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30 Best Meyer Lemon Recipes

Have an abundance of Meyer lemons and unsure what to do with them? Let these Meyer lemon recipes lead the way.

But first, what’s a Meyer lemon, and how does it differ from a regular melon?

Homemade Lemon Bars with Powdered Sugar
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A Meyer lemon is a citrus fruit that grows in winter into early spring. It’s much smaller and rounder than a regular lemon with thinner, smoother, skin, and a darker pulp.

It’s also tart, but not as acidic as a regular lemon. It’s actually sweeter, which makes it a great addition to salads and desserts.

Think of it as a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.

So, if you like your dishes with a sweet and citrusy flair, you can’t go wrong with a Meyer lemon.

If you’re new to using this vibrant fruit, here are 30 recipes to start out with.

30 Lip-Smacking Uses for Meyer Lemons

1. Meyer Lemon Hazelnut Tart

This tart combines the delicious flavors of a hazelnut shortbread crust and a creamy Meyer lemon custard.

The crust and filling alone are already such a perfect combination, there’s really no need for a topping. Sweet and tart, nutty and creamy, all meld into one amazing bite.

But, just to add some extra sweetness and a melt-in-your-mouth experience, you’ll finish it off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

2. Meyer Lemon Curd

If you like your lemon curd a little bit sweeter than usual, look no further than Meyer lemons. This sweet winter fruit will do wonders.

This curd isn’t only seriously tasty, but highly versatile, as well. Use it as a tart filling, a sauce, a spread, or even an ice cream accompaniment. 

Or, enjoy it as I do: eat it with a spoon. It’s sweet enough to be enjoyed on its own.

3. Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Bread Recipe

This bread is ridiculously moist, as can be seen in this photo. The Meyer lemon and poppy seed bread itself is already perfection, but the glaze is what takes it to the next stage.

A combination of powdered sugar, honey, and Meyer lemon juice, the glaze is wonderfully sweet and sticky.

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It doesn’t just simply rest on top of the cake, either.

Instead, the bread is poked with holes and then drizzle with the glaze, such that the glaze seeps into the holes and makes the bread extra moist and full of flavor.

4. Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing

Getting bored with your usual Caesar or mango vinaigrette dressing? Try this on for size. 

This vinaigrette is a bright mix of olive oil, Meyer lemon juice, garlic, honey, and mustard. The combination creates a sweet and tart dressing with a hint of peppery goodness from the garlic. 

The best part is that it keeps well for up to a week. Double or triple the recipe to enjoy a refreshing salad all week long!

5. Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake

I’m such a sucker for pudding cake because it combines two of my favorite desserts. It’s great for moments when you just can’t decide between the two.

With pudding at the bottom and cake on top, this 2-layer dessert possesses both the lightness of a sponge cake and the creaminess of a pudding. It’s the best of both worlds!

6. Meyer Lemon Gelato 

Is there anything more gratifying than licking a cold and refreshing Meyer lemon gelato on a hot summer day?

If you’re looking for a reason to take out that old ice cream maker collecting dust in the cupboard, you’ve just found one.

This gelato is a must-try if you love gelato that isn’t too overpoweringly sweet. The combination of Meyer lemon juice, cream, sugar, and milk gives this gelato a perfect balance of flavors.

7. Meyer Lemon Frech Toast 

This is French toast made even better! 

Instead of the usual milk and egg mixture, you’ll use a combination of almond milk, coconut milk, lemon juice, vanilla, and a dash of cardamom to make the custard. 

The freshness from the Meyer lemon, along with the tropical flavor of the coconut milk, makes the classic breakfast dish extra bright and zesty.

8. Meyer Lemon Crinkle Cookies

If you’ve never had lemon crinkle cookies, you’re missing out. Let’s do something about it, shall we?

When I say these crinkles are soft and buttery, I mean it. They’re extremely tender, and they’ll melt in your mouth! 

The flavor is just as magnificent as the texture, as well. The Meyer lemon and butter in the cookies, plus the powdered sugar coating, create the perfect combination.

9. Meyer Lemon Curd Tart with Shortbread Crust

Here’s another tart recipe that’ll make your tastebuds go wild! 

