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30 Best Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

Next holiday season, try a few of these incredible keto Thanksgiving recipes and make everyone at the table grateful for your amazing cooking skills.

Planning, hosting, and cooking a Thanksgiving meal is hard enough without juggling dietary requirements.

But if you have a low-carb dieter coming for dinner, these recipes are a lifesaver.

Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
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Tasty, easy, and hearty enough to feed a crowd, they’re the perfect antidote to festive food fatigue. 

Our bodies put up with a lot over the holidays – bread, cakes, heavy meals.

But you can gobble up these hearty sides, appetizers, mains, and desserts without worrying about belly bloat or other symptoms of a carb hangover.

Healthy, wholesome, and very delicious, they’re every dieter’s dream!

1. Keto Thanksgiving Stuffing

You can’t have Thanksgiving without stuffing. But you can have stuffing without carbs.

This inventive recipe replaces the usual breadcrumbs with riced cauliflower, and it’s a tasty work of art.

The cauliflower is dense enough to soak up all the herby flavors and moist enough so it doesn’t dry out in the oven. 

2. Cauliflower Stuffing

This cauliflower stuffing is packed with vegetables and herbs for a richly flavorful dressing.

It’s made with cauliflower, roasted carrots, celery, rosemary, thyme, and pecans. And it tastes incredible – full of savory notes and a nutty crunch.

If you’ve any vegetarians coming to dinner, they can dig in too!

Just replace the chicken broth with some vegetable stock to make it 100% plant-based goodness.

3. Keto Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Keto dieters love cauliflower. The versatile veggie isn’t just a handy substitute for breadcrumbs, it’s also a great potato replacement, too.

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So if you’re looking to lower your carbs, blend together this thick and creamy dish instead of serving spuds.

It’s a similar consistency and has a gorgeously rich taste thanks to the addition of garlic, chives, and coconut milk.

4. Keto Gravy

Stop buying packets of boring gravy powder and make your own homemade sauce this Thanksgiving.

It’s easier than you think, and it’s diet-friendly with this 5-minute Keto recipe.

Simply collect your turkey drippings or broth and add in xanthan gum.

The gum thickens the delicious savory slurry to a dreamy consistency that’s perfect for pouring.

Slather it over your plate and have a napkin handy!

5. Keto Green Bean Casserole

This classic casserole is a must during the holidays.

You’re probably used to eating your green beans with a crunchy breaded topping, but mix it up this year with this keto alternative.

It’s daringly different, made with bacon, crunchy pork rinds, and a supremely cheesy sauce. 

This isn’t your grandmother’s green bean casserole, but I’m pretty sure grandma would approve!

6. Southern Style Keto Cornbread Dressing

Head down south for Thanksgiving, and you’ll likely find a chunk of cornbread on the table.

Moist and savory, it’s great for soaking up the turkey gravy and juices, but not always great for digestion.

Beat the bloat with this keto cornbread, made with almond meal, which is then torn into chunks and transformed into a juicy dressing.

7. Herb Butter Roasted Turkey

Yes, turkey is keto. But if you’re looking to cook a gorgeously succulent and flavorful bird, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

You’ll slather your roast with homemade herb butter flavored with fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage.

The result is a wow-worthy turkey that your friends and family will talk about for years to come. 

8. Keto Cranberry Sauce

Make extra of this sweet and tangy cranberry sauce, because you’ll want to serve it for Christmas, too.

Made with fresh cranberries and natural sweeteners, there’s no sugar or additives in this zingy sauce.

It’s just a fruity, thick jam, scented with orange and cinnamon for a kick of festive flavor.

9. Keto Garlic Dinner Rolls

If you’re new to keto, you might be missing bread.

The good news is that baking isn’t off-limits even though you’re low-carbing. You just need to know how.

This recipe shows you exactly how to get fluffy airy rolls on the table without destroying your diet.

There are just 4 net carbs per roll here, but you won’t be counting. You’ll be too busy enjoying delicious, cheesy, garlicky goodness.

10. Keto Mac and Cheese

Ultra cheesy and creamy, I dare you to spot the difference between this keto mac and cheese and the traditional pasta bake.

They’re both rich, thick, dreamy, and delicious, but one is loaded with sugar-spiking carbs and the other packed with wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

I know which one I’m inviting to my Thanksgiving meal this year!

11. Keto Thanksgiving Margarita

Fancy a drink before dinner? These fruity margaritas will definitely get your guests in the party spirit.

Made by mixing cinnamon apple tea and orange extract with tequila, they’re full of luscious fall flavors. 

And you can easily make a tequila-free version for the kids so everyone can get sipping their own Thanksgiving tipple.

12. Low-Carb Thanksgiving Sandwich

These hearty sandwiches are the best way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers while offering family and guests a tasty brunch.

You will need to bake up your own bread for this, but the recipe is easy and you can easily bake your loaf a few days beforehand.

The super-moist and crumbly bread is made with almond flour. It’s the perfect complement to the cheese, turkey, and cranberry sauce filling.

13. Keto Pumpkin Pie

This holiday season, I’m thankful for sugar-free pecan pie. 

This easy and enticing recipe uses almond flour for the base, and pumpkin puree for the custardy filling.

Gooey, rich, and creamy, it’s everything a good pumpkin pie should be.

And it’s so simple, the kids could probably make it, and they’ll certainly want to get involved in the eating part.

14. Keto Sweet Potato Casserole

Most sweet potato casseroles are loaded with sweet marshmallows. 

If you’re looking for something that actually tastes of vegetables rather than refined sugar, try this wholesome casserole.

But first, here’s a spoiler. There’s no actual sweet potato in this sweet potato dish. Surprise!

