Home Recipe Roundup 13 BEST Canned Pear Recipes (Easy Ideas)

13 BEST Canned Pear Recipes (Easy Ideas)

If you’re looking for something different from the usual apple recipes, check out these canned pear recipes.

They’re just as sweet and fruity, but pears have a unique taste and texture.

And these recipes are proof that they deserve a share of the spotlight.

 BEST Canned Pear Recipes featuring Pear Crumble with Ice Cream in a Bowl
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Quick and Easy Canned Pear Recipes

Love it or hate it, canned food has a place in most kitchens. And with canned pears, you don’t have to wait for pears to be ripe. 

From refreshing desserts to savory dishes and fruity salads, there’s something for every craving.

And the best part? Canned pears save you the hassle of peeling and coring fresh pears. 

They are a true joy to cook with. They pack a punch of fruitiness and come pre-sliced and ready to use. 

Read on and find the pear-fect treat for your cravings.

1. Yogurt + Pear Dessert

Looking for a way to make your day brighter? Then, unleash a surge of sunshine with this fruity, refreshing yogurt and pear dessert!

The succulent slices of sweet canned pears and creamy yogurt are a delicious duo. And it’s loaded with chopped pecans for added crunchy contrast. 

A sprig of mint is the stunning finale! This charming dessert is a guilt-free indulgence packed with wholesomeness.

It’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast! 

2. Pear Muffins with Cinnamon Crumble

Imagine biting into a moist, tender muffin studded with juicy pears and a crunchy cinnamon crumble on top.

If that seems like a dreamy treat… you’ll love this recipe!

The sun-ripened taste of canned pears melds with the buttery muffin batter so well. And the streusel-like topping is a wonderful contrast to the tender sponge.

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3. Pear Upside-Down Cake

Get ready for a show-stopping dessert that will leave your guests in awe! This pear upside-down cake is a masterpiece of flavors and textures. 

Picture a golden, buttery cake with luscious, caramelized pears on top. Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Every bite reveals a moist and tender crumb with pops of juicy sweetness. 

This exquisite dessert will make any occasion feel extra special.

4. Couscous with Pears and Gorgonzola

This sweet and savory recipe will add a touch of adventure to your dinner table. 

It features a bed of fluffy couscous adorned with succulent canned pears and crumbled gorgonzola cheese.

The robust Gorgonzola cheese offers a bold contrast to the sweet pears. Plus, spinach, walnuts, and dried cherries jazz up the mix. 

This dish is a true masterpiece. It blends unexpected ingredients to create a memorable gastronomic experience.

5. Pear Butter 

This pear butter is a treat that tastes like a cozy, comforting hug. It feels like it was crafted with love. 

The canned pears are simmered to perfection. In the process, they release their nectar to form a velvety spread. 

Pear butter teems with sweet, fruity notes complemented by warmth and zestiness.

This butter is enriched with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger, and star anise.

It’s perfect for spreading on warm toast, dolloped over pancakes, or enjoyed by the spoonful. Make a lot, though. Because it is addicting. 

6. Caramel Pear Tart

This caramel pear tart is the epitome of sweet, golden decadence. 

Lush slices of canned pears and rich caramel sauce nestle into a buttery crust. It’s sweet and juicy… and so much better than apple tart. 


The resulting confection offers a harmonious blend of textures. 

Its luscious filling contrasts beautifully with the crispy crust. 

This tart is a caramel lover’s dream. And a tribute to the aromatic flavors of pears.

7. Amaretto Pear Cake with Canned Pears

Looking for something simple yet classy for your afternoon tea party? This amaretto pear cake with canned pears is for you!

It features an irresistible dance of flavors, teetering between delicate sweetness and subtle, liqueur-induced warmth. 

The soft cake houses jewel-like morsels of canned pears. Gentle sweetness echoes throughout each bite. 

A splash of amaretto brings a rich flavor that ties everything together. It’s equally suited to a special occasion or a quiet afternoon tea.

8. Ninja Creami Spiced Pear Sorbet

Are you on the hunt for a treat to beat the summer heat? Then, indulge in some frosty goodness with this Ninja Creami spiced pear sorbet. 

Canned pears are blended into a smooth puree, then churned into a delicate, icy wonder. All thanks to the fantastic Ninja Creami. 

The sorbet is infused with a blend of warm pumpkin spices. They play against the chilly nature of sorbet in such a delicious way.

This sorbet is the perfect palate cleanser or a refreshing ending to a sumptuous meal.

9. Sweet Savory Blue Cheese Pear Dip

This sweet, savory blue cheese pear dip is your new favorite appetizer. It adds a gourmet twist to any game day, potluck, or other event. 

Blue cheese has a strong, salty, and funky flavor. And pears have a light, floral sweetness. Together they create an irresistible combination of complex flavors.

If you want added texture, toss some chopped walnuts into the mix. 

(The only thing that could make this better? Bacon.)

This dip is perfect for crackers, veggies, or fruits.

10. Pear and Lime Jello Salad

Journey back to simpler times with this nostalgic pear and lime jello salad. 

This delightful Jello salad combines vibrant, citrusy lime with a treasure trove of juicy pears. 

This exquisite creation features a tart, fluffy base of lime Jell-O and cream cheese. If you like creamy, deliciously fruity desserts… this is the one for you! 

But my favorite part is the green color. It’s electrifying! 

Once you try it, this salad will undoubtedly earn a permanent spot on your holiday table. Gotta love a fun, retro dessert! 

11. Chocolate Banana Bread With Pears

Nothing beats the classic banana bread… until now. 

Try this chocolate banana bread with pears for a whole new banana bread experience.

It’s a decadent treat that defies the conventional. It starts off classic, with rich chocolate and sugary bananas. 

But it has a surprising twist — juicy chunks of canned pears! The pears lend brightness to the dark, cocoa-infused bread.

Perfect with a hot cup of coffee, it’s a great way to delight your sweet tooth.

12. Pear Salad

Looking for something simple yet stunning to fill your salad cravings? Then, treat yourself to the refreshing simplicity of this pear salad.

The tender canned pears, sharp cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise come together in this charming dish. 

This salad is a testament to the elegance you can make with minimal ingredients. Every mouthful of this dish celebrates the vibrant flavors of pears.

13. Air Fryer Pears

Are you hunting for a quick and easy treat that doesn’t skimp on flavor?

Then, prepare to savor these air fryer pears’ warm, succulent taste. 

This innovative recipe transforms canned pears into a gourmet treat.

It’s sprinkled with cinnamon and vanilla for a whisper of spice and decadence. Plus, it’s cooked in butter and maple syrup… so you know it tastes fabulous!  

These air-fried pears will be your go-to snack. You only need a little ice cream to complete it!

13 BEST Canned Pear Recipes (Easy Ideas)

These canned pear recipes are the tastiest way to save time and money. From salads to dips to desserts… who knew you could enjoy canned pears in so many ways?


  • Yogurt + Pear Dessert

  • Pear Upside-Down Cake

  • Couscous with Pears and Gorgonzola

  • Pear Butter

  • Caramel Pear Tart

  • Amaretto Pear Cake with Canned Pears

  • Ninja Creami Spiced Pear Sorbet

  • Sweet Savory Blue Cheese Pear Dip

  • Pear and Lime Jello Salad

  • Chocolate Banana Bread With Pears

  • Pear Salad

  • Air Fryer Pears


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious pear recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Canned Pear Recipes

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