First of all, how stunning is this tart? Its bright yellow hue will make you smile even from a mile away. Just by looking at it, you already know one slice just won’t do.

With the awesome combination of the buttery, crumbly shortbread crust and the smooth and creamy Meyer lemon curd filling, this tart is the ultimate lemon lover’s dessert.

10. Meyer Lemon Roasted Chicken

Let’s head over to a savory recipe, for a change. In this next dish, Meyer lemons give the classic roasted chicken a zesty and citrusy twist.

It’s a well-known fact that chicken and lemon go well together. The use of Meyer lemons in this dish is a no-brainer.

You’ll love how the salty and savory flavors of the chicken combine with the sweetness and tang of the Meyer lemons – a beautiful yin and yang of flavors.

11. Meyer Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are such a well-loved classic and for good reason. 

First of all, they’ll look gorgeous.

Second, and more importantly, they’re simply delicious. They’re a bit heavier and denser than sponge and chiffon cakes, but are wonderfully delicate and moist.

This bundt cake, in particular, is sweet and citrusy and bursting with blueberries.

The cream cheese frosting is the perfect icing on top, as it adds moisture and even more flavor to the already delicious cake.

12. Chick-fil-A Lemonade

Beat the summer heat with a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade!

Here’s a fantastic Chick-fil-A lemonade copycat for you because you deserve the best. Okay, this particular recipe is mine, so forgive me if I’m a little bit partial.

Seriously, though, it does make a pretty mean replica of the OG. 

And here’s what I love about copycat recipes, in general: they taste almost, if not exactly, like the original, but are much more economical. 

13. Meyer Lemon Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice already sound like a mouthwatering combo. Add Meyer lemons into the picture, and I guess the diet starts tomorrow.

The lemon goodness is strong in both the chicken AND the rice, so this one’s definitely for all the lemon lovers out there. I know I’m not alone!

Complete with carbs, protein, veggies (hello, capers), and fats, this one-pan dish is a hearty and healthy meal in one.

14. Meyer Lemon Cookies (Sables)

If you’re having some friends over for a fancy afternoon tea, you’d better serve these Meyer lemon cookies!

Called sables, these delights are sweet, crumbly, and buttery with a mild citrus hint. They’re light and airy and aren’t overwhelmingly sweet.

You’ll definitely want at least three, so I suggest you double the recipe.

Heads up: the cookie dough has to be chilled in the fridge for at least 2 hours, so be sure to plan ahead.

15. Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake 

There was a time in my life when I didn’t even dare go near an olive cake, thinking it’ll taste like… well… olive oil.

If you’re the same, take this blog article as a sign. You have to try this Meyer lemon olive oil cake, like, today, if possible.

This cake is delicate and moist — which is exactly what the olive oil is for. 

It’s not too sweet, but definitely not bland, either. The Meyer lemons make it so. And no, it doesn’t taste at all like olive oil.

16. Meyer Lemon Margarita

Every hour is cocktail hour where this Meyer lemon margarita is involved. Start your weekend celebration with a glass (or two) of this refreshing drink!

Using Meyer lemons instead of regular ones absolutely makes the classic cocktail sweeter. So, if you find the OG drink a little too tart for your liking, this alternative is a must-try.

17. Homemade Dried Lemon Peel Powder

While most of the recipes here call for Meyer lemon juice, this one maximizes the rind. 

Don’t throw out those lemon peels, just yet! They’re packed equally with nutrients and flavors, so make a peel powder out of them instead.

Use this powder as an ingredient to batters, marinades, dips, sauces, and dressings. It’s amazing how just a dash of this can transform a dish.

18. Meyer Lemon Marmalade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade marmalade!

This marmalade has a taste bud-tingling combination of sweet and tart. It’s perfect to go on bread, pancakes, waffles, dips, sauces – anything you can think of.

And because it looks so pretty and has a pretty impressive shelf-life, to boot, it makes for a perfect homemade gift.

19. Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Lemon Pickle in Instant Pot

Say hello to a delectable Hindi condiment called Nimbu ka Achaar. Don’t be intimidated by its name, for it’s actually a delectable sweet and spicy lemon pickle.

It’s a versatile condiment that goes well with an array of dishes, Indian or otherwise. I’m talking rice, chickpeas, curry, naan, roti, bread – you name it.

