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13 Best Low-Sugar Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

Enjoy these low-sugar cocktails for all of the fun without the extra calories.

Boozy drinks are always a fun addition to celebrations and cozy nights.

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From margaritas to mojitos, this list has it all. There’s no reason you have to turn down a fun drink anymore. 

Low-Sugar Whiskey Sour with Cherries

These spectacular cocktails are all made with minimal sugar.

You can also say bye-bye to the excess carbs that come with alcohol.

That being said, don’t worry about missing any flavor. These cocktails are still satisfying and delicious. 

No matter what you’re celebrating or who you’re with, these low-sugar cocktails will be your BFF.

1. Skinny Paloma (No Sugar Added) 

This Paloma has such a bright citrusy flavor, it’s summer in a glass. 

If you’re not familiar, a Paloma is basically a grapefruit margarita.

Made with three simple ingredients, this cocktail can be shaken up in a pinch. 

Tart grapefruit and lime juices make this a pucker-inducing beverage that you’ll crave all summer.

Plus, you can add sparkling water for some bubbles. 

Your friends and family will happily accept this cocktail any time. 

2. Basil Whiskey Sour (Skinny Keto Cocktail) 

I love the herbaceous twist on a classic in this basil whiskey sour. 

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This bourbon-based drink is wonderful, and the basil is a surprising touch.

A quick sugar-free basil simple syrup gives the drink a refreshing punch of flavor. 

Lemon juice adds brightness and acidity to complement the basil and sweet bourbon.

I have a strong feeling this will be your go-to homemade cocktail. 

3. Skinny Party Punch 

One look at this mocktail, and you already know you’re in for a good time. 

This bright pink punch is made with cranberry and pineapple juice and diet ginger ale.

It’s fun, fruity, and satisfyingly effervescent. 

This is a non-alcoholic beverage that’s just as fun as the hard stuff.

Plus, it’s kid-friendly and you won’t have them hopped up on sugar. 

Serve this at any kind of party for a fun drink you can serve with confidence. 

4. Skinny Bloody Mary

A bloody Mary is a spicy brunch favorite. Make this skinny version the next time you have company over. 

This recipe combines tomato juice, cucumber, jalapeño, and tequila.

The result is one satisfying drink that’s tangy and spicy. I guarantee it will hit the spot. 

Just throw the ingredients into a blender and then strain it for a smooth finish.

You’ll love that this is easy to make and easy on the calories. 

5. Skinny Margarita

There’s something about a classic margarita that will always be so satisfying. 

I’m obsessed with this frosty beverage. It’s a bonus that it’s low on sugar and carbs.

This drink is sweet and tart and only takes about 5 minutes to make. 

With this cocktail, there’s no reason to hold back on Taco Tuesday.

Grab this margarita, some good food, and good friends, and enjoy!

6. Keto-Friendly Bourbon Old-Fashioned

A bourbon old-fashioned is simple, sophisticated, and classic.

It uses just a few ingredients to create a slow-sipping cocktail that’s great for any occasion. 

Bourbon, orange bitters, monkfruit sweetener, and water make up this tasty drink.

Add some orange peel to give it another hint of orange fragrance. 

If you love the sweet flavor of bourbon or whiskey, this drink is for you.

It’s a simple whiskey cocktail that’s sure to keep any party going. 

7. Skinny Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule

The skinny strawberry mint Moscow mule is the perfect summer drink.

Cut back on sugar without sacrificing flavor and sip on this delicious drink.

This is one of the most refreshing cocktails around. 

Sweet strawberries, cool mint, and spicy “light” ginger beer.

The flavor combination is seriously good. This is a fantastic drink to keep in your back pocket for last-minute company. 

8. Keto Low-Carb Sugar-Free Lemon Drop Vodka Martini Cocktails

The lemon drop martini is a sour sipper that’s full of flavor. Can you believe it can be made keto-friendly? 

With just a few swaps, this yummy cocktail will be in your glass without the guilt.

Grab some vodka, fresh lemon juice, and sugar-free lemon syrup. 

Shake up this drink in no time and enjoy a night with friends.

9. White Wine Skinny Mojito

The perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day is with the skinny mojito. 

A mojito is classically made with mint and rum, but this recipe uses white wine.

Grab some fresh limes, mint, and club soda, in addition to your wine.

In no time, you’ll be sipping on the lightest and most refreshing cocktail you’ve ever had.

This recipe is great if you like lots of flavor but don’t like super sweet drinks. 

10. Lemon Mojito (Skinny Sugar-Free Low Carb Keto)

This lemon mojito is another refreshing drink to keep you cool in the summer.

Lemon and mint are a delightful combination. 

This is like a sparkling mint lemonade and you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Use your choice of rum or vodka and your favorite sugar alternative. 

Serve this drink at parties and your guests will be delighted. 

11. Low Carb Dark and Stormy Cocktail

The dark and stormy is a highball rum cocktail.

This recipe combines dark rum with diet ginger ale for a simple yet delicious drink. 

This is a fantastic drink for literally any occasion. It’s refreshing with a light flavor and the rum is so tasty.

This cocktail really highlights the liquor without feeling overpowering or strong. 

For barbecues, game day, or a Friday night at home, enjoy this low-carb dark and stormy.

12. Low-Carb Gin Fizz

The low-carb gin fizz is an incredibly simple cocktail.

However, you’ll be surprised by how much delicious flavor comes from just a few ingredients. 

Start with fresh lime juice and add gin. You can also use other liquors if you prefer.

Top it off with bubbly club soda and garnish with cucumbers, mint, and lime. 

This is the perfect sipper to keep you cool on a hot day. 

13. Skinny Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry mojitos are incredible, and this skinny version doesn’t skimp on flavor. 

Simple, refreshing, light, and crisp, this cocktail is ideal for any occasion.

Strawberries, mint, lime, and rum muddle together, and all the flavors blend perfectly.  

Add orange Perrier for a touch of citrus flavor or club soda for bubbles.

You can also substitute the strawberries for other fruits like pineapple or blackberries. 

13 Best Low-Sugar Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

To keep things in line, try these low-sugar cocktails. From margaritas to Moscow mules to mojitos, these “skinny” cocktails can’t be topped.


  • Skinny Paloma (No Sugar Added)

  • Basil Whiskey Sour (Skinny Keto Cocktail)

  • Skinny Party Punch

  • Skinny Bloody Mary

  • Skinny Margarita

  • Keto-Friendly Bourbon Old Fashioned

  • Skinny Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule

  • Keto Low-Carb Sugar-Free Lemon Drop Vodka Martini Cocktails

  • White Wine Skinny Mojito

  • Lemon Mojito (Skinny Sugar Free Low Carb Keto)

  • Low Carb Dark and Stormy Cocktail

  • Low-Carb Gin Fizz

  • Skinny Strawberry Mojito


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a low-sugar drink in 30 minutes or less!
Low-Sugar Cocktails

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