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23 Green Foods That Are Wonderful for Your Health

No matter how you feel about green foods, this list is sure to have something you’ll love. 

Green foods are full of heart-healthy nutrients like vitamin K, magnesium, folates, and nitrates. They’re also an abundant source of antioxidants. 

Fresh Green Mint in White Mortar

Just because these green foods are healthy, doesn’t mean they aren’t tasty.

Each one of these foods can be made to taste spectacular. 

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of most green foods, getting extra greens into your diet is beneficial.

I hope this list helps you become more familiar with green foods and that you find your new favorite ingredient!

Fresh Green Beans on a White Bowl

1. Green Beans 

Green beans are a summer vegetable although commonly seen on Thanksgiving tables in a dish called green bean casserole. 

Also called string beans due to the fibrous texture, these legumes are long and thin in shape.

They have a wonderfully crisp texture and can be eaten raw or cooked. 

Green beans have about 2 grams of protein per cup and are also a great source of fiber and vitamin C. 

Spinach Leaves on a Wooden Bowl

2. Spinach

Spinach is the leafy green that Popeye swore by. And there are so many versatile uses for it.

This green food has loads of vitamin K and almost double the amount of iron as other vegetables. 

Raw spinach will give you enough energy to power through your day. 

Fresh Pistachio Seeds

3. Pistachio 

Although usually referred to as a nut, pistachios are the green seeds of the pistachio tree. 

They’re crunchy and slightly sweet and are used in both sweet and savory dishes like ice cream or salads. 

Pistachios are full of unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, and antioxidants.

They can also help regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

Sliced Open Avocado on a Wooden Table

4. Avocado 

Avocados are one of the most popular green foods thanks to their versatility and health benefits. 

This green fruit is known as a “healthy fat”. It has omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E.

Avocados are wonderful spread on toast, made into spicy guacamole, or blended into a sweet smoothie.

Green Apples on a Wooden Table

5. Green Apple

Tart, crisp green apples are well known and easily accessible. They’re packed with fiber, vitamins K, A, and C, and have loads of calcium. 

Since they’re available all year long, this fruit is great for any dish.

Use them in the fall for your apple pie or use them in the summer for a refreshing salad.  

Broccoli on a Wooden Plate

6. Broccoli 

Broccoli is among the most popular and well-known green foods.

It can be eaten raw or cooked and there are numerous ways to prepare it. 

High in folate and antioxidants, this cruciferous vegetable is good for you and tastes great!

Broccoli can be roasted, steamed, sauteed, and more! Enjoy some broccoli cheddar soup or dip it in ranch for a crunchy snack. 

Matcha Powder

7. Matcha

Also known as green tea powder, matcha will give you a jolt of energy to get through the day. 

Matcha is mixed with hot water or steamed milk to create a tea or frothy latte.

It has a grassy flavor that’s light and sweet with a touch of bitterness that’s surprisingly pleasant. 

Watercress Leaves on a Bowl

8. Watercress

Watercress is a leafy green that has tons of nutritional benefits. It has a spicy, peppery flavor like arugula. 

Vitamins K, A, and C are abundant in this powerhouse green food.

Plus it’s ranked number one on the US Centers for Disease Control’s Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables list.

Add watercress to your salads, put it in a sandwich, or make pesto with it. 


9. Asparagus

Asparagus is most famously known for making a certain bodily function less pleasant.

But this is a food blog, so we’ll focus on the food. 

This vegetable has a long list of wonderful health benefits.

Some describe the flavor to be similar to broccoli with a more fibrous texture. 

Asparagus makes a delicious side dish when sauteed or roasted but it can also be added to pasta, salads, or frittatas. 

Bok choy Leaves on a Plate

10. Bok choy

Bok choy is a type of Chinese white cabbage that has a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients.

It’s also known to be very high in antioxidants. 

Chop it, shred it, roast it, braise it, or blanch it. There are so many ways you can enjoy this lovely vegetable. 

Dark Green Kale Leaves

11. Kale

This dark, leafy green is very popular but may be hard to love at first. 

Kale has a bit of a bitter flavor and is more robust than most greens.

Kale is packed with good-for-you nutrients that can help lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, and lose weight. 

Add kale to soups, pasta, smoothies, and salads. 

Kiwis on a Bowl

12. Kiwi

This incredibly unique fruit is delicious and super nutrient-rich. 

They’re fuzzy on the outside and have a beautiful bright green color on the inside.

Kiwis are also found to benefit those suffering from asthma. 

Blend kiwis into smoothies or slice them and add a drizzle of honey for a sweet and tasty snack. 

