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25 Easy Greek Vegetarian Recipes

Want to bring Mediterranean flavors to your healthy diet? These Greek vegetarian recipes will do the trick.  

Because authentic Greek recipes mainly use fresh vegetables, grains, fruits, and legumes, most of them are vegetarian-approved. 

Moussaka: Beef with Eggplant and Cheese
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More importantly, they’re delicious. If you think healthy means boring, wait until you try Greek cuisine!

Seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, vegetarian Greek dishes are anything but dull.

With this round-up of Greek vegetarian recipes, your diet won’t only be restricted to salads.

From moussaka to gyros, these hearty and healthy dishes will leave your belly full and happy.

20+ Best Vegetarian Greek Recipes Ever

1. Skordalia 

Get ready for a mind-blowing chip dipping experience!

Skordalia is a Greek dip made of blended mashed potatoes, crushed almonds, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. 

It looks simple at first glance, but wait until you try it. It’s creamy, savory, nutty, and garlic-y with a bit of a tang.

It’s great with chips and crackers, but you can also just grab a spoon.

2. Greek Lemon Potatoes 

This one-pot recipe for Greek lemon potatoes is sensational!

Roasting gives the potatoes a crispy outer crust, which goes really well with their soft and starchy flesh.

The dish gets its flavors from olive oil, broth, lemon juice, oregano, and rosemary.

It’s wonderfully salty and earthy with just the right amount of tang.  

3. Jackfruit Gyro 

Gyros typically contain meat, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians can’t get in on the fun. 

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When you’re missing the flavor of meat, you can always turn to jackfruit!

This recipe teaches you how an amazing meat substitute – jackfruit pork.

This gyro is also filled with tomatoes, onions, and a rich tzatziki sauce.

Wrapped in a soft and fluffy tortilla, this hearty dish is a meal on its own.

4. Greek Orzo Pasta Salad with Vegan Feta

I love pasta salads. They’re refreshing, delicious, nutritious, and filling at the same time! It’s everything you can ask for in a dish.

This pasta salad is brimming with orzo pasta, tomatoes, cucumber, chopped onions, kalamata olives, vegan feta, and fresh parsley.

Reading the ingredients alone already tells you how colorful and delicious this salad is!

Tying the ingredients together is a simple dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

5. Chickpea Gyro   

This vegetarian gyro is packed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and rich and creamy tzatziki.

The star of the dish, though, is chickpeas. With crispy, roasted chickpeas in your gyro, I doubt you’ll even miss the meat.

Roasting a can of chickpeas only takes 20 minutes, and it’s worth it.

It gives the legumes a crispy exterior, while the insides remain soft and hearty.

6. Greek Green Beans 

Fasolakia is a hearty dish of green beans and potatoes braised in tomato sauce and olive oil.

There are no fancy ingredients involved, but the flavors will definitely knock your socks off.

Not only is it extremely tasty, but it’s vegan and gluten-free, too! With this dish, everyone gets to enjoy.

7. Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) 

Spanakopita is a scrumptious dish made with layers of filo pastry, spinach, and feta cheese.

The wonderful combination of flaky crust, creamy spinach, and rich cheese makes it one of the most popular dishes in Greek cuisine.

This recipe uses a vegan alternative to feta cheese so that everyone can enjoy it.

8. Tzatziki 

I’ve mentioned tzatziki a couple of times already, and now’s the time to put it in the spotlight.

Tzatziki is a super-rich and creamy sauce made of yogurt, cucumber, and garlic.

This Greek staple can be used as a dip, dressing, and sauce. 

Because it’s widely used in many Greek dishes, it’s smart to learn to make it! This recipe is all you’ll need.

9. Greek Chickpea Soup

Greek chickpea soup, or revithia soupa, is a hearty, comforting dish that will warm you on a cold, wintery evening.

Apart from the chickpeas, this popular dish is also loaded with carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery.

Flavored with lemon juice, olive oil, and thyme, it’s a simple recipe, but it definitely delivers.

10. Briam (Greek Baked Zucchini and Potatoes) 

Briam, or roasted vegetables, is proof that sometimes, the simplest things are also the most extraordinary.

Potatoes, tomatoes, red onions, and zucchini are drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

The oven takes care of the rest! 

11. Moussaka 

Moussaka is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a lot like lasagna, but more flavorful, somehow.

It’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with Greek cuisine.

This version of moussaka may be vegan, but it’s just as good as the original.

With layers of roasted eggplant, cashew bechamel, and tomato lentil filling, one look will make your mouth water.

