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17 Easy Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) Recipes

These delicious donburi bowls are the perfect way to mix up your menu!

It’s no secret that I love food bowls- soups, salads, and protein bowls included! But Japanese food bowls might be my favorite. 

17 Easy Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) Recipes featuring Homemade-Teriyaki-Rice-Bowl with Asparagus and Carrots
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Best Donburi Bowl Recipes

Much like a burrito bowl, donburi is a whole meal in one dish. You might find recipes in English translated as Japanese Rice bowls. 

In these bowls, you’ll find a variety of proteins and veggies. From scrumptious gyudon to easy eggs and rice, they’re all delicious!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite bowl and dig into 17 of my favorite donburi recipes today!

1. Gyudon

One of my favorite things about Japanese cuisine is it leans to the healthier side. And this dish is no exception!

Gyudon is a delicious, hearty beef rice bowl, perfect for paleo, Whole30, or gluten-free eaters!

It features a simple combination of caramelized onions and beef in a delicious thick sauce. 

Some key sauce ingredients are tamari, saki, honey, garlic, and ginger. How yummy does that sound?!

Garnish with sesame seeds and egg yolks before serving. 

2. Oyakodon

Like gyudon, oyakodon is a simple bowl featuring meat, onions, eggs, and rice. For this bowl, you’ll enjoy thin-sliced chicken instead, though!

The chicken and onions cook in a savory dashi, soy sauce, and mirin marinade. Then, add in some scrambled eggs and serve over rice!

For a bit of extra protein and texture, you can top the bowl with a soft-boiled egg. This oyakodon recipe is so easy and delish!

3. Katsudon

When two cuisines meet, it can be one of two things. A beautiful combination or a disaster! This recipe is the former. 

Meet katsudon: the marrying of tonkatsu pork and donburi rice bowls.

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This bowl starts with the expected bed of steamed rice. 

But it gets even more delicious. Because you top it with a well-seasoned pork cutlet, onion, and eggs. 

The trick to this recipe is not scrambling the eggs as they cook. Instead, mix them before pouring them in. 

Then let them soak up all the juice from cooking the pork and onions. Yum!

4. Vegan Poke Bowl

Meatless Mondays don’t have to be dull! This poke bowl is unbeatable with its tasty Japanese and Hawaiian flavors.

Poke typically refers to raw fish and diced crisp veggies, butthis dish is different. Loads of veggies and crispy tofu sit on top of steamed rice. 

And you can mix it up by adding other veggies to this rice bowl. Beetroot and peas are some of my favorite crunchy veggie additions!

5. Teriyaki Salmon Donburi 

I firmly believe there is never a wrong way to eat salmon. This teriyaki donburi bowl is no exception! In fact, it is definitively right

Perfectly seasoned and seared teriyaki salmon on a bowl of sticky rice? Yes, please! Add to that some tender veggies, and I’m in heaven.

This recipe calls for a stir fry of thin-sliced cabbage, carrots, spinach, and fresh edamame. Add any other veggies, too!

6. Eggplant Unagi Donburi

If you like unagi (eel) sushi, this donburi bowl is for you! It’s loaded with savory and tender cooked eel and eggplant for an undeniably delectable dinner.

The star ingredient here is the delicious homemade unagi sauce. With a splash of saki and store-bought unagi, it’s sinfully delicious!

Cook the eggplant and eel in a saute pan, then add the scrummy sticky sauce. Place over rice and garnish with shiso leaves before serving.

7. Chicken Katsudon

Much like the pork variation, chicken katsudon is much to be loved! But this recipe features seared chicken. 

If you’re looking for an easy and comforting Japanese meal- look no further. Creamy egg, savory chicken, and filling rice? Yes, please!

Cook the crisp katsu chicken in a savory broth, making it tender and juicy. Finish that with eggs, onions, and garnish for a delightful dinner!

8. Tempura Donburi

Is it just me, or are tempura shrimp addicting? If you’re on my side, try this tempura donburi recipe! It is a must. 

This recipe takes tempura to a whole new level. Shrimp, sweet potatoes, green beans, (and more!) swim in a delicious tempura batter.

Serve these crispy shrimp and veggies over hot rice and slather on the sauce. A comforting, crispy dinner everyone will rave over! 

9. Japanese Mushroom Donburi

This vegan donburi takes the (rice) cake for one of my favorite clean dinners. Who doesn’t love a delicious umami mushroom and rice bowl?