Traditional lemon pickle calls for brining lemons for weeks, but with this simplified recipe, you’ll only need 45 minutes and an Instant Pot.

20. Meyer Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are epic, but Meyer lemon bars are epic-er. 

They’re perfectly sweet, perfectly tangy, and oh-so wonderfully soft and chewy! 

Seriously, I can’t stop eating these! My self-control is non-existent whenever these bars are around. If you’re trying to cut back on sugar and carbs, you better skip ahead.

21. Cranberry Meyer Lemon Shortbread Hearts

Life is better with shortbread hearts. If you’re reading this blog article sometime around Valentine’s Day, you know exactly what to do.

Bite-sized heart cookies studded with cranberries – I can’t think of a dessert more romantic than this! And yes, they’re as delicious as they are gorgeous.

22. Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with Saskatoon Sauce

This Meyer lemon cheesecake is ultra-light and creamy and is made even better with a sweet Saskatoon sauce.

If you’re not a fan of overly rich and creamy cheesecakes, this recipe is for you.

The use of mascarpone instead of cream cheese, plus the addition of Meyer lemon juice makes this cream cheese light and airy.

On top of it is a delectable saskatoon sauce, which, if you’re not familiar with, is a blueberry-looking fruit with a sweet and nutty almond taste.

23. Pressure Cooker Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

This is yet another cheesecake recipe so good it’ll make your heart skip a beat. 

You really can’t go wrong with a luscious and silky lemon cream cheese filling with a crumbly crust underneath.

And in case your oven isn’t working, or it’s just too busy whipping up other dishes, don’t worry. This recipe uses a pressure cooker to bake the cake. Impressive, am I right?

24. Meyer Lemon Zucchini Muffins

You know your day is going to be amazing when you start it by eating these muffins.

The zucchini ensures they’re irresistibly moist, while the Meyer lemons provide a delightful flavor. The lemon glaze on top adds moisture and an extra layer of lemony goodness.

It’s a straightforward recipe, and it doesn’t disappoint.

25. Meyer Lemon Tom Collins

If Tom Collins is your weapon of choice, this cocktail is a must-try.

The classic Tom Collins cocktail is made by combining gin, lemon juice, water, and sugar. For this variation, you’ll use Meyer lemon juice.

It yields a sweeter, less acidic cocktail, which I’m sure you’ll find delightful.

26. Sous Vide Homemade Limoncello

If you find yourself adding a splash of limoncello to a variety of dishes, then you ought to make your very own.

Traditionally, this liquor calls for weeks to develop its lemon flavors. But, with the sous vide, your waiting time will be significantly reduced to just 2 hours! 

Also, in case you don’t have a sous vide machine, there’s a way to try this recipe, still. Just DIY it by using a pot of water, a stove, and a kitchen thermometer.

27. Roasted Halibut with Tomatoes, Peppers, and Olives

This isn’t just your regular roasted fish! 

A refreshing tomato sauce rests at the bottom of the pan, which is topped with halibut, tomatoes, peppers, olives, capers, and Meyer lemon wedges.

The pan is popped in the oven to create a colorful and flavorful Mediterranean dish.

28. Avocado Citrus Salad

This avocado salad is food from the gods! As someone who’s not very fond of salads, this says a lot.

A wonderful mix of grapefruit, orange, Meyer lemon, avocado, and pickled onions, this salad is as colorful as can be. 

Each component is delicious in its own right, but they’ll taste even better when tossed together in a sweet and tangy honey-lime vinaigrette.

29. Small Batch Meyer Lemon Scones

Start your day with the brightness of Meyer lemons and the heartiness of scones! These breakfast treats are summer in a bite.

With a wonderfully tender crumb and just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, one bite of these scones will give you the jolt of energy you need to start the day.

30. Meyer Lemon Custard Cakes

Custard and cake: you can never go wrong with this combination. 

These light and creamy ramekin-sized delights are the beautiful love child of a cake and a pudding. Heaven is filled with this lovely dessert!

30 Best Ways to Use Meyer Lemons

These Meyer lemon recipes are so refreshing and delicious. From cakes and tarts to salad dressing, chicken, and muffins, there are so many uses for these tasty lemons.


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Meyer Lemon Recipes

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