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25 Best Cranberry-Orange Recipes

Add some festive flavor to your table with these cranberry orange recipes

Tart cranberries and sweet orange combine to create a delicious duo that’s wonderful during the holidays or any time of year. 

Homemade Cranberry-Orange Bread in a Chopping Board
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These flavors are lovely in any dessert or baked good. And they’re surprisingly delicious in savory foods as well!

These cranberry orange recipes are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory dishes, you’re in the right place. 

Keep reading to find your new favorite cranberry orange recipes!

1. Cranberry Orange Muffins 

To start off this cranberry orange bonanza, let’s talk about a classic. 

Cranberry orange muffins are a fantastic way to start the day. Grab these as you’re headed out the door. 

Your commute will be just a little bit brighter thanks to the tasty flavors of citrus and cranberry. 

2. Cranberry Orange Cake 

This isn’t really a birthday cake, but more of a morning cake.

Cranberry orange cake is a slice of heaven that’s perfect for any holiday!

A moist and fluffy treat is studded with cranberries and lots of bright citrus flavor.

Plus, the sugar on top gives this soft cake a nice crunch. 

3. Glazed Cranberry Orange Scones 

Cranberry orange scones are delicious and the texture is incredible. These treats are so flaky and tender. 

Cranberries add a beautiful pop of color and juicy flavor. The flavor of oranges pairs fantastically with the tart cranberries. 

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Finish these scones with a sweet drizzle of orange glaze and some crunchy sugar on top. 

4. Cranberry Orange Cookies 

Cranberry orange cookies are a spectacular treat to enjoy any time of year. 

Cranberries and orange make a wonderful pair inside these chewy cookies.

The glaze on top is a finishing touch that’s truly delightful. 

Give these cookies as a gift during the holidays and you’re sure to impress the neighborhood. 

5. Cranberry Bread with Orange Glazed 

Cranberry bread with orange glaze is easily one of my favorite treats. The bread is insanely moist and the flavors are spot on!

Studded with ruby cranberries and full of zesty orange, this delicious loaf is the ideal snack, dessert, or teatime sweet. 

6. Frozen Cranberry Orange Salad 

This is not your average side dish. This frozen salad is sweet, cool, refreshing, and completely void of all leafy greens. 

Frozen cranberry orange salad makes a wonderful sweet side dish or dessert.

If you love ambrosia salad, you’ll love this frozen twist!

7. Cranberry Orange Bars 

Cranberry orange bars are a terrific dessert or snack. 

They’re fluffy and crunchy with almonds and juicy cranberries. The flavors are light and bright and perfect for any holiday. 

Since they’re a cross between a cookie and a cake, it’s the ideal dessert that everybody will love. 

8. Fresh Cranberry Sauce 

I absolutely love fresh cranberry sauce during the holidays.

Adding orange juice and zest is a lovely way to add more complex flavors. 

Enjoy this cranberry sauce on everything from warm turkey to vanilla ice cream. You won’t regret having leftovers.

The cranberry orange flavors will keep your spirits both merry and bright!

9. Cranberry Orange Custard Pie 

Cranberry orange custard pie is pure delight and is a fantastic dessert for the holiday season. 

It starts with a flaky crust that is filled with delicious custard.

Orange zest and cranberries add a touch of fruity sweetness that anybody could fall in love with. 

Try cranberry orange custard pie this season and you’ll be making it year after year.  

10. Cranberry Orange Relish 

Looking for a new way to spice up your usual cranberry sauce during the holidays?

Cranberry orange relish will do the trick, especially if you’re short on time. 

In just about 5 minutes, you’ll have this fantastic relish on the table, ready to enjoy.

Just throw all of the ingredients into a food processor and, voila! 

This special dish will impress everybody and you won’t be able to keep the recipe a secret. 

11. Cranberry-Orange Cookies with White Chocolate Chips 

Cranberry orange cookies with white chocolate chips are a holiday twist on the beloved chocolate chip cookie. 

This fruitier, white chocolate version is sure to please your friends and family.

Tart cranberries and zesty orange fill this cookie with wonderful flavors. 

The white chips add some sweetness that contrasts with the fruit and makes this one yummy cookie. 

12. Roast Duck with Cranberry-Orange Glaze 

Roast duck with cranberry orange glaze is a savory dish that’s rich and luxurious. 

Cranberry orange glaze adds a beautiful sweetness to the duck that is just scrumptious. 

This dish is perfect for Christmas dinner or any upscale meal at home. 

13. Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

Cranberry orange cheesecake is creamy, zesty, and sure to be your new favorite. 

Rich and creamy cheesecake filling with orange is topped with a wonderful layer full of tart and juicy cranberries.

Sprinkle more orange zest on top for added brightness and color. 

It’s a dessert that’s both flavorful and beautiful.

