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20 Best Mediterranean Vegetarian Recipes

With these Mediterranean vegetarian recipes, your diet won’t feel like a diet!

The Mediterranean is heralded as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

But mind you, with the extensive flavor profiles the cuisine offers, its dishes are anything but bland.

Vegetable Bowl with Avocado and Lemons
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Consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, the Mediterranean diet is mostly plant-based, thereby, vegetarian-friendly.

So if it’s delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes you’re looking for, you have come to the right place.

This roster of recipes is complete from soups and stews to pizza and pasta!

Searching for ways to add more color and flavor to your diet? These Mediterranean vegetarian recipes are all you need. 

1. Mediterranean Hummus Bowl

Brighten your day with this colorful hummus bowl! This healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner option is as hearty as it is healthy.

Chickpeas, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, spinach, olives, feta cheese, and of course, hummus, combine to make a delectable bowl.

2. Greek Orzo Pasta Salad with Vegan Feta

This pasta salad is as colorful as can be! Loaded with tomatoes, olives, parsley, and cucumber, it is nutritious and delicious without a doubt. 

Vegan feta cheese gives it a rich flavor like no other.

Because it also contains orzo, a short-cut, rice-looking pasta, this salad is also filling. It’s a complete meal on its own!

3. Mediterranean Pasta with Tomatoes and Vegan Feta

This pasta dish is brimming with roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, and vegan feta cheese.

Tossed with a flavor-packed garlic olive oil dressing, this salad is truly special.

Also adding to its exquisite flavors is olive tapenade, a rich appetizer made of olives, capers, lemon juice, and thyme. I’m not drooling, you are!

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4. Skordalia (Greek Garlic and Potato Dip) 

Skordalia is a Greek dip made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and mashed potatoes.

It’s ridiculously smooth, creamy, and absolutely addictive.

This recipe jazzes up the classic with crushed almonds! The nutty flavor makes the dip a winner.

5. Italian Oven Roasted Vegetables

Yellow squash, potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms are coated with olive oil and Italian seasoning and roasted to perfection.

It couldn’t get any better than that.

Pro-tip: cut up your vegetables in uniform sizes so they cook evenly.

6. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas   

Quinoa and chickpeas join forces to create one hefty and tasty salad. This dish is one colorful bowl of nutrition!

Adding color and flavor to the salad are cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, basil, and an olive oil-balsamic vinaigrette.

7. Spanokopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

If you’re not a fan of spinach, this pie will surely change your mind.

Spanakopita is a delectable pie that features filo pastry, spinach, and feta cheese. It’s crispy, flaky, creamy, and bursting with umami flavors!

With a plant-based feta substitute, this pie is also vegan. Yay!

8. Mediterranean Vegetable and Chickpea Stew   

This vegetable stew is so rich and savory, you won’t even notice it doesn’t contain meat.

The combination of chickpeas, eggplant, bell peppers, squash, and zucchini is more than enough to fill your belly and satisfy your taste buds!

9. Italian Wedding Soup 

Italian wedding soup is a popular menu item in Italian restaurants in the US, but do you know where it got its name from?

Called “minsetra maritata,” which means “married soup,” the name refers to the way the flavors of the ingredients “marry” once combined.

In this dish, vegetables, pasta, and vegan meatballs marry to make one stunning soup.

10. Margherita Pizza 

Who doesn’t love pizza, am I right? While I definitely won’t say no to meat-filled pizza, my heart belongs to Margherita.

Fresh tomato sauce, basil, tomatoes, and vegan mozzarella on top of a homemade crust.

It’s simple, yet full of color and flavor.

11. Mediterranean Cucumber Tomato Salad 

This salad is filled with cooling cucumbers and juicy tomatoes. They’re really all you need to make a delicious appetizer!

Drizzled with a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, and mint, this salad is as refreshing as can be!

12. Caponata 

Caponata is a Sicilian staple that highlights eggplant in all its glory!

Spread this creamy treat on crusty bread for a sweet, savory, and sour appetizer.

13. Greek Green Beans

Called fasolakia, this Greek recipe is made of green beans and potatoes in rich olive oil and tomato sauce.

The components may be simple, but this appetizer is bursting with flavor!

A sprinkling of herbs and a splash of lemon juice give it more oomph.

14. Patatas Bravas  

Patatas bravas is a Spanish dish of roasted potatoes. They’re crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and delicious in every bite. 

Smothered with a smoky salsa and creamy garlic aioli, these potatoes are highly addictive. Consider yourself warned!

15. Mediterranean Lentil Soup

Hearty lentils are the star of this soup. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves, and vegetables give it playful textures and flavors.

It’s Mediterranean comfort food at its finest.

16. Greek Chickpea Soup

Greek chickpea soup is exactly what you need to warm you on a chilly evening. It’s hearty, soulful, and delicious.

With simple ingredients – onions, chickpeas, lemon, and olive oil, it’s one of the easiest recipes to pull off.

But don’t let that fool you! It’s also one of the coziest, tastiest soups there is.

17. Mediterranean Yellow Rice  

Elevate your plain rice with cumin, turmeric, garlic, and cilantro!

With simple ingredients, you can transform the humble grain into a mind-blowing dish.

From color to flavor, Mediterranean yellow rice gets an A+. 

18. Tomato and Butter Bean Dip 

With this creamy and savory tomato and butter bean dip, your chips have never tasted better.

Fresh tomatoes, rich butter, and creamy beans? You really can’t go wrong with this delectable combination!.

19. Greek Eggplant Dip

Speaking of delectable dips, here’s another one for ya!

Eggplant isn’t typically present in classic American dips, but it is in Greek cuisine, and it’s awesome.

Roasted eggplant, garlic oil, and lemon juice are mashed together to create one epic dip! What a great way to get the party started.

20. Hummus 

Ending this list is the humble hummus, the quintessential Middle Eastern dip.

Why get store-bought when you can make it yourself at the fraction of the cost?

Chickpeas, tahini, and garlic are all you’ll need to create this mouthwatering treat!

20 Best Mediterranean Vegetarian Recipe Collection

From hummus to pasta to chickpea stew, Mediterranean vegetarian recipes are healthy and satisfying. Give these easy meals a try today!


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Mediterranean Vegetarian Recipes

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