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17 Loaded Fries Recipes You Won’t Want To Share

Loaded fries, super fries, cheese fries, poutine…whatever you call them, they’re sinful, salty, savory, over the top, and impossible to resist.

Don’t get me wrong; I love regular French fries. But nothing is more decadent than a plate full of fries covered in cheese, meat, and sauce.

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17 Loaded Fries Recipes You Won’t Want To Share Featuring Homemade Loaded Fries with Chili and Cheese

Pile them high with toppings, grab a fork and have a napkin at the ready because loaded fries are the perfect party food or late-night snack.

From chili and buffalo chicken to pulled pork and kimchi, these are so good; you might not want to share! Let’s dig in!

17 Over-the-Top French Fry Recipes We Can’t Live Without

1. Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries

I love loaded baked potatoes as much as the next person. But crispy French fries have a layer of satisfaction regular potatoes can’t match.

These fries are piled high with creamy cheese sauce and crunchy bacon. Sour cream and green onion provide the finishing touch.

This is a classic recipe that’s absolutely perfect for an appetizer or as a standalone snack.

2. Chili Cheese Fries

Looking for a new way to serve warm chili? These fries will be a sure-fire hit.

Better than chili Frito pies or chili dogs, chili cheese fries are savory and delicious! 

They have savory beefy bean chili in every bite. Not to mention they’re layered with cheese, sour cream, and onion. 

This is one sheet pan dinner your whole family will love.

3.  Copycat Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries {Oven-Baked}

This ain’t my first rodeo, and when I have a big batch of chili in the Crockpot, these Texas cheese fries are always at the top of my must-make list.

These loaded fries have cheese, bacon, and a kick from pickled jalapeños. But don’t worry, it’s cooled off with a drizzle of dreamy Ranch dressing. 

Filling, spicy, and delicious, it doesn’t get much better!

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4. Vegan Loaded Fries

I know it may seem like loaded fries need cheese and bacon, and some may argue that they do.

But these breakfast-inspired loaded fries are totally vegan!

Smothered in a savory tofu scramble and vegan breakfast sausage, they’re pretty darn scrumptious.

But it’s the creamy eggless hollandaise sauce that seals the deal for me.

You’ll love these poutine-style vegan fries any time of day!

5. Mexican Fries

In my house, we call these super fries. They’re super delicious, super filling, and super easy to make!

Don’t worry; there’s no cape required to whip up these loaded Mexican Fries.

Zesty jalapeños and black beans with spicy chicken or beef taco meat make this one incredible feast. And don’t skimp on the lime yogurt sauce!

6. Copycat In N Out Animal Fries

I haven’t made it out West in a while, which means I haven’t had a Double-Double with Animal Fries in way too long.

Luckily, we can all curb that craving with this copycat In-N-Out recipe!

These fries are saucy and irresistible, topped with fried onions, thousand island dressing, and homemade special sauce.

It’s totally finger-licking good!

7. Loaded Kimchi and Chorizo Fries

Have you jumped on the kimchi bandwagon yet? It’s got such a unique flavor, and I love it on pretty much everything.

This recipe is a filling and diverse crowd pleaser. Serve at your next game day party, and you might find people forget all about the TV.

These fries combine fermented kimchi, spicy chorizo, and cheese. And french fries, of course! 

8. Double-Baked Fries with Garlic Cheese Sauce and Bacon

Everything’s better with garlic, don’t you think?

This garlicky cheese sauce is the ultimate fry topping which is only made that much better with crispy bacon and perfectly crunchy fries.

Double baking the potatoes makes them tender inside and crispy outside – no deep fryer needed! 

Add popcorn chicken and a drizzle of Ranch, and you have a complete meal.

9. Buffalo Chicken Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Fries

One bite of these buffalo and blue cheese-loaded fries, and you might need to take a seat.

It’s like your favorite spicy wings and crunchy fries made a baby – a big, saucy, cheesy baby.

If you love buffalo chicken and blue cheese, you’ll adore these loaded fries.

It’s also smothered in spicy chicken and jack cheese. So, as I said, maybe have a seat ready for when your knees go weak.

10. Sloppy Joe Sweet Potato Cheese Fries

I may never make regular sloppy joes again. I mean, how can you compete with waffle fries?

Crispy waffle fries are way better than buns, if a little sloppier. 

To assemble, you just need premade sloppy joes, waffle fries, and cheese. They’re cheesy, beefy, and delicious! 

11. Loaded Bacon Cheeseburger Fries

Skip the burger and fries and go straight for cheeseburger fries. 

These potatoes are served with all the burger fixins and homemade special sauce.

Modify them with your favorite burger toppings, or keep them simple and kid-friendly.

Either way, you won’t have leftovers with these loaded French fries. 

12. Butter Chicken Loaded Fries

These fries are the ultimate Indian comfort food!

Creamy curried butter chicken and fries slathered in masala sauce. Oh, and gooey melted mozzarella. 

The warm spices are the ultimate way to serve both protein and carbs! I have no shame in having a big plate of these loaded fries for dinner. 

13. Bacon Cheese Fries with Ranch (3 Cheese Fries Recipe!)

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! 

There’s really no way to go wrong with loads of cheese and bacon.

But you’re certainly doing it right with crispy fries and Ranch!

14. Loaded Pub Fries

Baked potatoes and finger foods collide in this delicious loaded fries recipe.

Thick steak cut fries are one of the best options for loaded French fries. They’re hefty and can hole way more toppings!

These thick fried are covered in bacon, sour cream, and green onions. Serve them for an appetizer, game day food, or late night snack. 

15. Greek Fries

“It is difficult to argue with the belly, as it has no ears” is a proverb in Greece that I just love. And it’s all for good reason. 

You can’t argue with fries loaded with feta, olives, red onion, and herbs. No sauce necessary for these delicious potatoes! 

If you’re looking for a whole meal, these fries are great with gyro meat, too!

16. Breakfast Poutine with Hollandaise Sauce

French fries for breakfast? Count me in!

You’d think these would be perfect between the bacon, eggs, sausage, and cheese. But they also include crispy tater tots and yummy french fries.

Then, all that deliciousness is piled high and smothered in hollandaise sauce. It’s definitely a great way to start your day!

17. BBQ Pulled Pork Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

I love barbeque season, but with these insanely saucy loaded fries, you don’t need to wait ’til summer to get your fix.

These babies are a whole BBQ dinner in one dish. So, skip the grill and go straight for the plate.

Tangy BBQ pork and cool coleslaw are perfect on a bed of fries. And don’t forget the cheese…or the napkins!

17 Best Loaded Fries Recipe Collection

Loaded fries, super fries, cheese fries, poutine…whatever you call them, they’re sinful, salty, savory, over the top, and impossible to resist.


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