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17 Best Queso Recipes to Make at Home

Get the party started with these rockin’ queso recipes.

From game days to potlucks, this is the one dish you know will be gone first – so make extra!

Queso Dip with Corn and Poblano Peppers
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Queso is the ultimate party dip – thank you, Texas! It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, and it’s just too good to resist.

This Tex-Mex classic is ideal for dipping, with tacos, or even over enchiladas. Seriously, it’s so good, you’ll want it on everything.

Make it on the stove in minutes, toss it in the Instant Pot, or set the slow cooker going. No matter what, I know you’ll love these dreamy queso recipes.

How to Make the Best Queso Cheese Dip

1. Qdoba Queso

For a chain restaurant, Qdoba makes some seriously scrummy queso. 

Creamy, cheesy, and perfectly spiced, it’s impossible to put down until every last bit is gone. 

That’s why I just had to make this copycat recipe. It’s a close replica that lets you eat Qdoba queso whenever a craving strikes. 

2. White Queso Dip

Irresistible doesn’t even begin to explain this cheesy dip

It’s a heavenly bowl of white American cheese, evaporated milk, jalapeños, and a flavorsome spice blend.

The combination of spicy, creamy, and cheesy is impeccable. You just have to give this a try – and don’t forget the chips!

3. 5-Ingredient Queso

New to making queso at home? Here’s a very beginner-friendly recipe that uses minimal ingredients. 

You’ll thicken evaporated milk with cornstarch, season it with garlic and onion powder, then load it up with pepper jack cheese.

The thing to watch out for is a boiling pot. You want to keep it low and stir often. 

But don’t worry, you won’t be hovering over the stove long. This only takes about five minutes.

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4. Slow Cooker Queso

This slow cooker queso is fire! And I don’t mean spicy – although it’s that too. 

It’s a legendary dip that will have all your friends talking. And they’ll beg you for the recipe after just one mouthful.

It comes fully loaded with four types of cheese, evaporated milk, Rotel, jalapeños, spices, cilantro, and lime. See what I mean?

All that goodness, and it’s easy too. You’re welcome.

5. Instant Pot Queso

I love making queso in the Instant Pot. The process is super easy, and you get a big reward in the end. 

And if you like your cheese dip super creamy, you’ll love this! 

The combo of cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and white cheddar cheese is velvety smooth and impossibly rich.

Whether you find yourself with last-minute company or you’re planning a party, this recipe will come in handy time and time again.

6. Pumpkin Beer Pretzels with Chipotle Queso

As you can see from the picture, this one also has a recipe for big, salty pretzels. And they’re pretty much to die for.

But if all you want is the queso, no worries.

It’s spicy, creamy, cheesy, and a dream with crunchy chips. But, of course, it’s extra special with a giant pumpkin beer pretzel.

Or maybe try these mini soft pretzel bites instead? You won’t be disappointed.

7. Homemade Nacho Queso Dip

Why on earth would you settle for basic jarred stuff when you can make this super simple nacho dip?!

It’s lavishly creamy, uber cheesy, and fresh as can be. Oh, and you only need 15 minutes and seven ingredients. 

Smother it over your next big batch of nachos, and you’ll happily ditch that premade stuff.

8. Rotel Dip (Easy Beef Queso)

Where’s the beef? It’s right here where it should be – trapped inside a hot bowl of viscous cheese!

Be bold with your queso by packing it with beef, Rotel tomatoes (with the chilies, please!), and Velveeta cheese. 

Velveeta is a queso staple that may get some flack. But when you want a comforting classic, you simply can’t beat it.

9. Easy Chicken Queso Dip

Hosting the big game? Well, then you’ll need this crowd-pleasing chicken queso dip. 

The directions are straightforward, and it’ll only take 15 minutes of your time. 

You’ll meld classic queso ingredients like Velveeta and Rotel with chicken breast and black beans. For the spices, keep it simple with taco seasoning. 

The spice is very mild, so it’s ideal for a big group.

10. Chili’s Queso Dip

Whenever I go to Chili’s, I have to order their queso. There’s something about the way they do it that’s too good to resist. 

If you feel the same, you’ll be ecstatic about this copycat recipe.

With Velveeta, milk, no-bean chili, and a few select spices, you can skip the crowds and make it in the comfort of your own home.

11. Slow Cooker Chili Queso Dip

Chili meets queso in this colossal dip! 

With Velveeta cheese and canned chili, you get the best of both worlds. The hard part is deciding whether to go with beans or no beans. 

Chili purists may leave them out. However, it is a fun food mashup and extra hearty when you include them.

Either way, don’t miss the homemade pico de gallo on top!

12. Roasted Poblano White Queso Dip

While I don’t think I could choose just one queso as my favorite, this one is high on my list. 

I’m a big fan of chili Rellenos and white cheese, and this has elements of both.

Roasted poblanos give the queso a more robust flavor with a bit of a spicy kick. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of gooey cheese to keep the heat in check.

Since you have to roast the peppers, it will take a bit longer than others on this list. But rest assured, it’s more than worth the effort!

13. Sausage Queso Dip

The best Super Bowl appetizers focus on two things: meat and cheese. And this sausage queso dip is a shoo-in for first place. 

Can I tell you something else? It’s incredibly easy. 

With five ingredients, a couple of garnishes, and 20 minutes, you’ll be on the couch counting down the minutes until kickoff. 

14. Creamy Jalapeño Queso Shrimp Dip

If there is one thing I know about Americans, it’s that we love shrimp and cheese. That means this shrimp queso will be a hit at every party!

This hot dip is oozing with three types of cheese, packed with shrimp, loaded with sour cream, crammed with peppers, and more.

Tortilla chips, veggies sticks, crackers, or crostini, you can enjoy it a number of ways. Just be sure to share!

15. Crawfish Queso Dip

I’m sure you’ve had crab dip a time or two in your life. But have you ever had crawfish queso dip?

This Tex-Mex Southern-style dip is out of this world!

It’s got a whole mess of cheese, crawfish, bell peppers, garlic, and butter.

Cheesy, savory, and seasoned with Creole spices, it’s a decadent dip that will win over any crowd. 

16. Creamy Vegan Queso

Have some guests that can’t do dairy? No problem – just make your queso vegan.

While it’s not exactly the same, it’s just as delicious as the regular stuff. Velvety smooth and thick, the consistency and flavors are incredible. 

What’s the secret? Russet potatoes, cashew cheese, and a ton of spices. 

17. Best Jalapeño Queso

This jalapeño queso will leave you weak in the knees! 

It’s an excellent choice for Cinco de Mayo, game days, happy hours, and anything that needs a little spice.

The combination of jalapeños, cream cheese, sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, and chipotle peppers in adobo is phenomenal. 

As if it wasn’t already perfect enough, the mango, salsa, and avocado topping make it some next-level stuff.

17 Best Queso Recipes to Make at Home

Get the party started with these rockin’ queso recipes. From game days to potlucks, this is the one dish you know will be gone first – so make extra!


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Queso Recipes

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