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20 Recipes With Texas Toast (+ Easy Dinner Ideas)

Are you looking for recipes with Texas toast? If so, you’re in the right place! This list features 20 of my favorite Texas toast recipes. 

When I think of Texas toast, I first think of frozen garlic bread. That’s just where my mind goes. Yellow box. New York Bakery brand. 

Texas Toast Reuben Sandwich with Cheese and Mustard
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For these recipes, you can use that Texas toast if you like. 

You could also make your own. Here’s all you have to remember about Texas toast. It’s thick, buttery, and perfectly toasted.

The garlic and cheese come at your discretion. 

Now, let’s check out these recipes with Texas toast. You’ll love them! 

1. Homemade Texas Toast

I’m about to give you plenty of Texas toast recipes. Before I do, let me show you how to make Texas toast from scratch.

It’s super simple, and you need just five ingredients. 

Start with thick-cut bakery bread. Then, melt your butter and add the seasonings (garlic, salt, and oregano).

Brush the butter mixture onto both sides of your bread. 

Then, stick it in the oven and bake it. It’s ready once it’s crispy and your kitchen smells like Heaven. 

For sweet recipes, leave out the seasonings. Just add plain butter. (Be sure you cut the bread into thick slices, though!)

2. Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a good grilled cheese sandwich.

The bread is crunchy, the cheese is gooey, and the butter is buttery. It’s a trifecta of deliciousness. 

And this recipe? Oh yes. It makes a good grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches. 

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The thick Texas toast bread. The three incredible cheeses (Gouda, Havarti, and cheddar). The four tablespoons of butter.

Are you drooling yet? It’s okay, I am, too. 

This grilled cheese recipe is fit for a king. Fortunately, you don’t have to be royalty to make it. Enjoy!  

3. Texas Toast French Toast

Texas toast French toast is thick, crispy, and full of flavor. You smother it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar with just a hint of vanilla.

Every bite is sweet and scrumptious. Plus, this recipe isn’t nearly as greasy as some French toast recipes I’ve tried. 

Give it a shot the next time you want to start your day with something sweet.

Just remember to use non-garlicky Texas toast for this one. Otherwise, it might taste a little funny.

4. French Toast Panini with Grilled Bananas

Want to take your Texas toast French toast up a notch? Turn it into a French toast panini with grilled bananas inside. 

This sweet, syrup-covered sandwich may not be the healthiest item on this list.

Sometimes, though, isn’t it nice to start your day out on a more indulgent note? 

5. Texas Toast Garlic Bread

Remember above when I talked about frozen Texas toast? (Yellow box. New York Bakery brand.)

With this recipe, you can make a homemade version of that. It’s similar to the original homemade Texas toast recipe I gave you. 

However, for seasonings, you’ll use garlic puree and parsley. As long as you don’t over-bake it, it tastes just like New York Bakery Texas toast.

6. Texas Toast Pizza

Ever get in the mood for pizza but don’t want to order a whole pie? Make these miniature Texas toast pizzas instead! 

You’ve already got the crunchy, garlic-infused crust ready to go! All you have to do is add sauce, cheese, and your toppings.

They may not taste as terrific as authentic Chicago pizza. However, they’re leagues better than Bagel Bites or any of the frozen brands. 

7. Texas Toast Turkey Club Sandwich

The great thing about club sandwiches is how loaded they are. You can pile practically anything onto a club sandwich. 

This recipe, for example, calls for turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and more!

Unfortunately, an overstuffed club can quickly fall apart without the proper bread.

That’s especially true once you add your sauces. And you do not want to miss out on the chipotle ranch sauce in this recipe!

So how do you remedy the bread problem? With thick slices of Texas toast, of course!

Load them down with as much sauce and ingredients as you like. Texas toast can handle the strain.

8. Reuben Sandwich

You can pull together this simple, five-ingredient Reuben in just 15 minutes.

It’s meaty, tangy, and has that sauerkraut kick for which Reubens are known.

You’ll appreciate this easy recipe if you’re already a Reuben fan. If not, you may want to try it, anyway. Who knows? It may surprise you. 

9. Cowboy Breakfast Sandwiches

There’s nothing better than starting your day with a hearty breakfast sandwich.

After all, it’s hard to beat something that’ll keep you full half the day or longer.

This recipe will give you that sandwich. You’ll love its thick bread, juicy sausage, melted cheese, and eggs.

The jalapenos add spice, and the spicy mustard is a tangy treat.

It’s an authentic ranch-hand breakfast that even city slickers can enjoy.

10. Fried Egg Sandwich

This fried egg sandwich is somewhat different from the ones my mom used to make.

She made them with two pieces of bread and an egg in the middle.

This one also adds ketchup, bacon, and cheese. I’m not sure it’s still an ‘egg sandwich’ with all that other stuff on there. 

