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8 Authentic Mexican Sauces and Condiments

No Mexican meal is complete with a variety of Mexican sauces.

And between the enchilada sauce, cilantro sauce, and salsa verde, it’s hard to pick just one.

Mexican Salsa with Chips

Most people reach for the same old salsa and call it a day. But that’s only one of the many delicious Mexican condiments to enjoy.

Some double as delectable dips, while others work as marinades. But no matter what, they all taste fantastic.

I like any of these on my plate of tostadas, especially the guajillo chile salsa!

Whether you want something spicy or mild, I’ve got you covered. This list of Mexican sauces may not be long, but it has all the best options.

8 Best Homemade Mexican Sauce Recipes

1. Easy Salsa Roja

Salsa Roja, or red salsa, is probably the most commonly consumed Mexican sauce around.

Even people who don’t appreciate Mexican food often love “normal” salsa. 

It’s cool, fresh, and full of the rich flavors of tomato and cilantro. It’s a real treat for anyone who loves garden-fresh flavors.

Plus, you can make it as mild or spicy as you like. I prefer it with a kick over a plate of Mexican shrimp!

Enjoy it with freshly baked tortilla chips or on top of a meal. Either way, this recipe is sure to be a fast favorite. 

2. Guajillo Chile Salsa

Love salsa but hate tomato-inspired heartburn? Try this insanely delicious guajillo chile salsa instead.

That gorgeous red flavor comes not from tomatoes but from the chiles. But don’t let that scare you – it’s an incredibly mild salsa.

There’s even a bit of a fruity flavor that makes it uniquely tasty. It’s easy to make, as well. 

It takes a bit of time, but you’ll use just six ingredients. Additionally, the hands-on time is minimal.

Try it the next time you want to add flavor (but not heat) to your dinner.

3. Mexican Tomato Sauce

People often confuse Mexican tomato sauce and salsa. Some people even use the terms interchangeably.

However, the two sauces are pretty different.

For one thing, this Mexican sauce undergoes a more rigorous cooking process, whereas many popular salsa brands aren’t cooked at all.

Instead, they use raw ingredients. 

However, you always cook Mexican tomato sauce. This recipe, for example, has a cook time of about 2 hours. (That includes canning time, of course.) 

Additionally, Mexican tomato sauce is a bit thinner than traditional salsa. So if you’re using it in a Mexican casserole, use it sparingly.

All that said, though, if you enjoy salsa, you’ll appreciate Mexican tomato sauce. 

4. Ranchero Sauce

This thick, slightly chunky Mexican sauce is spicy and delicious. It’s like salsa, but with more spices and smokiness. 

It features paprika, oregano, two different peppers, and garlic. (Along with plenty of other good stuff, of course!)

Best of all, you can have it ready in just 15 minutes. 

Furthermore, it works well on everything, not just Mexican food. I often add it to my steak for that extra bit of decadence and deliciousness.

5. Salsa Taquera

This brilliantly colored orange sauce may not be as famous as salsa. However, any taqueria or Mexican grocery store worth its salt will have it in stock.

It features tomatoes, chiles de árbol, and lime juice as its primary flavors. Those three things give it a spicy zestiness that’s simply out of this world. 

You can easily customize its consistency, too.

I like thick salsa taquera, but add a little more water if you prefer something thinner and lighter.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Serve it on your favorite tacos or with tortilla chips for dipping. Either way, everyone who tries it will love it. 

6. Cilantro Sauce

This vibrant green sauce is a must-try for cilantro lovers. It’s bright, tangy, fresh, and uses just five ingredients. 

The cilantro and lime juice pair wonderfully together. Then, you’ll add just enough garlic to mellow out the tanginess. 

If you aren’t much of a chef, don’t worry! This sauce is one you can make without any cooking involved.

Just toss everything in a blender and blitz until it’s smooth. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes from start to finish.

So, what are you waiting for?! Try it now!

7. Enchilada Sauce

This enchilada sauce recipe is one of my all-time favorites. It takes 10 quick minutes to prepare and has flavor in spades. 

It’s thick, and the combination of garlic, cumin, and oregano is superb. There’s even a pinch of cinnamon to give it an underlying sweet heat.

It’s a robust, fabulous sauce. Don’t be surprised if you decide to lick it off your fingers after making it.

And even though it’s called enchilada sauce, feel free to lather it inside your next burrito or taco dinner.

8. Salsa Verde

Salsa verde, or green salsa, has gained popularity over the last several years.

It still isn’t used as often as its red cousin. However, most Mexican restaurants have it on the menu.

You’ll make it with tomatillos (green tomatoes) instead of red ones. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to salsa Roja.

Additionally, salsa verde is usually milder than salsa Roja. 

Some people think the flavor is less sweet, as well. Give it a try if you’ve never had it before. You might be surprised at how much you like it. 

Of course, if you already love it, that’s even better! Here’s an easy recipe showing you how to make your own. 

8 Authentic Mexican Sauce Recipe Collection

No Mexican meal is complete without a variety of Mexican sauces. Between the enchilada sauce, cilantro sauce, and salsa verde, it’s hard to pick just one.


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Mexican Sauces

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