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20 Best NutriBullet Recipes

The great thing about these NutriBullet recipes is that they’re delicious and small.

You’ll have no more wasted soup, and you won’t have to clean a huge blender for a single serving smoothie.

These blenders are compact and powerful, letting you make and blitz a recipe in minutes, and the clean-up is a breeze to boot. 

Black Forest Smoothie with Chocolate Bits and Cherry
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During the warmer months, I have smoothies almost daily. And I love that I can make one perfect portion so easily in the Nutribullet. 

Plus, when it does get cold, it will make a quick soup for lunch with minimal effort on my part.

I’ve gathered 20 of my go-to NutriBullet recipes, from smoothies and green juices to iced coffee and soups.

If you haven’t bought one yet, what are you waiting for?

1. Kale-A-Berry Smoothie

Kale is an acquired taste, and I have to admit that I almost always opt for spinach when given the choice. 

That being said, it’s loaded with goodness, and if you can incorporate it into your diet, all the better. 

I love it in smoothies because it mellows out the flavor, and you won’t have to worry about that somewhat strange texture.

2. Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Green smoothies can take a little getting used to. They’re not sweet, but they’re not totally savory either. 

The good news is that making them yourself is the perfect way to adjust the flavors.

If you need it a little sweeter, you can easily add in some extra honey/maple syrup. 

Once you get used to the unusual flavor, you’ll reap the benefits of all those amazing nutrients.

3. Apple and Cinnamon NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe

This lovely smoothie has all the great flavors of fall, but it’s cool and sweet and great year-round.

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Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, you get a very apple-pie-like flavor in this smoothie, and I really enjoy the nutty undertones from the almonds. 

It also contains spinach and is totally vegan using almond milk and coconut water. 

4. Frozen Summer Berries Smoothie

The best way to ensure a tasty and thick smoothie is to use frozen fruits. 

A great way to prep this is to portion out a selection and freeze it in Ziploc bags so you can just grab and go when you need it.

I prefer to use dairy-free milk in my smoothies since they’re a little lower in calories but still give you a creamy finish.

Of course, you can use regular milk if you want. 

5. Three-Ingredient Green Smoothie

Adding applesauce to a green smoothie is a fantastic way to up the sweetness without overloading it with honey or maple syrup.

Make your own using your favorite apples and a touch of cinnamon, or buy something with low sugar from the store. 

Either way, this is ready in less than 5 minutes!

6. NutriBullet Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

As much as I love margaritas, I can’t get enough of a fruity daiquiri!

Using frozen fruit (in this case strawberries) will keep it perfectly frozen without watering anything down. 

Lime juice is a must in this for a touch of citrus, though lemon juice would work, too.

7. NutriBullet Skinny Blast Smoothie

If you’re looking for a low-calorie breakfast or snack, this smoothie is a terrific option.

At just 165 calories per serving, it doesn’t compromise on taste one bit!

Hemp seeds are a great source of antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s blended with carrot, orange, and spinach for maximum nutrients. 

8. NutriBullet Iced Coffee Recipe

When it’s hot out, I almost always have a pitcher of coffee in the fridge.

Starting with cold coffee helps to keep it colder without the ice melting so fast. 

But for the days I don’t remember to brew a batch, this recipe is a great second option.

It uses instant coffee, and I recommend splurging on something top quality because it really does make a difference (the cheaper brands can be very bitter).

9. Nutribullet Six-Second Milkshake Recipe

Ice cream is the number one ingredient in milkshakes. So, just like the recipe above (with the instant coffee), you’ll need something top quality. 

That said, if you’re flavoring your milkshake with Oreos or caramel, you can get away with a cheaper brand. 

I would suggest you only add half of the milk to start with and then adjust as needed.

I prefer mine super thick, but if you like it thinner, you’ll probably need the whole cup.

10. Pineapple Ginger Immunity Smoothies

I don’t know about you, but the minute the air starts to chill, I get a cold. I try to drink tea and eat soup, but it’s usually too late.

