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10 Best Kombucha Cocktails

Kombucha is sensational on its own, but have you tried it in a cocktail? Kombucha cocktails are a must!

Invigorating and revitalizing, kombucha is touted for possessing many health benefits such as probiotics.

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It’s also become all the rage because it comes in an array of spectacular flavors. 

But when you pair this fermented tea with a cocktail something truly magical happens. Don’t believe me, find out for yourself!

From elderberry margaritas to mojitos, I’ve gathered my top 10 favorite kombucha cocktail recipes for you to try.

Get ready, because you’re in for a real treat! 

Top 10 Kombucha Cocktail Recipes That Actually Taste Good

1. Kombucha Mojito Cocktail

When I think about the ultimate boozy refreshment, mojitos instantly come to mind.

They’re full of mint and lime, which are at the top of my list for invigorating ingredients. 

So you can imagine just how perfect it is for a splash of kombucha!

This recipe uses Health-Ade ginger lime kombucha which is the ideal flavor for this classic cocktail.

You could also go with a mellower flavor if you find ginger to be too fiery for you.

Despite which kombucha you use, you’ll get a nice dose of vitamin C, vitamin A, and probiotics.

2. Kombucha Cranberry Bourbon Smash

I’ve got your new holiday drink right here! This kombucha spiked bourbon smash is illuminated with sprightful flavors.

Since fresh cranberries can be overwhelmingly tart, you’ll smash them with some honey.

A muddler is the best tool for the job, but a fork will do in a pinch. 

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Then you’ll add some bourbon, cranberry juice, and your favorite brand of ginger kombucha.

Not too sweet and not too tart, this kombucha cocktail is lively with spirit, making it fit for the holidays.

3. Pomegranate Kombucha Mimosa

Say the word mimosa and you can count me in! I love everything about mimosas, especially with a kombucha twist. 

This is another fabulous sipper for the holidays, and of course, Sunday brunch.

It’s part champagne and part kombucha with fresh orange juice and pomegranate seeds. 

I love how the pomegranate seeds add a juicy pop that’s both sweet and tart. 

4. Spiced Apple Kombucha Cocktail

Ginger kombucha is phenomenal in a range of cocktails. This is one way you can use it to jazz up your autumn-themed cocktails. 

Ginger kombucha, vodka, and apple cider all come together in this crisp creation. It’s bright and boozy without being too forward on the liquor. 

I think regular flavored hard apple cider will also go well.

This will make a show-stopping presentation served in a copper mug with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick. 

5. Elderberry Kombucha Margaritas

You’ll want to add this to your list of spectacular margarita recipes.

Elderberry kombucha adds an extra fruity fizzy kick that pairs swimmingly with tequila and lime. 

The best part about this cocktail is how insanely fresh it tastes. It uses quality ingredients rather than a sugary store-bought mix. 

This margarita is ideal if you prefer yours served on the rocks without the sweet taste you’ll get with many commercial pre-made mixes.  

6. Kombucha Dark and Stormy

The dark and stormy and kombucha were meant for one another. 

This cocktail is already bright with ginger beer. So, why not use kombucha instead?

This recipe uses a strong ginger cayenne kombucha which increases the fiery intensity.

If the cayenne is too much for you, opt for a plain ginger kombucha instead.

Also, since this is dark and stormy, you’ll need dark rum rather than light rum. It has deeper and bolder flavors that go well with ginger. 

7. Kombucha Mezcal Cocktail

Mezcal cocktails are among my favorite adult beverages. Mezcal is smoky and complex, which may not be for everyone.

But I think even the biggest naysayers can’t resist this drink!

This is one of those cocktails that has a farm-to-table freshness that is a fabulous use of farmer’s market ingredients. 

You won’t find any refined syrups in this drink. What you will find are fresh ingredients like grapefruit, lime, orange, and agave. 

Heavy on the citrus, you’ll want a kombucha to match. Something tropical or fruity will pair well. You can even go with ginger for a foolproof pairing. 

8. Blackberry Kombucha Gin Fizz 

It’s amazing to me how lush and fizzy you can make this gin-based drink.

The herbaceous and floral notes meld seamlessly with the muddled blackberries. Naturally, ginger kombucha is a harmonious match. 

Although, I think a berry kombucha will up the ante of ripe luscious flavors.

Either way, a hint of lime juice is necessary to cut through the sweetness of the berry. 

This drink has a freshness to it that will make a fine refreshment for a backyard spring spread with good eats and great company.

9. Kombucha Sangria

Sangria is a prime example of an alluring batch cocktail that can use a glug of kombucha. 

Packed with fruit and vitamins, kombucha sangria is a complex array of sweet pinot grigio, citrusy kombucha, and a stiff boost of brandy. 

One of the best parts about sangria is all the fruit that’s added in. This one calls for apples, berries, and blood oranges. 

I also like throwing in some nectarines and pears too. It really just depends upon the season and what’s available.

Since you’ll have to cut up the fruit, this cocktail requires a little bit of extra work.

But luckily, all you’ll have to do is drop everything in the pitcher and give it a good stir. 

10. Kombucha Moscow Mule

Here’s another refreshing drink just waiting for a splash of kombucha!

Like the dark and stormy, this Moscow mule is all ginger kombucha instead of ginger beer.

It also uses a sprig of rosemary for garnish, which is a classy aromatic touch. 

You can experiment with the herbs and also try mint or basil. However, a lime wedge is certainly a must. 

When choosing a ginger kombucha, I recommend checking the label to see how much sugar it contains.

Some brands have more than others, which will impact the sweetness of the drink.

10 Best Kombucha Cocktails

These kombucha cocktails make happy hour healthy! From mojitos to mimosas to margaritas, you’ll fall in love with the flavor kombucha adds to drinks.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a kombucha cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Kombucha Cocktails

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