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25 Easy Pull-Apart Bread Recipes for Sharing

Also known as bubble bread, tear and share, or monkey bread, these pull-apart bread recipes are fun for parties and come in all shapes and flavors.

I’m talking sweet and sticky loaves and even one shaped like a Christmas tree!

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread with Garlic and Parsley
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Everyone will go nuts for these tasty tear and share bread recipes no matter what you’re celebrating.

They’re carby, warm, comforting, and super tender.

Use store-bought dough if you’re short on time, or go the extra mile and make it from scratch.

Either way, these pull-apart bread recipes won’t last long!

I think they’re ideal for the holidays. But then, is there a wrong time to eat bread?

25 Best Pull-Apart Breads for Parties and Carb Lovers

1. Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread

Cheese and garlic crack bread is pretty much the best bread recipe you’ll find.

It’s got gooey cheese, spicy garlic, and buttery, soft, warm, absolutely incredible bread. 

Each bite will have you craving another, and another, and another.

Believe it or not, this loaf is surprisingly easy to make. And it will be the best appetizer anybody has ever had!

2. Easy Sweet Pull-Apart Bread

Let’s start off the sweet category with this easy pull-apart bread. This recipe is simple but oh-so-yummy. 

You only need a few simple pantry staples, so it’s easy to whip up when the craving strikes.

It does, however, need time to rise (twice) before baking, but I promise it’s worth it. 

With delicious cinnamon sugar nestled between each layer, I’m pretty confident you will not be able to get enough!

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3. Rosemary Garlic Pull-Apart Bread 

Rosemary garlic pull-apart bread is a savory treat that cannot be beat.

The dough is infused with tons of rosemary flavor, and the layers are buttery and garlicky. 

Flaky, warm, and aromatic, this bread will quickly become a family favorite. Plus, it makes the whole house smell fantastic.

This loaf is a beautiful addition to any holiday spread. But it’s so tasty, you’ll want it all year round.

4. Cheesy Ranch Pull-Apart Bread 

Like Sloppy Joes, this recipe can be classified as the messier, the better.

It’s the kind of dish you have to dig in with your hands and have plenty of napkins close by.

Packed with cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, and a melty, buttery Ranch topping, it’s salty, meaty, and pretty darn addictive.

It’s the perfect game-day appetizer. Just be sure you make enough because it won’t last!

5. Cheese and Marmite Pull-Apart Bread

Cheese and marmite go together like peas and carrots.

The salty, umami-rich spread is made all the more scrumptious with a generous helping of mature cheddar.

And if you think you don’t like Marmite, I still recommend trying this one.

It pulls apart like butter, and it’s so, so good. You can even customize the flavors if you want a little more oomph

I think some bacon and onions would be incredible scattered over the top.

6. Best Easy Monkey Bread Recipe 

Monkey bread is a super easy recipe and is my go-to for holiday parties.

It’s easily sharable, and there’s no slicing required. Plus, that dreamy cinnamon sugar is too good to resist.

And all it takes is a can or two of store-bought biscuit dough! Cut it into bite-sized pieces and roll them in cinnamon, sugar, and butter.

Bake it until it’s gooey and sticky, then serve warm. Delish!

7. Pull-Apart Apple Bread 

If you’re on the hunt for a pull-apart bread for fall gatherings, look no further than this beauty. 

Stuffed with apples, spiced with cinnamon, and glazed with something sweet, this bread has it all. 

It’s like all your favorite apple pie flavors in one loaf.

8. Pull-Apart Bacon Bread 

What makes tear and share bread better? Bacon, of course!

This is a cheesy, bacon-filled dish with tons of flavor, and it’s ideal for your next game night.

I have to admit that when I first saw the picture, I thought those green bits were jalapeños. So that’s what I used in place of the bell peppers.

And yes, it was as good as it sounds!

9. Pull-Apart Pizza Bread 

Pizza is great and all, but have you tried pull-apart pizza?

It’s got all the same terrific flavors, but this stuff is perfect for feeding a crowd or as a party appetizer.

Unlike pizza slices, this stuff is super dippable. So make sure you have plenty of options for your family and friends.

10. Lemon Pull-Apart Bread

Lemon pull-apart bread is light, fluffy, tart, and sweet.

It’s obviously a spectacular recipe for spring or summer. But it’s also fantastic whenever a citrus craving hits.

So, instead of making that same old lemon loaf, why not try this pull-apart version and share it with friends?

It’s bright, light, and super moist. Each layer pulls apart effortlessly, and the glaze on top is the ultimate finishing touch. 

11. Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread 

Want something a little fruitier?

This blueberry pull-apart bread comes together in a snap, and it even has a secret ingredient you might not be expecting. 

Along with juicy blueberries, this loaf is loaded with sweetened cream cheese. It adds flavor, moisture, and a subtle hint of tang you’ll love. 

Top it off with butter and sugar, and ditch those morning muffins for good! 

12. Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread 

What do you get when you combine soft, flaky bread with the perfect fall pie? This pumpkin pull-apart loaf, that’s what!

It really is the best of both worlds.