So, this year, I’ve decided to incorporate this amazing immunity booster into my morning routine toward the end of summer. 

Hopefully, it will do its job and keep me healthy well into the flannel-wearing months!

11. Nutribullet Broccoli Soup

Roasted broccoli is lovely as a side, with your morning eggs, or tossed into a stir-fry.

I like to keep a batch in the fridge to use throughout the week to make meal prep a little easier. 

If you have some ready to go, this soup recipe will be a breeze to make.

Not that steaming the broccoli will take too much time, but roasting it gives it a better flavor.

If you have the newer NutriBullet model, it will cook this soup for you in just 7 minutes. 

12. Classic Tomato Soup

Just like roasting broccoli enhances the recipe above, taking the time to roast the tomatoes, onion, and garlic will elevate this soup beyond belief. 

Again, if you have the newer model, it will cook your soup using its 7-minute heated cycle.

If you don’t, you’ll need to ensure the ingredients are cold before blitzing them down. 

Once it’s at your desired consistency, heat it up on the stovetop. 

13. Creamy Cauliflower Comfort Soup

I’m a huge lover of potato soup, but since I’ve been trying to cut back on carbs, I’ve turned to cauliflower to fill that hole in my diet. 

And it really does a great job!

This soup is thick and creamy and wonderfully savory. I used unsweetened coconut milk (because it was all I had) and it was just as tasty. 

14. Healthy Smooth Peanut Butter

Since I got my NutriBullet, I’ve been going nuts for homemade nut butters.

There’s no more having to worry about preservatives or excess salt or sugar. 

Plus, this recipe will work with almost any nut you like. You just might need to rough chop some of the bigger nuts before blitzing. 

15. Refreshing Strawberry Sorbet

Did you know you can make sorbet using nothing but some frozen fruit, a bit of sugar, and a dash of water?

You’ll just need a decent blender that can handle the pressure – like a NutriBullet!

I added a dash of rum to mine instead of water for fun, or you can go for simple syrup rather than adding granulated sugar.

This recipe will work with almost any fruit you have. Just chop it up and make sure it’s frozen solid.

16. High-Protein Banana Colada Smoothie

This is just what you think it is and so much more!

Yes, it’s full of piña colada flavors mixed with irresistible bananas.

But it’s also full of chia seeds and vanilla protein powder for a nice thick finish and a boost of nutrients. 

If you forgot to freeze your bananas, try using coconut cream instead of milk for a thick consistency.

17. Serenely Green Juice

Ginger and apple go hand in hand, but would you ever think to eat them with spinach and cucumber?

Smoothies and juices can be pretty wild, and it’s amazing that some of these flavors work together.

As I mentioned above, the greener recipes are overly sweet. But you could always add in some extra apple if you wanted to.

18. NutriBullet Pink Detox Blast Smoothie Recipe

Yes, this pink detox smoothie looks a little more appetizing than the green stuff. But that doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with good stuff!

It has strawberries, lemon, apples, and coconut water for sweetness, and then beets, celery, and avocado for a whole slew of nutrients and antioxidants. 

Instead of buying and steaming beets, I like to buy the powdered kind for easier use. 

19. Black Forest Smoothie

Black forest cake is usually a rich chocolate sponge with tart cherries.

It’s intense and indulgent, and a great flavor combination for your morning smoothie!

Using chocolate protein powder over cocoa will ensure this is a little healthier.

If you add some frozen bananas, it will help to cut through the bitterness of the chocolate.

20. Melon-Berry Milkshake

I don’t often think to use melon in smoothies, but when you have one as good as the NutriBullet, it’s worth trying it all. 

I love the flavor blend of the cantaloupe and blueberries, both being relatively subtle so as not to overpower each other.

Again, use whatever milk you like.

I think coconut adds some nice flavor to the mix, but the melon is quite sweet already so you would be fine with unsweetened almond milk, too.

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