14. One-Bowl Cranberry Orange Loaf 

Cranberry orange loaf is a delicious treat and can even make a great gift.

To sweeten the deal, this one requires minimal cleanup. 

Filled with tart cranberries and citrus flavors, this loaf recipe is one of my favorites.

It’s easy, packed with yummy fruit, and the glaze on top is divine!

15. Orange Cranberry Mimosa 

Orange cranberry mimosas are my new beverage of choice for a Sunday morning brunch. 

Whether you’re celebrating on a holiday or enjoying a nice day off, these bubbly drinks will get any party started. 

Rimmed with a vanilla bean coconut sugar, these cocktails are easy, impressive, and purely magical. 

16. Cranberry Orange Biscotti 

If you’re on the hunt for a crunchy snack to enjoy with your morning tea or coffee, these biscotti will be your new go-to. 

Flecks of orange zest, bright cranberries, and sweet white chocolate combine to make these biscotti an unforgettable treat. 

17. Cranberry Orange Cookie Bars 

Cranberry orange cookie bars are certainly special.

They’re topped with an incredible frosting that takes them to a whole new level.

Chewy, tasty bars with white chocolate and cranberries. The dreamy orange frosting on top is the icing on the cake.

18. Cranberry Orange Cheesecake Bars 

Creamy and dreamy cranberry orange cheesecake bars are sure to be a hit at any party. 

A wonderfully sweet and tangy cheesecake filling gets a gorgeous swirl of bright cranberry for the ultimate dessert. 

It’s everything you want in a sweet treat and more!

19. Orange Cranberry Pork Loin Roast 

Everyone knows that cranberry sauce is spectacular with turkey, but did you know it’s also fantastic with pork?

Bright and fruity cranberries are a perfect match for the pork loin. 

Switch up the menu this holiday season and try roast pork loin instead of the usual!

20. Cranberry Orange Overnight French Toast 

Overnight French toast is the ideal breakfast for busy holiday mornings. 

This French toast bake has cranberries sprinkled throughout like rubies and the citrusy orange flavor is beautiful. 

Prepare this the night before so that all the flavors and custard have time to really settle into the bread. 

21. Festive Keto Cranberry Orange Bread 

Keto cranberry orange bread is a fantastic dish to enjoy and stay merry while following the keto diet. 

The orange and cranberry along with the glaze on top is a heavenly combination for the senses. 

Share this with friends, and they won’t be able to tell it’s keto.

22. Cranberry Orange Meatballs 

Cranberry orange meatballs are a delicious appetizer for the holiday season.

They cook in the slow cooker, so you can just set it and forget it!

The sweet fruitiness of the cranberries and oranges contrasts with the savory meat to create the perfect balance.

It’s an unexpected punch of flavor that everybody will love. 

23. Cranberry and Orange Shortbread 

Cranberry and orange shortbread is one irresistible cookie. 

These are buttery, crisp, and packed with flavor. They make great gifts since cranberries and oranges are so easily loved. 

These are the perfect addition to your afternoon tea or midnight snack.

24. Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls 

Cranberry orange sweet rolls are pure heaven.

They’re full of incredible flavor and the glaze on top will have you licking your fingers. 

This is a terrific baked item for your holiday brunch. These might even be more sought after than gifts under the tree. 

25. Baked Cranberry Orange Glazed Donuts 

I might have saved the absolute best for last because these donuts are my new favorite. 

They are so good and it’s impressive that you can make them at home without a fryer.

The cranberry orange flavors are so prominent, and the glaze is flawless. 

25 Best Cranberry-Orange Recipe Collection

These cranberry-orange recipes are so full of flavor! From muffins to cake to cookies and pie, you just can’t beat this incredible combination.


  • Cranberry Orange Muffins

  • Cranberry Orange Cake

  • Glazed Cranberry Orange Scones

  • Cranberry Orange Cookies

  • Cranberry Bread with Orange Glazed

  • Frozen Cranberry Orange Salad

  • Cranberry Orange Bars

  • Fresh Cranberry Sauce

  • Cranberry Orange Custard Pie

  • Cranberry Orange Relish

  • Cranberry-Orange Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

  • Roast Duck with Cranberry-Orange Glaze

  • Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

  • One Bowl Cranberry Orange Loaf

  • Orange Cranberry Mimosa

  • Cranberry Orange Biscotti

  • Cranberry Orange Cookie Bars

  • Cranberry Orange Cheesecake Bars

  • Orange Cranberry Pork Loin Roast

  • Cranberry Orange Overnight French Toast

  • Festive Keto Cranberry Orange Bread

  • Cranberry Orange Meatballs

  • Cranberry and Orange Shortbread

  • Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls

  • Baked Cranberry Orange Glazed Donuts


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a cranberry-orange recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Cranberry-Orange Recipes

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