You’ll stack layers of soft biscuits with flavorful pumpkin pie filling to create something familiar but still super unique.

Make it with from scratch or store-bought biscuits. Either way, it doesn’t disappoint.

13. Bananas Foster Pull-Apart Bread 

Filled with sweet bananas and ooey-gooey caramel, this recipe is absolutely delightful.

Bananas coated in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon are a thing of pure beauty. 

But pair them with warm, flaky bread and a drizzle of caramel? Man, I’m hooked!

It blows any old banana bread recipe out of the water.

And if you want to make it out-of-this-world incredible, try adding mini chocolate chips to the mix!

14. Easy Caramel Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread 

If you thought that pumpkin pull-apart bread looked “just okay,” you have to give this recipe a try.

It takes the same fall-fave flavors and adds sticky sweet caramel and buttery pecans.

You’ll start with pizza dough, which you can make yourself if you have the time. Then, stuff it with gooey caramel, crunchy pecans, and sweet pumpkin filling. 

Although this is a seasonal dish, I crave it all year. So make sure you keep some pumpkin puree on hand because it’s too good to wait for.

15. Jalapeño Cheddar Pull-Apart Bread 

In search of a crowd-pleasing game day snack or potluck appetizer? I’ve got five words for you: cheddar biscuits with spicy jalapeños.

Cheese and spice chilies are always a winner. But once you make them into this pull-apart loaf, you’ll be the champion of the kitchen. 

Everybody will love these fluffy, flavorful, wonderful bites of pull-apart perfection. 

16. Sourdough Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread With Cheese and Garlic

Sourdough lovers, this one’s for you!

I love this dish so much, I make it all the time. We call it the “Christmas in July bread,” and it’s one I get asked for constantly.  

It’s a flavor bomb of buttery garlic cheese and savory, tangy sourdough. You cannot go wrong here, no matter what shape you choose.

17. Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread 

Jump on the everything bagel train and try this pull-apart bread. 

You’ll layer tender bread with garlic and herb cream cheese. Then the whole thing gets topped with a healthy sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning. 

I get mine from Trader Joe’s, but you can find it online or even make it yourself.

18. Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Wreath 

If you’re hoping for a sharable dessert for your next dinner party, this is it.

The combination of chocolate and cinnamon sugar is beyond divine, and this will easily feed a crowd.

Plus, there are no fussy decorations needed. Just a light dusting of powdered sugar, and it’s all set.

19. Cranberry Brie Pull-Apart Bread 

You’ve heard of baked brie, right? It’s a wheel of brie cheese baked inside a puff pastry shell.

It’s usually filled with jam or fruit and served whole so people can dip bread into the gooey goodness.

This is that, but better!

Instead of a puff pastry, this involves soft bread that you can just pull away. It’s a dip and dipper all in one, and I guarantee it’ll disappear quickly. 

20. Orange Pull-Apart Bread 

Citrusy, sweet, and wonderfully tender, this orange pull-apart bread is a unique and spectacular brunch dish or dessert.

The bread is soft and fluffy and all kinds of sticky and sweet.

Each piece is coated in a tasty brown sugar coating that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

Don’t forget the glaze on this delicious orange treat. It’s the perfect finishing touch. 

21. Pull-Apart Cinnamon Pecan Rolls 

One bite, and you’d never believe these pull-apart cinnamon pecan rolls are made with store-bought dough. 

Ideal for a crowd, the gooey pecan topping on these pull-apart rolls will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

They’re effortless to make for the holidays or a weekend brunch. Or just for a lazy weekend when your sweet tooth is nagging at you.

22. Samoa Pull-Apart Bread 

I’m still a little speechless from this incredible recipe.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the famous Samoa cookies, let’s review: chewy caramel, coconut, and chocolate on a crunchy biscuit. 

This bubble bread is the most delicious alternative, and I don’t care how messy it is. This is pure pull-apart paradise. 

23. Peanut Butter Monkey Bread 

Sweet, salty, nutty, and downright devilish, this peanut butter monkey bread is a guaranteed winner. 

Creamy peanut butter entwined with fluffy, pillowy bread makes for a treat like no other. 

This recipe is almost as easy to make as your usual PB sando but so much better.

24. Strawberry Monkey Bread 

Not a fan of peanut butter? Then maybe this strawberry monkey bread is a better fit?

It’s a fruity and fun version of pull-apart bread that’s ideal for brunch.

Fresh strawberries add color and bright pops of flavor. And it’s topped with a sweetened cream cheese filling mixed with strawberry puree.

Wow is an understatement!

25. Pesto and Salami Pull-Apart Bread 

Let’s finish this list on a savory note because I can’t leave this one out. 

Pesto and salami are the way to my heart. They’re so flavorful and yummy, I just can’t get enough. 

This is the perfect pull-apart loaf for any party or picnic. Make it once, and you’ll never go back to plain old bread again.

25 Easy Pull-Apart Bread Recipe Collection

Also known as bubble bread, tear and share, or monkey bread, these pull-apart bread recipes are super fun for parties and come in all shapes and flavors.


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Pull-Apart Bread Recipes

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