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26 Easy Orange Desserts

Kick chocolate to the curb and try one of these orange desserts instead! The citrus flavor is delightfully refreshing and still satisfies your sweet tooth.

This list is packed with delicious orange-flavored dessert recipes. There are lighter options such as fruit salads and more decadent choices such as homemade donuts.

Candied Orange Slices Covered with Chocolates
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Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect orange-inspired recipe. Try your hand at orange rolls, or take a little shortcut with Orange Crush cake.

This list has something for every baker, budget, and time frame. Cook up a little magic when you try one of these tried-and-true orange dessert recipes.

The first step is deciding which one to try first!

1. Orange Olive Oil Donuts

Try these for dessert or as a delicious breakfast treat! Impress your family with these baked orange donuts.

The soft citrus flavor is the perfect base for this moist cake donut. You can top them with a homemade glaze or smear of marmalade jam.

What better way to wake up than with a zesty orange olive oil donut for breakfast– or dessert?!

Orange Pound Cake with Glaze on Top

2. Orange Crush Pound Cake

Take this traditional pound cake recipe and give it a makeover with a cup of Orange Crush soda!

Not only does the soda give this cake some extra sweetness, but it also lends its orange flavor!

This is a beautiful cake that’s so moist, it doesn’t even need any frosting.

Like most pound cakes, each slice is deliciously crumbly with plenty of butter and orange flavor.

Drop a cake off at a neighbor’s house who is feeling under the weather or make it for your next brunch.

This cheery cake is the perfect dessert for any occasion.

3. Citrus Fruit Salad

This light dessert option is the perfect way to end a picnic in the summer.

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With its natural sweetness and plenty of orange pieces, everyone will love this fruity dessert.

Cool and crisp fruit pieces lend their natural flavors and sugars to combine into this delicious fruit salad.

Fill your favorite crystal bowl and let these jewel-like colors stun your guests.

Top this fruit salad with a dollop of whipped cream for a dreamy dessert everyone will love.

4. Orange Dream Bars 

You’ve had lemon bars, so get ready to meet their new and improved replacement, orange dream bars.

A delicious orange curd sits atop a flaky crust before being dusted with powdered sugar.

These orange bars have all of your favorite lemon bar traits, without the tart taste of lemons!

Trade out the lemon zest for some orange goodness and prepare to be amazed.

5. Orange Upside-Down Cake

Another twist on an old favorite, this orange upside-down cake gives pineapples a run for their money.

Zesty orange slices are the perfect swap for canned pineapple rings.

The citrus flavor shines through this delightfully sticky cake for a revamped take on an old classic. Enjoy a slice on your back porch as you watch the sunset.

This traditionally southern recipe just got a whole lot sweeter.

6. Glazed Orange Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, step aside! There’s a new king in the kitchen now!

Cinnamon-stuffed sticky buns have long been heralded as the champion of all breakfasts. Not anymore.

Swirl up some glazed orange rolls for a new breakfast bread to serve your sleepyheads.

With a sweet orange filling and sticky glaze, these orange rolls are the perfect pastry dessert.

Whether these orange rolls are how you start your day or close it out, everyone will be delighted to try one!

7. Orange Shortbread

The humble shortbread cookie is the perfect dessert for every occasion. 

Pair them with your afternoon coffee or brush off the crumbs after a hearty meal. The simple flavor is always delightful.

Take the tradition a step further by infusing a light orange flavor into the buttery goodness.

This refreshing shift is the perfect addition your shortbread needed.

8. Dark Chocolate Orange Cookies 

Dark chocolate and orange go together like peanut butter and jelly. Capture this classic flavor combination in this irresistible dark chocolate orange cookie recipe.

These cookies are chewy on the outside, but soft on the inside, just like a cookie should be!

With a melt-in-your-mouth center, you may want to double the batch.

Dark chocolate orange cookies toe the line between fudgy and cakey for the perfect cookie base.

Dip them in dark chocolate for a luxurious dessert with a unique flavor.

9. Chocolate Orange Brownies 

Back at it again, chocolate and orange join forces to make these decadent chocolate orange brownies.

Surprise your friends with a brownie that’s more than just sweet.

The zest of orange enhances the brownies’ traditional chocolatey taste for a dessert experience unlike any other.

Serve up some sophistication at your next dinner party with these high-brow chocolate orange brownies.

10. Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding 

Bread pudding is a traditional dessert around the holidays, and it just got even more festive!

Spruce up this classic with cranberry and orange pieces for even more holiday cheer.

Sprinkle each bite with tart cranberry and juicy orange pieces for an extra pop of flavor and color that sends this bread pudding over the top!

Cranberry orange bread pudding tastes great and looks gorgeous! It’s hard to eat something this pretty.

11. Creamsicle Pie

Everyone loves the sweet and creamy taste of creamsicle. From fudge to ice cream and now pie, the classic orange and vanilla flavor is irresistible.

Try your favorite flavor in a new way with this creamsicle pie recipe! This no-bake dessert tastes just like the ice cream treats, but with an added crust!

Take this pie to your next block party and watch it disappear! I hope you weren’t planning on leftovers!

12. Orange Sorbet

Sweet sorbet is the perfect way to cool down on a summer day! This chilly treat is bursting with orange flavor for an icy way to end a delicious meal.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that’s lighter than ice cream and can be topped with fresh berries and fruit. 

