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10 Easy Lychee Recipes (Fresh or Canned)

Looking for fruity and tropical treats that are as refreshing as they are sweet? Look no further than these lychee recipes. 

I enjoy trying out unique recipes in my kitchen. One fruit I fell in love with is lychee. And I think you will love it, too! 

10 Easy Lychee Recipes (Fresh or Canned) featuring Glass of Lychee Dessert Topped with Cream on a Silver plate with Fresh Lychee On the Sides and In the Background
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Best Lychee Recipes

Lychee is a staple in my pantry. Its flavor is sugary and delicate, ideal for desserts, cocktails, and more. 

I am blown away by the results every time. 

I am excited to share 10 of my favorite lychee recipes with you! These are easy to make yet totally impressive. 

1. Lychee Pudding

 I cannot stop raving about this lychee pudding! 

First, this recipe is incredibly creamy. The mouthfeel is so luxurious and satisfying. But despite its creaminess, it is still delicate and light. 

It highlights lychee’s sweet, floral flavor in such a delicious way. You cannot resist this if you are a dessert lover. 

I like to top off my lychee pudding with a few fresh raspberries. However, sliced peaches would also make a great pairing. Or fresh lychee slices. 

Serve this dessert in small mason jars for a cute and elegant presentation. 

And, if you like some crunch, top the pudding with some toasted coconut flakes.

Simple, easy, delicious- what else could you ask for?

2. Lychee Cake with Pink Biscuits

Lychee Cake with Pink Biscuits is a new favorite in my household. This dessert requires a bit of work. But every second is worth it! 

It features a pink Italian sponge cake (recipe included) as the base. Then, it has a thick, luscious layer of lychee and coconut Bavarian cream. 

Rim the outside of the cake with crunchy, rose-flavored, pink champagne biscuits. You can buy those on Amazon. 

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The cake is airy, perfectly complementing the rich and fruity taste of the lychee cream. 

And texturally? It is glorious. Every bite features a bit of creamy, some crunchy, and a little softness. 

I like to pair it with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of fresh lychee on top. 

Trust me, this dessert will have your taste buds singing with joy!

For those who want to switch things up, try it with mango or pineapple. 

3. Classic Lychee Martini

Few things are as satisfying as a martini. But this lychee martini is even better, especially if you like sweet cocktails. 

It is a fruity twist on the classic martini. 

The subtle, sweet flavor of lychees pairs beautifully with the bite of vodka. This creates a lip-smacking concoction that is both refreshing and complex. 

This tasty recipe includes high-quality vodka, fresh lychee juice, and a hint of vermouth. (See, just like a regular martini but with juice.)

Serve in a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a slice of lychee. This drink is truly a treat for the senses. 

Not a fan of vodka? Try swapping out the vodka for gin or a fruity liqueur. Or, opt for a sweet fruit juice to play up the lychee.

4. Lychee Lemonade

This lychee lemonade has become my go-to drink on sunny afternoons. 

The recipe is simple. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, lychee fruit puree, mint, sugar, and water. 

Every sip has balance. The lychee is sweet, the lemon is tart, and the mint is refreshing. It is a little floral and very flavorsome. 

Serve it with a few fresh lychee pieces and a sprig of mint for garnish. 

Can’t find any lychee? Substitute it with other fruit purees like raspberry or mango. But the lychee makes it unique. 

This drink is ideal for summer barbecues, family get-togethers, or pool parties. Add a splash of vodka for an adults-only version! 

Try it, and you will not regret it!

5. Lychee Smoothie

I cannot resist a delicious smoothie. And my current addiction is this lychee smoothie. 

This unique beverage blends fresh lychees, milk, and lychee syrup. Its flavors are tropical, sweet, and milky. 

Sometimes, I substitute milk for Greek yogurt for extra creaminess. For additional variations, include some rose water or coconut milk instead.

Also, this is super fabulous with coconut boba pearls. 

However you make it, it will be fantastic! 

6. Lychee Tea

Do you think the lemonade from earlier sounds good? Just wait until you try this lychee tea! It is the perfect way to combat the summer heat. 

Every sip is saccharine, earthy, and floral. Serve it over ice for a refreshing treat. 

To make the tea, steep green tea bags first. Then, add canned lychee fruit. Include some sugar or honey for extra sweetness. 

The flavors work together flawlessly. The green tea’s bitterness offset the lychee’s sweetness. 

I enjoy adding a sprig of mint for extra freshness. But that is optional. It’s also delicious with no extras. 

For serving options, I sometimes add a splash of lemonade to give it a tart tang.

7. Lychee Sorbet

The recipe is so simple. You only need a few ingredients, plus a blender (or an ice cream maker). I guarantee you will make this sorbet all the time. 

It features lychee and agave syrup- that’s it. Blend it and freeze it (or use the ice cream maker). Add mint as a garnish. 

The fresh mint adds a nice burst of freshness that really ties the flavors together. Sometimes, I add a bit of lemon zest for extra sharpness.

I would recommend serving this light and refreshing sorbet after a spicy meal. Or, enjoy it as a cool treat on a hot summer day. 

8. Lychee Ice Cream

This recipe called to me- as an ice cream enthusiast who loves lychee. It was like a siren song. And I was NOT disappointed! 

Every element of this ice cream is delicious. Lychee ice cream is not too sweet nor too milky. 

It strikes a perfect balance between light and rich. The floral-sweet flavor of lychee works very well with the creamy ice cream base. 

And the combo of sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, and cream? It is like silk. 

Pair this decadent dessert with a fresh fruit salad or a drizzle of honey.

9. Vegetarian Lychee Salad

Did you know lychee works well in savory dishes, too? This salad proves it! 

Vegetarian lychee salad balances sweet lychees with peppery arugula and zesty radish. And we can’t forget the dressing! 

The dressing features lychee juice, walnut oil, rice wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. It is sweet, tangy, and fabulous! 

As for texture, it has crunch from julienned carrots and radishes. And slices of lychee add a fun, chewy bite. 

I love to serve this salad as a light lunch or a refreshing side dish. It tastes fantastic alongside grilled tofu or tempeh. 

Best part? This salad is full of healthy ingredients. So, it tastes great, and it’s nutritious. 

That’s a win in my book! 

10. Lychee Cupcakes with Lychee Rose Buttercream

I absolutely love with this unique recipe. Rose and lychee complement each other so well. 

It reminds me of a garden in the best way. It’s vibrant and springlike, bursting with delicious flavors and floral notes. 

The light texture of the cupcake is the ideal vessel for these flavors to shine. 

Add a few fresh lychee berries on top for an extra burst of juicy flavor. 

Not a fan of rose water, no problem. You can substitute it for another floral flavor, like lavender, elderflower, or orange blossom. 

Or make it fruity with strawberry or lemon extract. And you can never go wrong with plain vanilla. 

Trust me, once you try these cupcakes, they’ll become a staple in your recipe book. 

10 Easy Lychee Recipes (Fresh or Canned)

Fall in love with these lychee recipes! From pudding to martinis, you can experience the sweet, tropical taste of lychee in so many delicious ways!


  • Lychee Pudding

  • Lychee Cake with Pink Biscuits

  • Classic Lychee Martini

  • Lychee Lemonade

  • Lychee Smoothie

  • Lychee Tea

  • Lychee Sorbet

  • Lychee Ice Cream

  • Vegetarian Lychee Salad

  • Lychee Cupcakes with Lychee Rose Buttercream


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious lychee recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Lychee Recipes

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