, and blackened seasoning for a kick. 

Once the fish has a full coating of the breading, it’s time to start frying. It will be a quick process, so keep a close eye on it.

Slap that golden brown filet on a sweet Hawaiian bun and add other fixings like coleslaw and tartar sauce.

4. Blackened Redfish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

One bite, and Taco Tuesday will never be the same!

It will be hard to get other tacos into the mix because this will be the only one you crave. 

The blackened seasoning has a spicy, garlicky, and warming profile that goes swimmingly with the flaky fish.

Rather than drowning out the flavor, top it with a fresh cilantro lime slaw.

It has both red and green cabbage with plenty of crunch.

If you’re watching your carbs, swap the flour tortilla out for a corn tortilla instead. 

5. 30-Minute Spicy Red Fish Stew

A great stew will satisfy your cravings while speaking to your soul. And that’s exactly what this 30 minutes pot will do.

The ingredients are pretty straightforward and you can make it all in one pot. 

It’s spicy, zesty, tomatoey, garlicky, fresh, and savory. To me, that’s everything great in one bowl!

The other wonderful thing about stew is it allows you to improvise.

Use any redfish you like and tweak the ingredients to your liking. 

6. Seared Redfish with Crawfish Cream Sauce

If you want to whip up something special and unique, go with this. 

Each perfectly seared filet has a rich topping that features crawfish in a creamy sherry sauce.

It doesn’t take much to make the sauce, only a handful of dried herbs. 

I know it sounds fancy, but it’s surprisingly not hard to make.

Be sure to rinse your crawfish before mixing it with cream. It’s an easy step to overlook.

7. Crispy Fish and Spicy Remoulade

Mouthwatering is the best way to describe this dish. 

The outside of the redfish has the most exquisite crisp texture while the inside remains juicy and tender. 

The remoulade sauce, on the other hand, is unlike anything you’ve ever had. 

To paint a better picture, it has horseradish, Creole mustard, sweet pickle juice, fresh chives, and then some.

You need a good heaping of spices for both the flour mixture and the homemade remoulade.

So be sure your spice cabinet is well stocked.  

8. Fish Piccata 

Fish piccata is often made with white fish, but did you know you can make it with redfish, too?

The three ingredients essential to piccata are lemon, white wine, and capers.

To start, you pan-fry the redfish for just a couple of minutes on each side.

Once that’s done, you use the same pan to make your piccata sauce.

Pour that over the fish and it’s time to eat! 

I especially love the choice of asparagus as a side. But if it’s not in season, you can swap it out for any roasted veggie.

9. Blackened Redfish Taco Bowls

If you’re trying to go low carb, ditch the tortilla shell and put your tacos in a bowl. 

Gluten-free and keto-friendly, blackened redfish taco bowls are a scrumptious meal for any night of the week.

The base of the bowl has a creamy, zesty, and crunchy slaw that comes together in minutes.

While the flavors are melding, cook up your blackened fish. 

Be sure to remove extra moisture from the fish so they get a nice crisp layer on the outside.

From there, add any taco fixings you’re in the mood for. I’m thinking guac and maybe a sprinkle of cilantro.  

10. Grilled Redfish with Lemon Butter Sauce

Grilling fish with some lemon butter is a foolproof way to prepare any kind of fish. 

However, this one is a little different because hiding inside the butter sauce is shrimp!

Yes, you heard me right. On top of the flaky and sweet Gulf Coast redfish is succulent shrimp with a Creole-seasoned butter sauce.

If that didn’t sound good enough, the redfish also has a sprinkle of homemade Creole seasoning. 

The shrimp stock will take a couple of hours to prepare. But trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

10 Best Ways to Cook Redfish

Enjoy a seafood feast with these redfish recipes! From sandwiches to tacos to stew, this tasty fish is sure to please.


  • Perfect Garlic Butter Blackened Redfish

  • Redfish on the Half Shell

  • Fried Redfish Sandwich

  • Blackened Redfish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

  • 30 -Minute Spicy Red Fish Stew

  • Seared Redfish with Crawfish Cream Sauce

  • Crispy Fish and Spicy Remoulade

  • Fish Piccata

  • Blackened Redfish Taco Bowls

  • Grilled Redfish with Lemon Butter Sauce


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a redfish recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Redfish Recipes

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