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10 Best Indian Cocktails

Be your own bartender and whip up these Indian cocktails!

Their exotic flavors will add more excitement to your next shindig.

Green Mojito Cocktail in a Glass
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Mojitos and margaritas are always a huge hit at parties, but why not shake things up a little?

Introduce your palate to a whole new world of delicious cocktails from the beautiful country of India.

Care to try a glass of jal jeera? How about a citrusy nimbu pani?

Or a Mumbai mule, perhaps? With this collection of recipes, you’ll get to try them all.

What are you waiting for? Level up your palate with these delectable Indian cocktails.

Badhai Ho (cheers)!

1. Indian Vodka Mojito

Let’s get the ball rolling with a refreshing jal jeera mojito. As delicious as the classic cocktail is, this version gives it such an unforgettable twist.

A traditional mojito is made of white rum, lime juice, sugar, club soda, and mint. In this Indian variation, jal jeera is thrown into the mix.

It’s a spice blend of roasted cumin, black pepper, dried mango powder, cayenne, ginger, and mint. Talk about flavorful! 

2. Tamarind Ginger Margarita

If you’ve never had a tamarind-flavored drink before, take this as the sign to do it… now. Once you’ve had a sip, you’ll crave it again and again.

Tamarind is an exotic tropical fruit with a uniquely sweet and tart flavor.

In this version of the classic margarita, a combination of tamarind concentrate and ginger simple syrup is added to tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.

Together, they create a wonderful combination of bright, exotic, and citrus flavors.

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3. Boozy Mango Lassi

If you love the rich and creamy mango lassi, why not give it a nice alcohol punch?

A mango lassi is a delectable beverage full of complex flavors.

The blend of mangoes, yogurt, buttermilk, kaffir lime syrup, and lime juice gives it such an interesting taste.

Blend in some rum to the mix and you’ll get the perfect boozy drink to beat the summer heat.

4. Nimbu Pani Mint Julep

Think of the nimbu pani as a crossover between a margarita and a mint julep.

With its delicious citrus flavors, it’s a fantastic way to cool you down on a hot summer day.

For this recipe, you’ll need some bourbon, mint leaves, simple sugar, lime, and seltzer water for that fizzy goodness. 

What makes this cocktail extra unique is the simple sugar.

Besides sugar and water, it also contains black Indian salt, which gives it a touch of saltiness that goes so well with the flavors in this cocktail.

5. Indian Gin Cocktail

This Indian gin cocktail has a blend of lime juice, cinnamon syrup, apple juice, nutmeg, and Jaisalmer – a brand of Indian gin.

If you ever find Jaisalmer at your local Indian grocery store, go ahead and get it.

Flavored with eleven botanicals, including orange and lemon peel, Darjeeling green tea leaves, and lemongrass, this gin has such wonderful complex flavors. It’s definitely a must-try.

6. Jaljeera Mojito

Here’s another recipe for jal jeera mojito, because that’s just how crazy I am for this cocktail.

When it’s way too hot outside, just sit back and relax on your cozy couch and take a sip of this insanely delicious mojito.

Jal Jeera’s flavors may be super intense, but they are definitely delightful. 

7. Mango Mojito

Oh, how I love it whenever mangoes are in season. To me, this exotic fruit is one of the best. Its aroma alone is already hypnotizing!

When I have ripe mangoes on hand, trust that I’ll make at least a pitcher of this mango mojito.

From its bright hue to its sweet, refreshing flavor, it gets at least a 12/10.

8. Indian Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a warming cocktail of bourbon, ginger, brown sugar, lemon, and Indian spices.

One sip of this cozy drink will chase away the chills and cure all the blues.

The term toddy originated from the Indian word tadi, which is a fermented drink made from the sap of a toddy palm. 

Brits then added liquor and spices to the tadi, turning it into the classic cocktail we all know and love.

9. Jal Jeera Gin And Tonic

Another way to use the flavorful Jal Jeera is to add it to gin and tonic. You won’t believe the transformation this spice blend gives the basic cocktail!

This mix of gin, lime juice, chaat masala, cumin-infused honey, and basil, among others is wickedly delicious. 

10. Mumbai Mule

There’s Moscow mule, and then there’s the Mumbai mule. Which one is better, you ask? You be the judge.

With a blend of vodka, ginger and spice syrup, lemon juice, and sparkling water, the Mumbai mule has a delicious flavor like no other.

Sweet, tart, warming, soothing – its complex flavors will delight your tastebuds, for sure.

10 Best Indian Cocktails

Try something exotic with these Indian cocktails! From mojitos to margaritas to Mumbai mules, get a little taste of India with these tasty drinks.


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  • Prep an Indian cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Indian Cocktails

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