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20 Leftover Ribs Recipes You’ll Truly Enjoy

These leftover ribs recipes are the perfect solution for the day after the big neighborhood cookout.

If you find yourself with extras, check out these ideas for a great leftover meal.

No one likes eating the same thing twice, so a good leftover recipe reinvents the first meal into something new and delicious. These rib recipes are just that!

Beef Ribs Soup with Vegetables
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From quesadillas and casseroles to cheesesteaks and tostadas, there’s a second-day menu everyone is sure to love.

Don’t serve boring, reheated ribs. Serve up something exciting with one of these scrumptious leftover ribs recipes.

Grab your oven mitts and let’s get cooking! Luckily, the ribs have already been cooked for you!

1. Smoked Rib Quesadillas

Give your smoked ribs a facelift by transforming them into savory quesadillas! Warm and soft tortillas are wrapped around tender smoked rib pieces.

Smother them in plenty of melted cheese and get ready to enjoy a hearty Tex-Mex meal that couldn’t be simpler to make.

Your family will love the taste of these soft and cheesy quesadillas, and you will love the simple cleanup!

2. BBQ Pork Sandwich

This is a classic way to enjoy a tender and juicy smoked barbecue, why not smoked ribs as well?

Situate your five-star rib meat in between two slices of bread for a southern-style pork sandwich.

Top with your favorite barbecue sauce and your sandwiches are ready to enjoy!

Pair this sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw for the full effect.

What’s the difference between a barbecue and a cookout? Barbecue!

With this BBQ pork sandwich recipe, you can turn yesterday’s cookout into today’s barbecue.

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3. BBQ Pork with Cheesy Grits

Nothing pleases a crowd like savory and creamy cheesy grits. Add in your leftover BBQ ribs and you have one delicious meal!

Satisfy your hunger pangs with this irresistible combo! Rich grits are the perfect complement to your BBQ pork ribs.

You won’t remember you’re eating leftovers when you tuck into this recipe!

4. Breakfast Hash with Leftover Ribs 

Who said ribs were just for dinner? Enjoy your succulent ribs first thing in the morning when you make this breakfast hash with leftover ribs.

Hash is always a hit! With fried potatoes, tender veggies, and plenty of cheese, a hash is the breakfast of champions!

Your leftover ribs will be in good company.

Assemble your hash the night before and then pop it in the oven that morning. Fuel your family for their busy days with this hearty meal.

5. BBQ Pork Rib Tacos

Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot better! Turn your leftover ribs into juicy taco meat filling!

Add your favorite toppings, and the leftovers might be better than the first meal.

With the meat already cooked, this meal comes together quickly. It’s perfect for a busy weeknight filled with soccer practice and homework.

Everyone loves taco night! Each diner can customize their shells to their taste. From spicy to salty, these BBQ pork rib tacos are perfect for every palette.

6. Baby Back Rib Soup

Soup is a tried-and-true way to repurpose leftover meat and vegetables. Clear out your refrigerator with this baby back rib soup recipe.

Nothing will warm you up faster than a hearty bowl of homemade soup. Enjoy this dish with bread or cornbread, and you’ll have a feast!

Simmer this soup throughout the day, and the irresistible aroma will waft through your home until you are ready to serve it.

7. Leftover Prime Rib Sandwich

Similar to the BBQ sandwich, this prime rib sandwich is a portable and enjoyable way to enjoy your leftover ribs. 

With caramelized onions, wilted arugula, and a horseradish mayo dressing, this savory sandwich is brimming with plenty of flavors.

This recipe has such a high-brow flavor profile, no one will know they’re eating leftovers!

8. Irish Prime Rib Pie 

Turn your leftover ribs into this savory prime rib pie! Irish pie is stuffed to the brim with plenty of vegetables and fresh herbs.

Use a store-bought crust to cut your prep time in half and then let the oven do the work for you. This dish is as comforting as it is filling!

Serve up this prime rib pie and watch your family tuck into a delicious home-cooked meal.

9. Leftover Prime Rib and Barley Soup 

This barley soup is a hearty way to serve up your leftover ribs! Satisfying barley is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Enjoy this whole-grain amongst the juicy rib and tender vegetables.

