Home Recipe Roundup 17 Classic French Soup Recipes

17 Classic French Soup Recipes

Thanks to these classic French soup recipes, you can enjoy a little luxury right at home.

After all, French cuisine is known to be complex and impressive. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to recreate!

In fact, these soups are so simple, they’re sure to become staples in your house.

French Onion Soup in a Bowl
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From creamy chestnut to chunky beef bourguignon, this list has a variety of recipes from every region of France. 

What do they have in common? They’re delicious!

Plus, you’ll feel as though you’re dining in the Eiffel Tower after just one bite.

Whether you’re in the mood to try a new soup or looking to fulfill your fascination for French foods, this list has something for everyone. 

17 Surprisingly Easy French Soups To Make at Home

French Onion Soup

1. French Onion Soup

What better way to start this list than with a classic French onion soup from Julia Child herself?

I’ve posted this recipe before, and it’s always worth another mention!

This well-known pantry-friendly recipe is an authentic French dish.

Whether it’s a standalone meal or paired with the main course, you’ll love this elevated French onion soup.

2. French Chestnut Soup

This recipe introduced me to the delight of this classic, creamy soup. The depth of flavor this soup provides is out of this world for how simple it is to prepare.

You will love cozying up with a bowl of this soup on a cold winter night or serving it at your next French-inspired dinner party. 

This recipe is simple, gluten-free, and redefines comfort food!

3. Classic Vichyssoise

One of Julia Child’s favorite soups, this creamy potato soup is heavenly in those hot summer months. You heard me right.

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While you can eat this creamy blended potato and leek soup warm, it’s classically served chilled.

Just be sure to reincorporate the cream before serving.

I’ve found that preparing this dish the day before and refrigerating it really elevates the depth of flavors, as the flavors have more time to meld.

4. Lobster Bisque

I wasn’t kidding when I said this bisque is addictive.

Of course, I couldn’t compile a list of amazing French soups without bringing up this simple yet delectable bisque.

I love adding a hint of heat to this bisque recipe by adding in cayenne or Cajun seasoning. Creole is at least French-inspired, right?

5. Soup au Champignons

While the name translated means “mushroom soup,” I wouldn’t blame you for calling this the soup of champions. 

Another quick recipe to throw together an earthy, soulful soup in a pinch.

Similar to the chestnut soup, you will blend up the ingredients to make a creamy mushroom soup. 

Don’t have something on this list on hand? Reach for your French roots and get creative with what you do have! 

6. Potato Leek Soup

If you’re not quite ready for chilled vichyssoise, give this creamy potato leek soup a try! 

This recipe is designed to be served warm, and pairs well with a grilled steak and a light carrot or beet salad.

7. Garbure

I’m beginning to think that the peasants of France ate really well.

If the words “easy dinner” or “budget-friendly soup” are important to you, then you have to try out this French stew.

If you’re looking for ideas for your ham hock after the holidays, have a go at this hearty, healthy soup.

The balance of cabbage, beans, ham, and broth come together to make a harmony from heaven!

8. French Pumpkin Soup

Fall is the best time of year for bringing to light the many ways you can prepare pumpkins. 

While French cuisine and this recipe both call for a blended soup, I love to leave the soup a bit chunkier when I make this.

With just eight ingredients, this is an easily prepared vegetarian soup!

9. French Carrot Soup

It is clear by now that the French do a wonderful job preparing meals centered around vegetables.

This creamy carrot soup is no exception to this amazing list of French soups.

The added rice in this recipe makes this soup silky and filling, and it operates well as a standalone soup or a side with dinner!

10. Classic French Bouillabaisse

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Julia Child is the queen of French soups.

Her time studying in France certainly earns her the title, and this hearty bouillabaisse is a must-have.

A coastal-inspired, French seafood stew, bouillabaisse is as simple as it can be!

We love the flexibility of this recipe and will substitute for other seafood and fish when we don’t have mussels available locally. 

Not a fan of rich fish flavor? Substitute for a mild white fish like cod! 

11. Hearty French Chicken Soup

Nothing warms the heart like a sturdy chicken soup.

This French chicken soup is a wonderful variation of home-style chicken soups, with potatoes rather than noodles.

After just one bowl of this hearty soup, your family will surely feel warm and full! 

Classic chicken soup meets the sophisticated coast of France in this soul-warming soup.

12. French Lentil Soup

This soup takes the award for a filling, healthy soup that your whole family will love. 

While you can omit the bacon for a filling vegetarian or pork-free dinner, the bacon deepens the flavor of this lentil soup and of course will leave your house smelling amazing!

This soup also freezes extremely well, and can be warmed up for a homey winter meal!

13. French Farmer’s Soup

Many of these soups are created by French chefs straight from their pantry.

And the earthy flavors in this soup take your pantry from bland to “bon” in a hurry.

The focal point of this soup is the variety of vegetables swimming in a light broth. Pairing those vegetables with simple herbs results in one satisfying soup.

14. Tourin

This soup is every garlic lover’s dream. In our home, we use garlic in just about everything.

Why not have it be the centerpiece? This delightful, light soup is packed with layers of flavor and ready in just 20 minutes.

If you travel to France, you’ll find this dish prepared in a variety of ways. No matter how you spoon it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Not sure about chunks of garlic? Try blending this soup and have a creamy garlic treat topped with a toasted baguette! 

15. Classic French Consomme

Consomme is often thought of as one of the more sophisticated soup styles by French food fans. A higher-end soup, this treat is one that is rich with love.

You can easily substitute the duck in this recipe for other meats, or even mushrooms or other veggies you have on hand for a vegetarian alternative. 

16. Ratatouille

The movie may have depicted ratatouille as a vegetable casserole simmered in a simple tomato sauce, however, there’s more than one way to prepare this traditional dish.

Of course, this ratatouille is prepared in a soup base, with complex layers of flavor from the variety of vegetables braised to perfection. 

With the focal point of this dish being a vegan dream, be sure your produce is fresh to make this French stew a dish that even the pickiest food critics will enjoy.

17. Beef Bourguignon

With a delightful red wine base and a generous helping of carrots, potatoes, onion, and of course beef, beef bourguignon blows traditional stew out of the water.

Unlike broth-based stew, this French cuisine classic has a much more complex flavor profile because of the way it is cooked. 

Meat lovers in your family will appreciate this French twist on a worldly classic.

17 Classic French Soups

These traditional French soup recipes will make you feel so fancy! From classic French onion and potato leek to delicacies like vichyssoise and lobster bisque, treat yourself to a taste of France with these soups.


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  • Prep a French soup in 30 minutes or less!
French Soup Recipes

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