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20 Recipes with Half and Half to Use It Up

Try these recipes with half and half to use it all up!

I will be the first to admit that half-and-half is one of those ingredients I buy for one recipe, then forget. We all have our flaws. 

I love finding new ways to use up ingredients I already have on hand, so these recipes are a must!

Homemade Half and Half Milk in a Glass Jar
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Whether you have a pint of half-and-half begging to be used or are looking for new recipes, I have you covered. 

All of these recipes go well beyond simple coffee and cream.

This list is loaded with 20 rich recipes to help you use up what’s left in your fridge. Keep it simple or add complexity!

From creamy panna cotta to tres leches cake, half and half is as diverse as you want it to be! 

1. Garlic Cream Sauce

Creamy garlic sauce is the perfect way to use up leftover half and half. It has just six ingredients and takes a few minutes to prepare. 

I love recipes that are easy to toss together on busy nights. This sauce is delicious on pasta and any protein you can imagine!

2. Classic Panna Cotta

Most think of panna cotta as a complicated, sophisticated dessert. With this recipe, you’ll be a panna cotta master, and with minimal effort!

The berry gel is a delicious contrast to the creamy custard. For a richer dessert, use caramel or chocolate sauce instead.

3. Chocolate Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

What better use half and half than rich, chocolate ice cream? If you haven’t made your own chocolate ice cream, do yourself a favor and try it.

This recipe calls for three cups of half and half, which may be more than you have leftover. If so, adjust the proportions for fewer servings.  

4. Chicken Lazone

Chicken breast is even better when coated with buttery cream sauce. Of course, a hearty bed of pasta does the trick, too!

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Why not enjoy the best of both worlds with creamy chicken lazone? In 30 minutes, you can use up your leftover half-and-half and have a beautiful dinner. 

5.  French Toast

Using half-and-half in place of regular milk in French toast takes it to the next level.

The heavier cream saturates the bread and creates a breakfast-friendly dessert. 

This recipe is made with ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. 

I love serving French toast with loads of fresh fruit in place of syrup. Berries add beautiful color, flavor, and texture to this recipe.

6. Cream of Mushroom Soup

Sure, canned soup is fine in a pinch. But with just a few ingredients, you can make your own cream of mushroom soup!

You’ll find that making homemade cream of mushroom soup is simple and satisfying. This is a soup recipe you will enjoy spoon after spoon. 

Earthy, creamy, and hearty. Does it get any better?

7. Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie is the perfect use for half and half you have on hand. In fact, you might just have everything you need to make this creamy dessert!

Fragrant coconut and creamy custard. Yes, please!

This is the ultimate summer pie for your next warm-weather get-together.

8. Scrambled Eggs

You have to try these scrambled eggs. Seriously, this is the easiest recipe on this list!

Adding half and half to your scrambled eggs creates a fluffier, richer consistency.

Be warned, you won’t want to go back to making eggs any other way! 

9. Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches might seem intimidating, but really it is quite easy to make.

In essence, it’s a vanilla sponge cake saturated with a blend of milk. 

The blend calls for half and half and is poured slowly over the cake after baking. This cake is rich, creamy, and a Latin American classic!

10. Creamy Lemon Parmesan Chicken

Parmesan chicken isn’t always made with tomato sauce! Sometimes, it’s a well-balanced cream sauce, loaded with parmesan cheese.

The lemon adds citrus sophistication to a comforting pasta dish. Serve it over traditional pasta or your favorite zoodles. Either way is a win!

11. Broccoli Cheese Soup

If your heart is in need of a big hug, look no further. 

Creamy broccoli cheese soup is the perfect warm-up on a cold night. Not to mention, it’s a hearty way to use up that half-and-half!

This is one of my favorite recipes for many reasons. The best part is, it takes just a few ingredients and less than an hour to whip up.

12. Mashed Potatoes

I love mashed potatoes with half and half. Okay, I just love mashed potatoes.

But adding in a heavier cream in place of milk makes the mashed potatoes so much richer!

In this recipe, you’ll melt your butter and half and half before mashing. 

13. Vanilla Pudding

Instant pudding has nothing on homemade vanilla pudding. It’s rich, elegant, creamy, and perfect for all occasions. 

It only takes six ingredients and a few steps to make the best pudding you’ll ever have. Be sure to let your pudding cool for a couple of hours before serving. 

This pudding is great on its own, but can easily be added to for entertaining company.

Fresh berries add beautiful dimension!

14. White Russian

White Russians are like alcoholic iced coffees. Using half and half in place of heavy cream adds the perfect richness.

Coffee and cream are all the better with a splash of vodka!

I highly recommend the scoop of ice cream in place of ice cubes for a cold coffee cocktail. This is one cold cocktail that’s superb in all seasons!

15. Clam Chowder

This chowder is hearty, creamy, and the perfect use for the last cup of half-and-half.

This recipe is a frugal and flavorful variation of clam chowder. Canned clams add the rich seafood flavor without breaking the bank. 

Bacon adds the perfect savory flavor and crunchy texture right before serving. 

16. Basil Pesto Cream with Tortellini

Creamy pesto has the flavor you need in your life. Use your favorite pesto and mix with butter and half-and-half.

The result will be your new favorite herb sauce. 

Cheese tortellini is the perfect carb to coat with this creamy pesto sauce. But really, any pasta you have on hand will do!

17. Homemade Carrot Cake

If I were Superman, carrot cake would be my kryptonite. 

This is a traditional carrot cake, loaded with texture and flavor. 

This recipe uses a pinch of half and half for the cream cheese frosting. Assembly can be half the battle.

Don’t stress, as the flavor will be the same no matter how it looks!

18. Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

Homemade Alfredo sauce is easy to make and worth the effort!

Pan-seared chicken and creamy Alfredo sauce is a classic use of half-and-half. This recipe uses a wine reduction, adding deeper flavor to the sauce. 

The bow tie pasta adds a beautiful dimension and texture. Don’t forget to top it with extra parmesan!

19. Breve Latte

Okay, we’ve all used half and half as coffee creamer. Level up your game and enjoy espresso and steamed half-and-half. 

Breve lattes are creamier and richer than traditional lattes. 

No milk steamer? No problem! Just warm up your milk and use a hand frother to get the same result!

20. Mac and Cheese

Slow cooker macaroni and cheese is one meal that everyone has to try at least once. Creamy, cheesy, and easy: three words you love to hear!

Using freshly grated cheese, evaporated milk, and half and half makes this pasta perfectly creamy.

After 2 hours of slow cooking, this pasta is ready to serve!

20 Ways to Use Up Half and Half


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Recipes with Half and Half

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