Enjoy sorbet every day when you make your own at home!

13. Orange Fluff Salad 

Any recipe that calls for whipped topping is one I have to try. This sweet dessert is stuffed with sticky-sweet whipped topping and juicy mandarin orange pieces.

You won’t believe the secret ingredient– cottage cheese! While it may seem like an unlikely addition, it really makes this dessert!

This dish is delicious and incredibly simple to whip up. There’s no heat required!

14. Orange Pistachio Cookies 

These little confections are the perfect sweet for any time of day. The cookie is an orange butter cookie that’s just a little bit softer than a shortbread.

They’re topped with an orange glaze for the ultimate orange flavor and then finished with a sprinkle of chopped pistachios.

If nuts aren’t for you, skip the last step and you can still enjoy these incredible cookies.

15. Candied Oranges

These candied orange slices are a beautiful topper to any dessert! Consider adding them to the chocolate orange brownies or pound cake mentioned above.

You can also enjoy them as is! These sweet and tender homemade candies offer an old-world flavor, just like Laura Ingalls used to enjoy.

If you’re new to candy making, this is a great first step! You’re guaranteed gorgeous results that your family will love.

Ambrosia Fruit Salad

16. Ambrosia Salad

Named after the food of the Greek gods, this salad is the best fruit salad ever! Enjoy large chunks of your favorite fruits smothered in marshmallow cream.

This dish has evolved over the years to include maraschino cherries, coconut, apples, and even bananas.

What could be better than a chilled bowl of this decadent dessert?

If you’re looking for a light but satisfying orange dessert, this dish is for you!

17. Orange Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the best ways to warm up in the winter.

This sweet drink just warms you up from the inside out. Shake things up with orange hot chocolate instead.

We know orange and chocolate to be a dynamic duo. From boxes of chocolate to dipped candies, these two are irresistible together.

Bring a little of that magic to your hot cocoa bar with this orange hot chocolate recipe.

18. Orange Cream Cupcakes

How cute are these whimsical orange cream cupcakes? The combination of orange-flavored cake and frosting gives you a true creamsicle flavor.

Top each one with a precious candied orange wedge, and you’ll have a dozen cupcakes that are as photo-worthy as they are delicious.

Serve these at your next birthday party for a celebratory cupcake that thinks outside the box. 

19. Cranberry Orange Scones

Soft and supple scones are the perfect way to start any day. Make these delicious cranberry orange scones and be ready for breakfast or dessert.

These scones are sweet and crumbly with plenty of dried cranberry and orange zest sprinkled throughout.

You’re guaranteed a piece of each with every bite!

Grab these scones warm from the oven and dig into this scrumptious orange dessert.

20. Orange Fudge 

Move over the chocolate and peanut butter, there’s a new fudge in town.

This orange fudge has the soft and creamy texture you love in a fudge with a refreshing citrus kick.

Each square of this decadent fudge abounds with orange flavor and color. This is a beautiful candy when plated.

Introduce your guests to something new with this unique orange dessert.

21. Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake 

As with all things creamsicle, orange and vanilla join forces to make this delicious cheesecake. 

Dive into rich decadence brimming with orange zest when you serve this creamsicle cheesecake.

It is as creamy and splendid as a New York Cheesecake, with the added benefit of ample orange flavoring.

22. Orange Creamsicle 

Of course, the man of the hour. Now you can make your very own orange creamsicle at home!

These novelty frozen treats are filled with as much nostalgia as they are vanilla ice cream. Take a walk down memory lane as you savor these delicious popsicles.

Never buy a box of creamsicles again! They’ll be so much better than store-bought.

23. Orange Juice Cake 

Do you have a jug of orange juice in your fridge? Then you probably have all of the ingredients to make this cake!

Enjoy a slice of citrus heaven when you serve yourself a piece of this cake!

Naturally flavored to taste just like fresh-squeezed orange juice, this dessert is a treat everyone will love.

Surprise your family this weekend with a homemade orange juice cake.

24. Orange Pudding

You won’t find this in a pudding cup! Fresh and vibrant orange pudding is a creamy way to top off your tummy with a satisfying dessert.

Whip up this no-bake dessert ahead of time and let it cool in your refrigerator until you’re ready to serve. This unique treat is always a hit!

Try this soft and flavorful orange pudding today!

25. Orange Poke Cake

Poke cakes are known for their sticky and flavorful glaze that soaks the cake all the way through. Enjoy this luscious phenomenon with this orange poke cake recipe.

A perfectly baked orange cake is soaked with an orange glaze for a succulent tres leches experience.

The rich orange flavor of the glaze complements the cake perfectly.

This cake will be gone before it even has a chance to cool down!

26. Dark Chocolate Candied Orange 

We talked earlier about how easy it is to candy orange slices.

And if this recipe list isn’t proof enough dark chocolate and orange go perfectly together, I don’t know how else to convince you.

Enjoy both treats in one with these dark chocolate-coated candied orange slices! They’re the traditional candied orange, dipped in rich dark chocolate.

Grab a taste of simpler times when you make these old-fashioned dark chocolate candied orange.

26 Easy Orange Dessert Collection


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Orange Desserts

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