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10 Easy Easter Bread Recipes

This mouthwatering list of hearty Easter bread recipes will definitely get you in the mood for some seasonal snacking.

Easter is the perfect time to test your baking skills.

It’s a celebration that’s long been associated with bread, especially in Europe, where the rustic side is an important part of many Christian Easter rituals. 

Easter Sweet Bread with Eggs
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It’s a tradition that continues to this day with many bakeries selling Easter cakes and hot cross buns over the holiday weekend.

Even novice bakers can join in the fun this year with this list of 10 easy and delicious breads. 

Inspired by many different cultures and cuisines, eating these breads is like going on a round-the-world trip.

Try Italian sweet bread, Greek Easter bread or a Kozunak braided bread from Belgium.

Some of these tasty loaves are more like cake than bread.

You’ll find it hard to resist a second slice of the raspberry white chocolate chip or coconut lime zucchini bread, so leave plenty of room for dessert after your Easter feast!

1. Italian Easter Sweet Bread

This sweet bread is a simple yeast loaf that rises beautifully with an airy crumb.

Made with just 8 ingredients, this is an incredibly easy baking project for new cooks and their little helpers.

You can get as creative as you like. Braid the dough for a knotted shape or keep it simple with fluffy rounds. 

This loaf may be known as a sweet bread, but the delicate citrus flavoring would work with any side, savory or sweet.

Put it on the table with your main meal, and you’ll have crumbs by the time dessert is served! 

2. Greek Easter Bread

Easter is the most important calendar in the Greek Orthodox Church, so it’s no surprise that the country takes its Easter feasts very seriously.

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This traditional sweet bread is a brioche-style loaf, with a twist.

Nestled in the soft crumb are red eggs – hard-boiled eggs in their shell that are dyed red to represent rebirth and renewal.

You won’t need to eat these though. Just cut around them if you’re not a big fan of red eggs.

The bread itself is a slightly sweet and buttery loaf flavored with unique seasonings like anise seed and toasted sesame seeds.

3. Kozunak (Bulgarian Easter Bread)

This Bulgarian bread isn’t just for Easter, it’s also a common sight at Christmas and other celebrations.

Sweetened with raisins and topped with crunchy almond slices, this is a teatime treat.

It’s also a great breakfast option, enjoyed with a thick layer of butter and a steaming mug of coffee.

4. Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Bread

The sweet-toothed members of your family will go crazy for this cake-like bread.

This is a plain, white loaf made amazing with the addition of fresh, juicy raspberries, and intensely sweet chunks of white chocolate.

And it’s not just gorgeously sweet, it’s also wonderfully moist.

Adding sour cream to the batter gives this bread an unforgettable melt-in-the-mouth crumb.

5. Glazed Braided Easter Bread

Braided breads look gorgeous on any Easter table.

And this one is a real showstopper thanks to its thick, frosted glaze and crunchy almond topping.

It’s made by mixing up a sweet dough, flavored with vanilla and sugar.

Shape the dough into ribbons, braid them together, and bake until beautifully browned.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, play with new flavors and fillings.

The recipe recommends adding citrus and/or ground spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for more of a festive feel. 

Short on time? Skip the braiding altogether and turn your dough into individual Easter buns!

6. Paska

Paska means Easter in the Ukraine, the home of this rustic bread.

It’s an intricately braided round, traditionally decorated with religious symbols and patterns. 

This recipe is a large bread, made for sharing. It’s high and thick, with a moist, fluffy centre and golden brown crust. 

It’s best enjoyed as a table centerpiece. Gather round your nearest and dearest, set out dips and spread, then tear off a chunk, and dig in!

7. Easter Almond Orange Sweet Bread

I love this sweet citrus bread that’s delicate, buttery, and nutty.

The perfect way to celebrate Easter Sunday and forget the deprivations of lent, it’s an irresistible side or after-dinner snack.

Soft and chewy on the inside with a crunchy golden crust, it’s just begging to be slathered in butter and devoured.

Don’t forget to add multi-colored sprinkles to get the party going.

8. Easter Banana Bread

Banana bread might be a household staple for your family, but I’ll bet they haven’t tasted this banana bread.

This Easter version is the kind of banana bread that’s ready to party.

It’s dressed up with soft chunks of nutty marzipan and chocolate mini-eggs for a simple but sweet Easter dessert.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup just before serving or go really crazy with a thick dollop of whipped cream!

9.  Coconut Lime Zucchini Bread

Even zucchini-haters will fall in love with the squash after eating this moist and fruity bread.

The vegetable gives it a beautifully soft crumb, and coconut and lime add a fragrant and zesty flavor. 

This crumbly cake is covered with a coconut and lime glaze for the perfect finishing touch.

10. Crescia al Formaggio

Made with egg and cheese, this is a savory loaf that’s rich, filling, and very addictive.

Hailing from the central region of Italy, it’s traditionally served during the Easter season and varies from home to home.

Some bakers like to make it thin like focaccia, others prefer a higher, rounder loaf.

Either way, the essential elements are the same – a light texture, soft crumb, and lots of cheesy goodness.

This recipe uses three different types of cheese and is braided before baking.

The result is an incredibly buttery loaf that smells like heaven and tastes even better.

10 Easy Easter Breads


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  • Prep an Easter bread in 30 minutes or less!
Easter Bread Recipes

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