I love a good broth, and this recipe gives you a well-seasoned tomato-based broth that brings all of the ingredients together.

Serve this soup with a piece of crusty bread for one warm and delicious meal!

10. Prime Rib Casserole

This creamy casserole has all of your favorite ingredients! From soft penne pasta to fresh parsley and bacon, this dish has comfort food written all over it.

Your prime rib is joined with heavy whipping cream and sour cream to make a thick casserole base to fill your dish.

Step up your casserole game with this prime rib casserole recipe.

11. Leftover Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a popular favorite and we know why! This dish has juicy pieces of meat, tender noodles, and a creamy sauce that is bursting with flavor.

Who could dislike a meal when it has all of that going for it? And lucky for you, this one-pot meal whips up in an instant with an even quicker clean-up time!

Change up your weeknight dinner routine with this recipe.

12. Leftover Prime Rib and Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the perfect side to pair with your leftover prime rib. Dice up your leftovers and sautee them with onions and mushrooms.

Use this to top your creamy mashed potatoes and you have a meal fit for a king. The meat and vegetables are a lighter option than heavy gravy.

Turn your leftovers into a meal you can also be proud of!

13. Leftover Prime Rib Chili

Turn your high-class prime rib leftovers into casual game day fare with this flavorful prime rib chili recipe. 

Smother your leftovers in tomatoes and beans for a spicy soup that will take your team to victory.

Chili is a touchdown dish any night of the week.

14. Leftover Prime Rib Philly Cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteak is the pinnacle of the warm sandwich. With tender veggies and plenty of cheese, there is always room for a cheesesteak!

Enjoy this pork-twist on the cheesesteak for a flavor-filled way to reinvent your leftovers.

Sweet peppers, onions, and swiss take yesterday’s prime rib to today’s hoagie extraordinaire.

Pile on the fixings and dig in! These cheesesteaks won’t make themselves.

15. Prime Rib Soup 

Get the best of both worlds with this pasta-filled vegetable soup recipe!

A garden’s worth of tender veggies joins forces with macaroni noodles and of course, leftover rib meat.

If you were waffling between a pasta bake or pot of soup, you can have both in this savory soup dish, with pasta!

Slurp up some warm, comforting prime rib soup this evening and warm up from the inside out.

16. Prime Rib Pasta 

Pasta is always a fantastic way to stretch your leftovers one more day. Satisfying noodles bulk up the dish to turn scant leftovers into a hearty meal.

Feed the family this creamy pasta dish and put those last remaining pieces to good use. Stretch your prime rib even further with this pasta recipe.

And who doesn’t like a good pasta dish? This recipe will stick to your ribs and keep you full until breakfast.

17. Leftover Prime Rib French Dip

French dip sandwiches aren’t your typical club! These guys are incredibly flavorful, piled high with prime rib, and then smothered in the infamous au jus sauce.

This leftover recipe does take some forward-thinking. You may accidentally toss out your au jus dip when you make your prime rib the first time!

18. Prime Rib Stew

Tuck into a bowl of comfort when you try this prime rib stew. A thick and flavorful broth smothers tender prime rib pieces and all of your favorite vegetables.

You won’t even realize you are eating leftovers when you enjoy a steaming bowl of this stew!

19. Prime Rib Phyllo Pot Pie

If you thought pot pie was just for chicken, think again! Bake your veggies, gravy, and prime rib into a flaky phyllo dough for an entree that can stand on its own.

Who needs a side when the main course is all-inclusive? This pot pie recipe covers all of your bases in an irresistible menagerie of succulent ingredients.

Cut into this pot pie and watch it disappear! You may want to save the biggest slice for yourself, chef’s privilege! 

20. Leftover Prime Rib Tostada

This Tex-Mex fusion dish transforms your prime rib into a crispy appetizer that is brimming with flavor.

These tostada cups are the perfect way to pack a punch at your next get-together.

Enjoy the fresh flavors of pico de gallo, jalapenos, and cilantro when you stuff your tostadas to the brim with fresh ingredients!

Transform your leftovers into these tasty tostadas!

20 Ways to Use Leftover Ribs


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  • Prep a rib dish in 30 minutes or less!
Leftover Ribs Recipes

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