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20 Best Flounder Recipes We Adore

If you’re on the hunt for some easy flounder recipes that’ll get your taste buds tingling, you’ve come to the right place. 

Be it grilled, baked, or pan-fried, these fish recipes are light and tasty.

Baked Flounder with Dill Potatoes
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Flounder is a fish found in both salt and fresh water. It has a mild, delicate flavor and a slightly firm texture. 

And because of that mild taste and meaty finish, it’s hugely popular.

After all, the last thing you want is something overly fishy that falls apart on the grill, right?

From Thai steamed flounder to yummy fillets with pesto, these flounder recipes are to die for. So give them a try and let me know what you think.

Easy Baked Flounder and More!

1. Baked Flounder with Lemon Garlic and Butter

This flounder recipe is so easy and delicious you’ll be making it on repeat all summer long! 

You’ll coat the fish with a simple mixture of lemon, garlic, and butter, and then bake it to perfection.

The result is a light and flaky finish that’s packed with flavor. 

It’s the perfect quick and healthy meal for a hot summer night. And best of all, this recipe is ready in under 30 minutes! 

2. Pan-Seared Blackened Flounder

In this recipe, the flounder is pan-seared and then blackened with a blend of spices. That gives it a beautiful crispy crust. 

Served with a simple lemon and butter sauce, it’s a delicious and elegant dish that’s easy enough to whip up after work.

I like to serve it with roasted potatoes and a lemon wedge. Just be careful not to overcook the fish, as it will become dry and tough. 

3. Baked Flounder with Tomatoes and Basil 

Need a healthy yet exciting way to enjoy fish? Try this incredible flounder recipe with tomato and basil.

It’s easy to make and can be served as a main course or as an appetizer. 

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The secret to success here is to first cook the tomatoes in chicken stock and white wine.

Once they’re juicy, add the fish and fresh basil, then pop it in the oven.

This dish is best with brown rice and a green salad. Or, if you want something heartier, try potatoes and veggies.

4. Flounder Milanese with Arugula and Tomatoes

One bite of this flounder Milanese, and it’ll become a weekly staple in your house.

It’s quick, easy, and even low in calories, making it an excellent option for those looking to lose weight or eat healthier. 

The flounder is coated in a light batter and then pan-fried until crispy. It is then served on a bed of fresh arugula and topped with sliced tomatoes. 

Make sure to squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice for an extra pop of flavor. Yum!

5. Spinach Stuffed Flounder

This recipe is so good, you’ll need to make extra. I just know everyone will ask for seconds!

The fish is stuffed with a spinach and cheese filling, then baked until flakey and golden brown.

The mixture of cheeses in this recipe really makes a world of difference. That said, you can use your favorites.

Serve with a side of rice or vegetables for a complete meal.

6. Flounder Piccata

Flounder piccata is a delicious, light, and healthy meal that’s perfect for a summer night. 

The fish is pan-seared and then served with a lemon-butter sauce, capers, and fresh parsley

This recipe is so easy that the hardest part is finding fresh flounder. However, once you’ve got your hands on some fresh fish, the rest is a breeze. 

7. Broiled Flounder with Lemon Cream Sauce

This broiled flounder recipe is ideal for those searching for a healthy, low-fat meal option.

The fish is broiled to perfection and then coated in a zesty lemon cream sauce.

The result is a tender, flaky fish with a crispy, golden crust. The best part of this recipe is that it can be made in under 30 minutes.

8. Fried Flounder with Tartar Sauce

In this recipe, the flounder is coated in a light batter and then fried until it’s golden brown. 

It might not be as healthy as some of the other recipes here, but it’s a must-make if you ask me.

Tartar sauce is made with mayo, pickles, and capers, providing a wonderful tangy finish. And while it’s optional, I highly recommend trying it out!

The key to the best fried fish is, well, the fry.

If the oil isn’t hot enough, the fish will absorb too much and be greasy. But if it’s too hot, the fish will burn on the outside before cooking in the middle.

I suggest a digital thermometer to keep track.

9. Skillet Cajun Spiced Fish with Tomatoes

This cajun flounder recipe is a quick and easy way to add some pizzaz to your weeknight dinners

The cajun spices give the fish a nice kick, while the tomatoes add a touch of sweetness.

And best of all, this whole thing can be made in one pan, so cleanup is a breeze. 