Bunch of Swiss Chard Leaves

13. Swiss Chard

Another leafy green you should be adding to your diet is Swiss chard.

Despite the name, this green food actually comes from the Mediterranean region. 

Swiss chard is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. It’s a hearty green that can be enjoyed in so many ways. 

Throw it in your next smoothie, stir it into soups, add it to salads, or turn it into chips.

Fresh Okra

14. Okra

Okra is a versatile green food and can be a wonderful addition to your diet.

You can eat the stem, leaves, seeds, and juice to enjoy the benefits in many ways. 

You can find okra in the stores in different forms including dried, fresh, pickled, or just the seeds. 

The most common way to prepare okra is to fry it and enjoy a nice, crispy, flavorful vegetable. 

Collard Greens

15. Collard Greens

Collard greens are considered a superfood and fall into the cruciferous vegetable family with kale and broccoli. 

This dark, leafy greens have tons of nutrients and can be ideal for detoxing, preventing cancer, and supporting digestion.

They’re also high in iron, which can help with anemia. 

You can also add collard greens to soups, sauces, or stir-fries. 

Cucumbers on Top of Wooden Chopping Board

16. Cucumber 

Cucumbers are a common green vegetable that is adored by so many.

It’s great at fighting inflammation and has a light and cooling flavor. 

Made from about 95% water, cucumbers are a low-calorie food to keep on your list of go-to snacks. 

Enjoy cucumbers in a tomato salad or cut them into spears for dipping and snacking. 

Fresh Chopped Leaves

17. Celery

Celery is another high-water content food. It makes a wonderful crunchy snack and adds lots of flavor to any dish. 

Famously known as a “negative calorie” vegetable, celery will keep you feeling full while helping you control your weight. 

Celery is part of the “holy trinity” of cooking: celery, onions, and carrots.

It adds fantastic flavor to any dish including soups, meatloaf, or “ants on a log.”

Bowl of Fresh Seaweeds

18. Seaweed

Seaweed is a great source of antioxidants and vitamins as well as iodine which is good for thyroid function. 

It grows in or around salt water so it’s pretty salty itself. It’s often eaten toasted as a crispy snack, flaked on top of rice, or in soups. 

Bowl of Fresh Mint Leaves

19. Mint

Mint is a common and delicious herb that is insanely versatile. 

It can be used in a number of savory dishes like salads, sauces, veggies, and more.

It can also be sprinkled over a fruit salad or added to ice cream for a cooling minty flavor. 

Mint is also a popular addition to cocktails and teas. It even has its own famous cocktail, the mojito. 

Fresh Artichoke

20. Artichoke

If you’re looking for a green food that’s tasty and fun to eat, try artichokes. They’re a great source of vitamin C and fiber. 

Artichokes are very fibrous so not all of it is edible. The heart and fleshy sides of the leaves are delicious.

When cooked properly, artichoke leaves are great when dipped in a garlicky aioli. 

Green Cabbage Head on a Wooden Table

21. Cabbage

Cabbage is one of the most common and widely available vegetables on this list. 

It’s a cruciferous veggie that’s packed with antioxidants and low in calories.

Crunchy cabbage can be used for salads or coleslaw.

However, my favorite cabbage dish is cabbage rolls stuffed with tomato meat sauce and rice.  

Arugula Leaves

22. Arugula 

Peppery arugula can add a lot of flavor to any salad or dish, even pizza!

Although it’s used similarly to lettuce, it’s in the mustard family along with watercress.

The leaves are tender and the stem is crisp but the flavor is spicy and slightly bitter. 

Add arugula to salads for extra flavor or use it to make pesto. Check out my post, “What is arugula?” to learn more.

Brussel Sprouts on a White Plate

23. Brussels Sprouts 

I wish more people understood how lovely Brussels sprouts can taste

These little veggies may seem quite weird but they are versatile and tasty.

You can eat Brussels sprouts raw, though they do have a strong flavor. 

Try cooking them with some bacon and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

23 Green Foods That Are Good for You

Add these green foods to your diet to help achieve optimal health! From spinach to apples to broccoli, green foods couldn’t be better for you.


  • Green Beans

  • Spinach

  • Pistachio

  • Avocado

  • Green Apple

  • Broccoli

  • Matcha

  • Watercress

  • Asparagus

  • Bok choy

  • Kale

  • Kiwi

  • Swiss Chard

  • Okra

  • Collard Greens

  • Cucumber

  • Celery

  • Seaweed

  • Mint

  • Artichoke

  • Cabbage

  • Arugula


  • Choose your favorite green food.
  • Try a fun and exciting new recipe.
  • Enjoy!
Green Foods

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