Brown mushrooms and serve them over rice with tender broccoli. The best part? There’s a delish miso dressing, too!

The dressing is optional, so you can replace it with your favorite premade Asian sauce. But I wouldn’t skip the effort because it’s the star of the show!

10. Gingery Ground Beef 

As we all know, ginger is an essential flavor in many Asian dishes. This easy donburi is full of flavor and ready in less than 20 minutes!

Start by cooking the ground beef with grated ginger, soy sauce, and sugar. Then dish it up with some green peas and rice, and enjoy!

11. Ahi Poke Bowls

The perfect poke bowl has contrasting flavors and temperatures. Cold fish and veggies and hot rice; savory protein and tangy sauce. 

You get the idea.

This ahi (yellowfin tuna) poke bowl has the perfect marrying of balanced and contrasting flavors! 

With yuzu and cayenne poke sauce drizzled on top, it’s drool-worthy.

There are a variety of veggies to serve with poke bowls. Edamame, cucumbers, and jalapenos are some of my favorites!

12. Teriyaki Tofu Donburi

When prepared properly, tofu can be a fabulous meat alternative to tantalize your taste buds. 

This teriyaki donburi is the perfect example of tofu done right!

After being well pressed to remove excess liquid, pan-fried tofu is like chicken. Toss it in teriyaki sauce, and you have the fixings for a feast!

Serve this tofu over steamed rice with chopped scallions and your favorite stir fry veggies.

13. Roast Beef Donburi

Everyone knows the term wagyu now, thanks to the internet. This delicious Wagyu beef donburi is better than any burger you’ll have!

Following the cooking instructions for the beef roast makes the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender. 

My favorite part? You use the meat juices to make a savory-sweet onion sauce. Yep, perfection.

The rich beef contrasts a creamy wasabi sauce and with rice for balance. 

Top each donburi with a single egg yolk, and dig into this divine dinner. 

14. Kaisen Donburi

If you like sashimi, this is the donburi bowl for you. It’s a bit more sophisticated than other bowls on this list. 

But it is too good not to include!

Kaisendon (Kaisen Donburi) features with raw fish filets on a bed of sticky rice. It is vital to buy sushi-grade fish if you make this donburi.

And don’t forget the dipping sauce (even if the fish is marinated)! Because it is delectable. 

It has the perfect sweet-savory taste to enjoy this delicious rice bowl!

15. Ground Chicken Bowl

Making a delicious dinner does not have to be time-consuming, fancy, or expensive. This super yummy donburi bowl is proof! 

It all starts with well-seasoned ground chicken. Add some fluffy scrambled eggs and sweet green peas, and you have a meal!

This meal is perfect for prepping lunches for the week. Layer over rice in your favorite container, and reheat for a luscious lunch!

16. Japanese Chashu Don

Have you ever ordered chashu pork ramen and loved it? Well, this is a close relative! 

It has the same scrumptious pork belly and egg, minus the broth and noodles.

To make perfect chashu, you must marinate and braise the pork for several hours. Trust me when I say the wait is worth the effort!

Serve the pork over a bed of rice with bok choy and a soft-boiled egg. This is a perfect donburi bowl if you ask me!

17. Japanese Eggs with Garlic Chives over Rice (Niratama Donburi)

I am not one to complain about rice at the breakfast table. But this dish is the best way to start your mornings. 

(However, niratama donburi is divine any time of the day!)

This is the simplest donburi bowl on the list. Just some well-seasoned scrambled eggs and chives over rice!

Cook the eggs with potato starch, sake, and soy sauce for a savory flavor. Add or omit to your liking. 

17 Easy Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) Recipes

Grab your chopsticks and enjoy one of these Donburi (Japanese rice bowl) recipes! From poke to chicken teriyaki, these recipes are easy, filling, & delicious.


  • Gyudon

  • Oyakodon

  • Katsudon

  • Vegan Poke Bowl

  • Teriyaki Salmon Donburi

  • Eggplant Unagi Donburi

  • Chicken Katsudon

  • Tempura Donburi

  • Japanese Mushroom Donburi

  • Gingery Ground Beef

  • Ahi Poke Bowls

  • Teriyaki Tofu Donburi

  • Roast Beef Donburi

  • Kaisen Donburi

  • Ground Chicken Bowl

  • Japanese Chashu Don

  • Japanese Eggs with Garlic Chives over Rice (Niratama Donburi)


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Donburi recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) Recipes

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