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17 Fresh Mango Cocktails for Happy Hour

These fresh mango cocktails are so tasty and refreshing, you’ll want to make them all!

So grab some rum, vodka, tequila, or gin, and let’s get mixing.

Boozy Refreshing Frozen Mango Margarita Cocktail
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Mango Cocktails & Drink Recipes

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than these sweet mango cocktails.

They’re fun, fruity, and tantalizingly tropical. 

And while a lot of them feature rum (rum and mango is a dream, after all), I’ve got plenty of boozy drinks here I know you’ll love.

Thirsty yet? Me too! So let’s get the party started!

1. Mango Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail

I’m sure you tried something like this mango, passionfruit, and rum cocktail on vacation, right?

That curvy glass is an island signature!

It’s icy, colorful, and has such a stunning blend of sweet fruity flavors. Plus, it’s not overly boozy, so you can have a few without getting too buzzed.

Make a big batch for your next pool party, and remember to serve it with plenty of mango slices and little umbrellas!

Ingredients: ripe mango, frozen passionfruit pulp, coconut rum, ice cubes

2. Mango Rum Cooler

Here’s another cool slushie. And while it’s not as bright, it’s just as tasty!

You’ll use orange juice instead of passionfruit (which isn’t always easy to find), making it sweet and citrusy.

And rather than coconut rum, you’ll use regular, so it’s not nearly as tropical as the recipe above.

Ingredients: orange juice, chopped mango, light rum, ice, fresh mint (for garnish)

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3. Peach Mango Sangria

I know most sangria recipes are full of berries and red wine. But this one is light, bright, and bubbly!

It’s also sweet and fruity with plenty of citrus.

As for the booze, you’ll need white wine and vodka (or your go-to light spirit). I recommend dry white wine since the fruit is so sweet, but you do you!

Ingredients: white wine, vodka, mango rum, peach nectar, mango nectar, fresh mango, fresh peaches, lemon-lime soda, ice, lime wedge (for garnish)

4. Cherry Mango Mojito

Between the striking burgundy red and the icy white on top, this cherry and mango mojito looks every bit as good as it tastes.

And when you add the mint leaves, it’s like something straight off Pinterest!

You’ll only need six ingredients to make it, and it shouldn’t take more than three minutes to whip up.

It’s sharply tart and tangy and will quickly get your tastebuds hopping. 

Ingredients: Bing cherries, mint leaves, lime wedge, mango rum (or light rum and mango nectar), mint simple syrup, club soda, cherries & lime wheel (for garnish)

5. Spicy Mango Margarita

This blend of sweet mangos, bold tequila, and spicy jalapeños is to die for. And how great does that pepper look in the glass?

If you’re nervous about the heat, don’t be. The chili brings plenty of warmth, but the cool drink keeps things flawlessly balanced.

Trust me, this mango margarita is delightfully tangy and fruity, with just enough booze and spice to warm your throat.

Add some agave nectar if you want it sweeter!

Ingredients: mango, lime juice, jalapeño slices, ice, tequila, mango juice, lime wedge & Tajin (for the rim)

6. Mango Mai Tai

The original Mai Tai calls for a blend of Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lime juice with a dark rum float.

It’s bittersweet and lightly nutty with a nice kick of citrus. But this version takes things up a notch!

You’ll use Cointreau or Triple Sec and Limoncello for the citrus and add extra fruit juices for sweetness.

That said, you’ll still shake (almost) everything in a cocktail shaker and finish it in the glass with a dark rum float. Delish!

Ingredients: dark rum, Cointreau or Triple Sec, Limoncello, mango purée, pineapple juice, orgeat syrup, ice

7. Orange Mango Mimosa

Mimosas are so elegant, and there’s nothing better if you’re looking for a light brunch cocktail.

But anyone can mix OJ with bubbly. So why not make it extra special?

This version is light, fruity, and kinda healthy. Well, it’s low-calorie, thanks to the Cascade Ice.

Of course, you can always just use orange and mango juices instead.

Ingredients: Champagne, Orange Mango Cascade Ice, orange juice, orange slice (for garnish)

8. Coconut Mango Mojitos

Most mojitos taste like mojitos, no matter what else you add to them.

And sure, this one is undeniably the same. But you’ll also really taste the coconut and mango! 

It’s fresh and refreshing, just as a mojito should be.

