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24 Best Mango Recipes

Looking for the best mango recipes?

From salsa to scones to salad dressing, these easy recipes add a refreshing twist to your meal.

Sushi Rolls with Mango on Top
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One of the most versatile fruits out there, these mango recipes range from sweet and fresh to savory and spicy.

Sure, you can put peaches in a pie and a salad. And yes, lemon is a staple in basically every dish you cook. 

But mangoes work in cake, mousse, drinks, cookies, ice cream, bread, curry, salsa, tacos, BBQ, burgers, with fish and chicken, in soups and salads, and even sushi.

If you’re looking for a way to use mangoes that goes beyond a good smoothie, this list of 24 mouth-watering mango recipes is for you.

20+ Quick and Easy Mango Recipes and Ideas

1. Easy Mango Margarita

I had to start with my favorite. 

Yes, I’m a margarita fan and yes, mango margaritas are my biggest vice.

This recipe uses tequila and Cointreau, with a little lime juice and simple syrup. The key ingredient is, of course, mango nectar. 

You can easily make your own nectar and can have a tropical drink in hand in a matter of minutes.

I like to rim my glasses with a mixture of salt and chili for a kick. 

2. Fresh Mango Salsa

Now, imagine that chilled mango margarita served with chips and salsa. Perfect, right?

I love salsa, but sometimes it can be a little blah.

Mango salsa is fresh and just a little bit sweet. I love mine with some heat – though I would skip the cilantro!

The beauty of this salsa is that it’s great alone but can elevate your taco game.

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I’ve served it with shredded pork, chicken, and fish tacos, and it’s definitely my go-to.

3. Mango Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is an inexpensive and easy dessert that you can have ready in under 60 minutes. To be honest, 55 of those minutes will be cook time, so it really is simple.

My Nanna would make it often, and I love my rice pudding warm and sweet. 

But after a trip to Thailand, where they served it in coconut milk with a mango topping, I was converted!

This recipe suggests using vanilla soy milk, but I really love the flavor combination of coconut and mango.

You can use regular milk if you prefer, or evaporated milk if you want it extra-sweet. 

4. Thai Mango Salad

People shy away from salad because it looks and tastes boring.

But not this salad.

It’s so colorful, with the mango, peppers, and slices of chili, that you want to dig in right away.

The dressing is an incredibly sweet and zesty mix with garlic and a little soy sauce. It takes just a couple of minutes to whisk together.

This would be the perfect partner for some honey-chili glazed salmon

5. Mango Blondies

These blondies are dense, sweet, and such a nice departure from the norm. 

Though this recipe calls for an egg, you could easily make this a vegan treat by substituting banana, which would also add another level of flavor. 

If you can’t find oat flour, you can make your own by blitzing down oats. If you can find gluten-free oats, this will be a vegan and gluten-free recipe.

If you’re thinking it’s too healthy, try adding in some dark chocolate chips.

6. Brazilian Mango Chimichurri Steak

There’s nothing quite like a good steak. I’m partial to rib-eye, but a good sirloin is always welcome on my plate. 

Some purists may not approve of it, but I think a good steak is enhanced by a good chimichurri. And this mango chimi is definitely one to try. 

Packed with garlic, parsley, and shallots, everything can be chopped in a food processor to speed things up.

I would also add a little mango in there to allow the flavor to really meld with everything. 

Serve over a perfectly crusted steak for a fresh twist on your dad’s favorite.

7. Bakery Style Mango Scones

Scones are far easier to make than you think.

The key is to use cold butter and mix until your dough looks like bread crumbs before adding in the liquid. Then be super careful not to overmix!

I like to mix the dough until it’s almost together, but still kind of shaggy. You will finish bringing it together when you turn it out, roll, and portion.

This recipe has lovely chunks of mango folded in, but if I were you, I would add some mango puree to my glaze to really boost that amazing flavor. 

8. Mango and White Fish Ceviche

Ceviche is a raw fish dish, cured in citrus juice, and often served as an appetizer with chips. 

As far as easy goes, this really takes the cake. Once everything is chopped and sliced, you can leave it alone while all those flavors come together. 

Served cold, it will be a great alternative to the usual chips and salsa starter.

9. Spiced Rum Fruitcake

If you’re looking for something sweet that you can make ahead, you should try out this fruit cake.

Filled with dates, cherries, mango, and rum, it will last for weeks – yes, weeks! In fact, the further ahead you make it, the better it will taste. 

My household has never been big into cherries, so I would switch them out for some dried strawberries. Rather than being crisp, they are chewy and full of flavor. 

10. Mango Salad Dressing

Salad without dressing is like a cake without frosting. It can work, but why would you risk it?

This recipe is pretty sweet, making it perfect for kids. 

But there’s a hint of that vinegar, and you can always add some chilis if you want to spice things up.

I would serve this over a salad filled with spinach, tomatoes, corn, and onion. 

11. Curried Mango-Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich

There are only so many tuna or egg salad sandwiches you can eat. At some point, it’s time to make a change.

Trust me when I tell you this chicken salad sandwich will soon be your new favorite lunch.

Chicken, mango, mayonnaise, lime juice, and some curry powder marry in a bowl to create this unique and unlikely sandwich filling. 

I like to cut my chicken into good-sized chunks and add in some raisins. This is a spin on the classic Coronation Chicken!

Really want to go for it? Try turning your sandwich into a panini for a warm and cheesy lunch that will make you want another right after. 