It’s actually made with butternut squash, which is much lower in carbs and less starchy.

It’s made with a crunchy cinnamon and pecan topping, hitting the perfect balance between sweet and savory.

15. Keto Asparagus

You can do this divine asparagus in the air fryer if you’re short on oven space this Thanksgiving.

Either way, it’s a mouth-watering side. Drizzled with olive oil and finished with a sprinkling of parmesan, this is how asparagus is meant to be eaten. 

Crispy, tender, and very irresistible, this is a great way to get the kids to eat their greens!

16. Keto Broccoli Salad

Salads are a great addition to a Thanksgiving dinner.

They’re a lighter alternative to the heavier sides so your guests won’t feel too overloaded with food.

And this crunchy, creamy broccoli blend is a definite winner.

Broccoli florets are tossed with bacon bits, sunflower seeds, red onion, and cheese before being drizzled with a creamy mayo dressing.

It’s low carb, it’s light, and it might just be the surprise sleeper hit at your holiday feast!

17. Low-Carb Skillet Cheesy Corn

There’s nothing more delicious than a creamy, cheesy skillet bake.

This gorgeously smooth side is packed with corn kernels, smothered in a creamy sauce, and baked until browned.

It tastes just like mac n’ cheese, but without the mac. This means it’s easier on the belly, but will still delight your tastebuds.

18. Keto Apple Pie

Bookmark this recipe because it’s way too good to keep just for Thanksgiving.

Low-carb yet completely delicious, you’ll want to make this for Christmas, birthdays, 4th of July, and any time dessert cravings strike.

The buttery flaky crust is made with keto-friendly dough, but the real surprise is the filling.

There are no apples in this apple pie. Yes, you read that right. Zucchini stands in for the fruit, providing the same taste and texture, but without the sugar. 

Blend soft chunks of zucchini with natural sweeteners, cinnamon, and apple extract and trust me, no one will know the difference — especially if you serve it with gooey caramel sauce and/or whipped cream!

19. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake

Your oven does a lot of work on Thanksgiving, so give it a rest with this no-bake cake.

Made with a biscuit keto crust and a gooey cream filling, it’s decadent and rich. 

It also sets overnight, making it the perfect make-ahead dessert. Because no one wants to be baking while their guests are arriving.

20. Keto Roasted Butternut Squash

This flavor combination is all you’ll ever want in a side dish.

Salty bacon, tender chunks of sweet squash, and a dijon and garlic seasoning. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

And it’s a great dinner time-saver too. Prep the ingredients beforehand, then just toss them into a baking dish and let the oven do the rest. 

21. Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Bored with bland Brussels sprouts? Take the under-appreciated vegetable to a whole new level with this recipe which simmers them in a rich, cream sauce.

These gorgeous greens cook up perfectly, taking on the cheesy garlic sauce to become tender bites of goodness. 

Top them with Parmesan and crunchy bacon bits to finish things off and make them the star of the show.

22. Keto Biscuits

These airy biscuits puff up so beautifully, it’s hard to believe they’re keto.

They’re basically a gluten-free version of the famous Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits, which makes them a Thanksgiving must.

23. Keto Spinach Dip

An easy appetizer, this super-easy spinach dip can be made in just 15 minutes.

Pair it with keto crackers or keto biscuits, and your guests can get dipping while they wait for their main.

24. Keto Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

Top cauliflower chunks with bacon, cheese, and sour cream and what will you get?

You’ll get all the amazing, irresistible taste of a loaded baked potato without the carbs!

This magical dish is sure to be a family favorite. Make it for Thanksgiving, potlucks, game day, or simple dinners, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

25. Maple Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

Can’t decide if you want savory or sweet carrots this year?

Do both with this enticing recipe that teams up maple syrup, smoky bacon, and crisp carrots.

With strips of bacon wound round golden browned carrots, this is an eye-catching dish that tastes as good as it looks (and smells).

26. Keto Carrot Cake

Don’t forget dessert!

It’s easy in the Thanksgiving rush to put dessert low on the list, but everyone likes a little sweet treat after their meal.

Feed your guests something low-carb but lovely with this ultra-moist carrot cake. 

Made with heart-healthy almonds and coated with a thick cream cheese frosting, it’s impressive enough for company but light enough that you can enjoy seconds.

27. Keto Broccoli Casserole

Some people say there’s no such thing as healthy comfort food. But those people clearly haven’t tasted this gorgeous cheesy broccoli bake.

Broccoli is smothered in a rich and thick cheese sauce before being baked until browned. 

The biggest challenge with this easy recipe will be resisting the urge to slurp it up by the spoonful.

28. Crispy Baked Keto Zucchini Fries

It might seem crazy to serve fries with your Thanksgiving meal, but it’s a great way to mix things up while keeping the kids happy.

And with these healthy fries, parents can relax knowing the kids aren’t getting the usual greasy, fast food fare. 

They’re made by tossing zucchini strips in cajun seasoning and baking until crispy. 

There’s no frying in oil, no excess carbs, and no fussing over the stove. It’s just four ingredients, one simple recipe, and a bunch of happy kids.

29. Cheese Ball With Cream Cheese and Bacon

This easy appetizer will get everyone in the mood for the festive feast to come.

It’s easy to make ahead of time, and very simple to put together. Just blend cream cheese, bacon, and green onions together, and you’re done!

30. Keto Crackers

You’ll need some crackers to go with that cheese ball, and this recipe shows you how they’re done.

Made with just two ingredients, you won’t need to be a top chef to bake up a platter of these crispy appetizers.

Just combine almond flour with cheese and bake until they’re crispy. Avoiding carbs doesn’t have to be complicated!

30 Best Keto Thanksgiving Foods


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Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

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