12. Greek Eggplant Dip  

When it comes to Greek dips, tzatziki reigns supreme. But melizanosalata deserves the spotlight just as much.

Roasted eggplant is mashed with garlic, oil, and lemon juice.

Use it as a dip to chips and crackers, or spread it on bread for a hearty breakfast. 

13. Stuffed Vine/Grape Leaves

Dolmades is a fantastic vegetarian appetizer made of herbed rice wrapped in vine or grape leaves. 

The rolls are boiled until soft, but the leaves and rice will still give you a nice chew.

They’re great on their own, but even greater when dipped in yogurt. 

14. Greek Rice 

If you find steamed white rice bland, this recipe is exactly what you need. 

Spanakorizo is basmati rice and spinach leaves cooked with lemon juice, fresh dill, and cumin.

How can something so simple be so spectacular?

The cumin, dill, and lemon give the rice and spinach a bright and refreshing flavor!

15. Greek Salad 

If you’re not a fan of salads, this recipe will change your mind.

Vibrant colors, refreshing flavors, and amazing textures are what you can expect from a bowl of Greek salad.

Made with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bell peppers, olives, feta cheese – this salad is 100% fresh and delicious.

The dressing, a simple balsamic and rice wine vinegar vinaigrette, adds even more brightness to the salad.

16. Gigantes Plaki 

Gigantes plaki is a plant-based dish that features dried white beans.

The beans are cooked in tomato sauce, giving it a sweet, savory, and tangy flavor.

The word “gigantes” means “gigantic” in Greek, and it refers to the size of the beans in the dish.

Just as the size, this dish is also large in flavor.

17. Bamies 

Okra and tomatoes star this flavorful dish! Flavored with wine and olive oil, this dish has a nice combination of sweet and savory.

What about the okra’s sliminess, though?

Don’t worry, Greeks have this amazing cooking method that eliminates that icky consistency.

18. Fava 

Fava is yet another rich and creamy dip brought to us by the Greeks.

If you’re looking to add more excitement to your chips, look no further than fava.

Fava dip is made from, surprise – fava beans. Think of it as an elevated version of hummus.

It’s richer, creamier, and more delightful.

19. Greek Tomato Fritters (Domatokeftethes)

Domatokeftedes is a simple dish of fried tomatoes.

The tomatoes are flavored with dill, oregano, parsley, and dill, giving them the most spectacular flavor.

They’re coated in batter and deep-fried, such that they’re crispy on the outside, and super juicy and flavorful on the inside. 

Pro-tip: pick firm, green tomatoes for this recipe. Using red ripe tomatoes will result in mushy fritters.

20. Chickpea Fritters 

Here’s another fritter recipe that will surely blow your taste buds away. 

It’s like the Greek version of the Persian falafel, but it uses actual chickpeas, instead of ground.

This results in a soft and crispy texture contrast.

These fritters also have a milder flavor than the falafel, which is heavily infused with spices. 

21. Revani Cake 

Revani cake is a decadent Mediterranean cake made of semolina.

The cake is drenched in sweet lemon syrup to add moisture and flavor.

Coconut flakes are sprinkled on top for a crunchy contrast.

22. Milopita (Greek Apple Spice Cake) 

Milopita is a phenomenal cake topped with apples.

Cinnamon and cloves give the cake warming flavors, while walnuts and raisins give add interesting textures.

With this recipe, you can make milopita in either cake or loaf form.

The cake is soft and fluffy, while the loaf is moist and dense.

23. Greek Baklava 

Baklava is perhaps the most popular Greek dessert there is, and for good reason.

This stunning cake has layers of crispy and flaky phyllo, a chopped walnut filling, and sweet honey syrup.

It’s sweet, crunchy, buttery, and absolutely amazing.

24. Greek Honey Cookies

Melomakarona or honey cookies are soft and cakey with a nice crunch. They’re sweet, sticky, and downright addictive. 

Flavored with orange juice, cinnamon, and cloves, these cookies are sweet and citrusy with just the right level of spice. 

The crushed walnuts give them a nice crunch, and the honey also adds a nice, sticky contrast.

25. Greek Butter Cookies

Korabidies, or Greek butter cookies, are also called Christmas cookies and wedding cookies. 

Sweet, crumbly, and buttery, they’re holiday-worthy, indeed.

25 Best Vegetarian Greek Recipe Collection

Get a taste of the Mediterranean with these classic Greek vegetarian recipes. Try lemon potatoes, gyros, chickpea soup, and more delicious meatless dishes!


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Greek Vegetarian Recipes

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