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10 Best Kingfish Recipes (+ Easy Menu)

Meaty, delicate, and melt-in-your-mouth tender, these kingfish recipes are fit for royalty.

And from hearty fish stew to tasty tacos, they’re pretty spectacular.

Spicy Kingfish Garnished with Lemons, Onions and Tomato Slices
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Kingfish refers to any large sporting fish. So, it’s super easy to get your hands on. 

Mouthwateringly soft with a pleasantly mild taste, you can cook it any way you like and add all kinds of sauces, herbs, and spices.

In fact, it’s so versatile, you might struggle to pick just one kingfish recipe for dinner.

How To Cook Kingfish

1. King Fish Curry

Kingfish is a favorite in Caribbean cooking because its meatiness means it holds its shape well after cooking.

In this recipe, the fish is breaded and fried before it’s sautéed in a spicy curry sauce. 

You can use any kind of white fish for this, but freshwater varieties are usually best.

So, if you can, try and get a hold of some catfish, northern pike, or largemouth bass.

By submerging the fried fish in the curry sauce, you ensure every nook and cranny is covered in tastiness. Yum! 

2. Kingfish Steaks With Lemon Garlic Butter

You can’t go wrong with lemon and garlic over fish.

And that’s especially true when they’re turned into a buttery sauce and drizzled over meaty kingfish steaks.

Simple enough for a weeknight dinner and fancy enough to serve on a date, this dish is perfect for every occasion. 

And it only takes 20 minutes to prepare!

All you need is a handful of pantry ingredients and a pan, and you’re good to go!

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3. King Fish Cafreal

Cafreal is a dish popular in Goan Portuguese cuisine. It’s basically a flavor-packed green spice paste used for marinating meats.

In this recipe, the Goan green coriander paste features ground coriander leaves, spices, lime juice, chilies, ginger, and garlic.

Zesty, tangy, and slightly spicy, this seafood dish is a real treat. Plus, the vibrant green hue is genuinely stunning.

4. Caribbean Fish Stew

This simple stew is a thing of wonder. Brimming with flavors, every bite will leave you wanting more.

It’s lick-the-bowl-clean delicious, and pretty easy to whip up.

Kingfish steaks are slow-cooked in a tasty Caribbean-spiced sauce. Then, it’s packed with veggies to create the perfect seafood dinner. 

If you’re not big on spice, ditch the scotch bonnet pepper. But if you’re a spice lover like me, you’ll love the heat it brings!

5. Shanghai Smoked Fish (Shanghai Xun Yu)

The smoky flavor in this ‘smoked fish’ recipe actually comes from the sauce, which is heavily spiced and wonderfully flavorful. 

In Shanghai, this dish is served as a cold appetizer. It’s always on the table at New Year’s – and for good reason.

That dark, sweet soy sauce is mouth-wateringly good. It’s the perfect start to the year!

But you don’t have to wait until then to try this sweet Shanghainese dish. Get stuck in tonight.

6. Surmai Masala Fry

Need a flavorful meal on the table in under 20 minutes? This Surmai masala fry has you covered.

It’s crispy, savory, and oh-so-delicious!

This quick-and-easy Indian recipe is a great way to enjoy kingfish. The mild, meaty taste of the fish beautifully captures complex Indian spices. 

Serve this fried seafood dish with a salad, dal rice, or roti for a tasty and filling meal.

7. Air Fryer Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

One of my favorite Mexican dishes is tacos. Beef, chicken, shrimp, veggie – I love them all!

But these Air Fryer fish tacos are top of my list! They’re zesty, meaty, and super delicious.

Chunks of tender kingfish covered in a zesty lime slaw and wrapped in a hearty corn tortilla? Try and hold me back!

Oh, and they only take 15 minutes to make. Perfect for busy weeknights.

With these terrific tacos on hand, taco Tuesday just got a whole lot tastier. They’re guaranteed to be a hit with the entire family. 

8. King Fish Roasted In Butter Served With A Delicious Provençale Sauce

Slathered in herbed butter and roasted in the oven, this kingfish recipe is the ultimate dinner-time treat.

And don’t even get me started on that luscious Provençale sauce.

The rich tomato-based sauce is stewed until the tomatoes reduce, making them lovely, sweet, and super yummy!

The fish is flaky and buttery, and the sauce is simply sensational.

It’s tangy from the tomatoes and slightly briny from the capers, olives, and anchovies. Delish!

9. Chargrilled Kingfish with an Asian Chilli Salad

The meatiness of the kingfish really shines in this recipe. And the fish pairs perfectly with the light, crunchy, and slightly spicy Asian salad. 

Better yet, you can have this delectable seafood dish on the table in under 30 minutes.

The kingfish fries in a flash – in under 5 minutes, to be exact!

Served on a bed of rice noodles for a truly mouthwatering meal, this dish is fancy enough for date nights and easy enough for everyday dinners.

10. Tanigue Fish Steak ala Bistek

Looking to try something new? This Filipino Tanigue fish steak ala Bistek is the perfect dish to spice up your midweek meals.

Kingfish steaks are rubbed with salt and fried until golden brown. They’re then cooked again with soy sauce, lemon, and lots of onions.

The result is a delicious, meaty experience you’ll crave again and again.

Enjoy these meaty steaks with a bit of white rice, and you’ll have clean plates all around!

10 Best Ways To Cook Kingfish (+ Recipe Collection)

Meaty, delicate, and melt-in-your-mouth tender, these kingfish recipes are fit for royalty. From fish stew to tasty tacos, they’re pretty spectacular.


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Kingfish Recipes

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