12. Fancy Toast with Mango

Don’t worry, avocado toast is still king!

But if you’re just looking for a change, this mango alternative might just sway you.

Start with good multi-grain bread for some texture and better flavor, and top with avocado, tahini, or even almond butter.

Layer the sliced mango on top and sprinkle some sesame seeds or toasted coconut over for an indulgent snack.

Mango mousse is sweet, creamy, and the perfect after-dinner dessert. 

13. Mango Mousse Recipe

Four ingredients get blended together before being portioned and chilled to set. That’s just 5 minutes of your time!

Perfect alone, it would also be a great side to a fresh fruit salad. 

14. Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are basically perfect. Have you ever had a bad one?

They are also a great base that can be added to, and this recipe is definitely a sweet way to up your cookie game. 

All you have to do is add some chopped mango to your favorite cookie recipe, and you’re immediately a next-level cookie maker! 

And I won’t tell if you use store-bought cookie dough.

I like mine chewy and soft, with just a hint of an edge, so be sure not to over bake.

15. Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe (No Ice Cream Maker!)

Condensed milk, heavy cream, and mango. Oh and 12 hours in the freezer. That’s it!

No need for a complicated Creme Anglaise base or expensive ice cream machine. 

Whip up your cream to stiff peaks and fold in your condensed milk and mango. 

To make your mango reduction, you’ll need to cook down your fresh mango to a thick jam-like consistency. This will help to keep your ice cream thick and creamy. 

Try making a little extra mango and rippling it through the ice cream for glorious color and extra flavor. 

16. The Best Ever Mango Bread Recipe

After the year we’ve had, I wouldn’t blame you if you were sick of banana bread. 

So why not try this mango alternative?

This recipe uses fresh mango, but you can use frozen. Just be sure to allow it to thaw and drain off any excess moisture before incorporating it into your batter.

It also has raisins mixed in, which I think would be extra delicious soaked in some rum.

17. Mango BBQ Sauce

I love BBQ. BBQ pizza, burgers, ribs, burgers…it’s such a tangy and delicious flavor.

This might just be the next step in my love of all things BBQ.

Mango, chili, garlic, tomatoes, and some vinegar for acidity come together to make this sweet and spicy sauce that works for pretty much everything. 

I’m going to be making pulled pork just so I can use this sauce!

18. Mango Soup with Coconut and Lime

Isn’t fruit soup just a smoothie bowl? 

Not quite.

This recipe is thinner than a smoothie, and there’s a surprise kick from a little Serrano pepper. 

This tropical soup is the perfect summer snack, with mango, coconut, and lime juice, it hits all the right spots. 

19. Easy Avocado + Mango Sushi Roll

Making sushi at home has become so easy with the introduction of Sushi Kits.

The general idea isn’t all that complicated, and with a little prep work, you can have homemade sushi any time you like. 

This recipe is a vegan option, full of cauliflower rice and vegetables. But feel free to add in some salmon if that’s your thing. 

20. Mango Chili Chicken Lollipop

Chicken wings are a tried-and-true dish that is so versatile. The sauce in this recipe can easily be smothered over a fresh batch!

But if you like your chicken with a little more meat, why not try these lollipops?

Once you have your perfectly fried chicken, immediately toss them in the mango sauce for a sticky, sweet, and spicy meal.

The sauce is made with mango, hot sauce, ginger, cloves, and soy sauce, though chili paste or Sriracha would be equally delicious. 

21. Mango Lime Moscow Mules

Moscow mules are refreshing and just a little spicy.

I’ve had versions with dark rum and tequila, along with a variety of vodka mixes. 

So how have I never had a mango version??

It’s as easy as shaking mango juice with lime, vodka, and ginger beer. Really! That’s it!

Just be prepared to make extra because one is not enough.

22. Raspberry Mango Iced Tea

You don’t have to be throwing a BBQ to enjoy this sweet summer tea.

If you’re like me, there’s only so much water you can drink. I like a little variety, and I’m told four iced coffees a day is too many… who knew?

The good news is that this sweet tea is super easy to make and is sweet and refreshing.

Start with black tea for the base, letting it steep for a good five minutes. While it’s still warm, mix through your honey and mango juice to let it fully incorporate. 

Pour over chopped mango and raspberries and chill for an hour before serving.

For a grown-up option, try slipping a come rum or vodka into the mix. 

23. Mango Swirl Cheesecake

This cheesecake incorporates mango puree in the creamy batter, as well as a wonderful swirl on the top. 

Dollop the mango over the top and use a skewer or knife to lightly swirl the bright yellow mango over the top. You really can’t go wrong here.

I would suggest baking in a water bath to avoid any cracks.

For an added tropical feel, try adding some toasted coconut into the base.

24. Mango-Lime Curd

If you try just one of the recipes on this list, make it this one.

It can be a kind of involved: heat your mango with lime juice and sugar.

Then carefully stream into the egg mixture.

Next, put it all back on the heat and keep it moving until it thickens,

Add the butter and strain.

Then cool…

Ok, it’s not really too bad and when you’re done, you will be left with a smooth, sweet, and irresistible curd that can be used as a filling or just spread on toast. 

24 BEST Ways to Use Mango (+ Recipe Collection)

Looking for the best mango recipes? From salsa to scones to salad dressing, these easy recipes add a refreshing twist to your meal.


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Mango Recipes

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