But who cares what you call it? It’s yummy, and that’s all that matters.

11. Texas Toast Griddle Burgers

For most people, burgers are all about the meat. But the bread can really make or break the experience.

The meat, cheese, and condiments on these burgers are super tasty. The thick, buttery, perfectly grilled bread makes them phenomenal, though.

Just try it once. You’ll understand where I’m coming from! 

12. Classic Patty Melt

These Texas toast patty melts take about 40 minutes to make. Fortunately, they’re entirely worth every moment of those 40 minutes.

They’re juicy, cheesy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

The bread is the perfect complement to the flavorful filling. And the caramelized onions are to die for!

Make these for your friends and family, and you won’t have to worry about leftovers. They’ll eat everything down to the last bite.

13. Turkey Club Panini

Even hot paninis taste better on Texas toast! The warm turkey, ooey-gooey cheese, bacon, and veggies taste great on a thick, crunchy toast.

Best of all, this one takes just 6 minutes to make. It’s the ideal choice for a quick, hot lunch

14. Steak and Cheese Garlic Toast

I love garlic toast. I could practically eat it by itself all day long. 

Want to know how to make garlic toast even better? Add two types of cheese, cheesesteak meat, onions, and peppers. 

Yep. It’s basically a Philly cheesesteak on garlic Texas toast. And it’s just as good as it sounds.

15. Texas Caesar Sandwich

Here’s another example of a classic sandwich you can improve with Texas toast. This recipe is for a simple turkey Caesar sandwich.

There’s turkey, cheese, veggies, and condiments. Even so, it just tastes better on garlicky Texas toast.

Don’t take my word for it, though! Try it for yourself. You can thank me later.

16. Texas Toast Sloppy Joes

Do you ever wish Sloppy Joes weren’t so… well, sloppy?! Try making them open-faced on a chunk of Texas toast. 

You’ll get all the beefy, cheesy flavor of Sloppy Joes. However, everything fits neatly atop the crunchy, garlicky Texas toast. 

You’d think open-faced sandwiches would be messier, but they aren’t.

Maybe the toast is sturdier than buns, or perhaps the cheese melts everything in place.

Whatever the reason, these are one of the neatest, easiest ways to enjoy Sloppy Joes. 

17. Copycat Waffle House BLT

This simple, six-ingredient sandwich is spectacular. 

It features crispy, salty bacon, buttery Texas toast, and juicy tomatoes.

There’s lettuce and mayo, too, but I already covered all the good stuff.

If it looks familiar, it should. It’s a copycat version of Waffle House’s classic BLT, and it’s so good. 

You can have it ready in just 15 minutes. And best of all, you don’t have to leave your house to get it.

Save yourself some money and whip it up right in your own kitchen. 

18. Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Here’s another gooey grilled cheese sandwich to delight your tastebuds.

This one is a bit different from the traditional version, though. 

It’s the perfect combination of pizza and a grilled cheese sandwich. 

You make it with just four ingredients. You’ll need Texas toast, mozzarella, spaghetti sauce, and pepperoni.

If cheese pizza is more your thing, leave out the pepperoni. 

It’s delightfully tasty either way. 

19. Texas Toast Tuna Patty Melt

This might be the tallest tuna melt you’ve ever seen. Of course, a taller sandwich means more room for flavor. 

This one is earthy, tangy, and packed with umami yumminess.

It takes 15 minutes to make and is a nutritious, delicious lunch or dinner option. 

20. Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese

Okay, I can’t help myself. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a grilled cheese fanatic.

That’s why I decided to finish off this list with one more grilled cheese variation. 

This one is a Philly cheesesteak grilled cheese sandwich, and it’s incredible.

It’s cheesy, salty, and features tons of yummy onions, mushrooms, and peppers.

It takes about 30 minutes to make, but it’s well worth the effort. If you want a new way to enjoy an old favorite, this recipe is it.

20 Best Ways to Use Texas Toast

For a hearty meal, try these recipes with Texas toast! From sandwiches to pizza to burgers, these delicious dinners are as good as it gets.


  • Homemade Texas Toast

  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Texas Toast French Toast

  • French Toast Panini with Grilled Bananas

  • Texas Toast Garlic Bread

  • Texas Toast Pizza

  • Texas Toast Turkey Club Sandwich

  • Reuben Sandwich

  • Cowboy Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Fried Egg Sandwich

  • Texas Toast Griddle Burgers

  • Classic Patty Melt

  • Turkey Club Panini

  • Steak and Cheese Garlic Toast

  • Texas Caesar Sandwich

  • Texas Toast Sloppy Joes

  • Copycat Waffle House BLT

  • Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Texas Toast Tuna Patty Melt

  • Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Texas toast recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Recipes With Texas Toast

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