Ingredients: mint leaves, mint simple syrup, coconut rum, club soda, mango puree, lime juice, ice, mint sprig & lime wheel (for garnish)

9. Boozy Mango and Kaffir Lime Lassi

Unless you’re familiar with Indian drinks, you may never have tried a lassi.

So, now’s as good a time as any to rectify that because these sweet, creamy drinks are delicious. 

Typically, you’d make them yogurt, fruit, and aromatic spices. But this one goes a step further with rum! Yum!

Ingredients: ripe mango, plain yogurt, buttermilk, rum, makrut lime leaf syrup, lime juice, kosher salt, toasted pistachios & green cardamom powder (for garnish)

10. Mango Gin Collins Cocktail Recipe

I don’t know who Tom Collins was, but his gin drink with lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water sure has stood the test of time.

But if that sounds a little too tart for your tastes, try this sweeter version.

It’s still full of botanical gin and zippy citrus. But it’s mellowed by the mango juice beautifully.

Ingredients: gin, mango juice, lime juice, ice, soda water or sparkling mango water

11. Frozen Strawberry Mango Daiquiri Recipe

This lovely two-toned drink mixes fresh strawberries and mangoes, lime juice, orange juice, rum, and crushed ice.

It has a stunning summer appearance and tastes sweet and citrusy.

And since it’s all fresh fruit, there’s no overly sugary or artificial taste.

If you like cocktails that are clean, cool, and refreshing, this is the one for you. 

Ingredients: fresh strawberries, fresh mango, lime juice, orange juice, rum, crushed ice, lemon wedge or lime wheel (for garnish)

12. Mango Sorbet Bellini

First of all, these drinks taste phenomenal. 

Second of all, they look fantastic! I mean, seriously! Who thought adding a scoop of mango sorbet to Prosecco could be something? 

Pop a strawberry slice on top of each glass, and you’ll have a drink that’s delicate and elegant enough for any wedding table.

Ingredients: Prosecco, mango sorbet, fresh strawberries (for garnish)

13. Boozy Mango Lemonade

The trick to making this boozy drink so good is to use fresh lemonade. Unless you can find a really good store-bought one, of course.

You’ll still get the sour, lemon-and-mango flavor if you go with Crystal Light powder, but the overall taste just isn’t the same.

Trust me on this one; fresh lemonade is the only way to go. It’ll make your nose crinkle and your mouth pucker, but you’ll love every last sip. 

Ingredients: homemade lemonade, mango nectar or puree, white rum, ice

14. Mango Sunrise Cocktail (Mango Tequila Sunrise)

Bring home a little taste of the Caribbean with this mango and tequila cocktail.

It’s just as colorful and sweet as the OG sunrise, but the mango sunrise cocktail is so much fruitier!

Better yet, you can whip it up in about -two2 minutes, and you’ll love its multi-hued sunrise appearance. 

Ingredients: tequila, orange & mango juice, Grenadine, ice, orange slices (for garnish)

15. Mango Martini

I’m a sucker for a fruity martini. They’re often just as boozy as any martini recipe but with a kick of sweetness to make them easier to sip.

And it doesn’t get more fruity or sweet than this stunningly vibrant mango martini recipe!

You’ll need just four ingredients, some ice, and a cocktail shaker. Serve it in a martini glass with fresh mango slices for garnish. Yum!

Ingredients: vodka, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec, mango puree, lime juice, crushed ice, mango slice (for garnish)

16. Hawaiian Maui Mango Rum Cocktail

If you prefer mixed drinks that’re more bittersweet, this one will make you very happy. 

And that’s mostly down to the pineapple juice and lime.

Of course, there’s still mango in the mix. So it’s plenty sweet but very balanced. Oh, and it looks terrific!

Ingredients: white rum, simple syrup, mango juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, ice

17. Strawberry Mango Bourbon Smash

I know I said the spicy margarita is my favorite drink on the list. But I think this might have to take the top spot.

I mean, it’s got strawberries, mango, and bourbon! Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Make it once, and you’ll be hooked!

Ingredients: whole strawberries, lime juice, simple syrup, mango nectar, bourbon, ginger beer, lime wheel & fresh strawberries (for garnish)

17 Fresh Mango Cocktails

These mango cocktails are so tasty and refreshing! Learn how to make rum coolers, sangria, mojitos, margaritas, and more with the sweetness of mango.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
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  • Prep a mango cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Mango Cocktails

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