10. Spicy Garlic Soy Baked Flounder in a Foil Pouch

Spicy, garlicky, and slightly sweet, this simple flounder recipe comes together in minutes.

And it’s baked in one dish! What more could you ask for?

Add some red pepper flakes to the sauce if you like spicy things. Prefer things on the sweeter side? Add a little more honey. 

You can also add veggies to the foil pouch if you’d like.

I like to serve mine with steamed broccoli and rice, but you can eat it with anything you want.

11. 20-Minute Baked Flounder

This is the perfect recipe for those busy weeknights when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

But don’t let the name fool you – this dish is also packed with flavor. 

You’ll first coat the flounder in a mixture of olive oil and seasonings. Then, before baking, it’s crusted in a breadcrumb, cheese, and thyme coating.

When it’s flaky and golden, it’s ready to devour. 

Serve it with a side of rice and vegetables, and you’ve got a complete meal that’s ready in no time.

12. Fish En Papillote

Fish en papillote is a French cooking method that involves wrapping fish and vegetables in parchment paper and baking them.

And can I tell you a secret? I know this dish looks fancy, but it’s actually relatively easy to prepare.

Simply place a filet of fish onto a piece of parchment paper, and top it with your favorite herbs and seasonings.

Finally, fold the parchment paper into a packet and bake in a preheated oven until the fish is cooked.

The result is a moist, flaky filet that’s infused with flavor. How easy is that?

13. Flounder Meunière

This recipe is perfect for showing off your culinary skills and impressing your dinner guests.

After all, who doesn’t love a good fish dish? 

And this one is sure to please with its crispy golden-brown flounder fillets and savory butter sauce. Delish!

14. Crab Stuffed Flounder

This is a delicious seafood dish that’s perfect for a special occasion. 

The flounder is stuffed with a savory mixture of crabmeat, crackers, and herbs, then baked until it’s tender and juicy.

Wait for that stunning golden brown color before taking it out of the oven. And have your phone ready because this baby needs to be shared.

For an extra-special touch, garnish with lemon wedges and fresh parsley. 

15. Flounder with Shrimp Stuffing

This recipe is so easy and foolproof that you’ll be tempted to make it every night of the week! 

The shrimp stuffing is a simple mixture of sautéed shrimp, veggies, and seasonings.

I like a combination of Old Bay and garlic powder, but you can use whatever you like best.

Serve it with a simple salad and some crusty bread, and you’ve got a meal that’s sure to please. Bon appetit!

16. Thai Steamed Fish in Coconut Sauce

Try this wonderful twist on a Thai classic. The fish is steamed with aromatic Thai herbs and served in a rich coconut sauce. 

The coconut sauce is light and fragrant, and the whole dish can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.

While flounder is a great choice, you can substitute it with tilapia or basa if you don’t have it on hand.

17. New England Clam Chowder

This creamy, hearty soup is perfect for a cold winter day.

It’s made with a base of milk or cream and typically thickened with flour.

I like to garnish this chowder with oyster crackers or chopped parsley. Oh, and you can’t forget the chunk of crusty bread to mop up every last drop.

18. Crispy Fried Flounder Chinese-Style

When I see crispy fish, I worry that I’ll burn the outside before the middle is cooked. But this recipe is foolproof!

But how do you get the fish that crispy? It’s all in the cornstarch!

Cook it in a hot pan with butter until it’s golden brown and cooked. 

Adding white pepper, Shaoxing wine, and scallions give the dish an authentic Chinese flavor, while the julienned vegetables add a colorful and bright touch. 

19. Flounder Fillets with Pesto

This recipe is so good, it’ll make you flip!

The flounder fillets are lightly seasoned and pan-fried before being smothered in a flavorful pesto sauce.

Make the pesto at home with some fresh basil, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese, or find a jar in your local store.

Either way, this is best served with a side of rice and a tangy green salad.

20. Homemade Fish Cakes

Fish cakes are delicious and easy to whip up. Plus, they’re ideal for parties because you can make them into perfect bite-sized pieces. 

Just mix some fresh fish with seasonings, shape them into cakes, and pan-fry until golden brown. 

Serve with a simple salad or some steamed vegetables, and you’ve got a healthy and satisfying meal everyone will love.

20 Best Ways To Cook Flounder (+Recipe Collection)

If you’re looking for some easy flounder recipes that’ll get your taste buds tingling, you’ve come to the right place. These recipes are light and tasty.


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Flounder Recipes

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