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20 Easy Japanese Breakfast Recipes

These traditional Japanese breakfast recipes will give your morning meal an upgrade!

From fish waffles to street crepes, these dishes are a welcome change from bland toast and cold cereal.

Japanese Pancakes with Powdered Sugar and Blueberries
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Light, healthy, and well-balanced — these are the words that best describe Japanese breakfast recipes.

Traditionally, Japanese breakfast includes a rice dish, protein, soup, and a side dish. But you don’t have to make lots of preparations for a delightful morning meal.

Today, I’ll show you 20 inventive Japanese breakfast recipes that you can enjoy alone or pair with other Japanese classics.

Read on for fantastic recipes that’ll brighten up your day and leave a smile on your face. Let’s dig in!

1. Japanese Pancakes

Japanese pancakes are fluffy and light, with a souffle-like consistency.

Topped with maple syrup and melted butter, this dish is a dream come true for pancake lovers!

The recipe requires simple ingredients.

However, you’ll need molds and a non-stick skillet to achieve the perfect height, shape, and texture for the pancakes.

2. Japanese Fish Waffle

Taiyaki, or Japanese fish waffles, are a delicious delicacy from Tokyo. They’re sweet fish-shaped treats that’ll keep you warm on a wintry morning.

The waffles’ outer shell is light and crispy, while the inside is filled with sweet red bean paste. 

Not a fan of red beans? You can use custard cream or Nutella for the filling.

3. Onigri

Tired of having a sandwich for breakfast? Onigiri, or Japanese rice balls, are a fun and delicious alternative!

These rice balls are stuffed with various fillings and wrapped with dried seaweed.

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Because onigiri requires plain steamed rice, it’s the filling that brings flavor to the dish. So expect a perfectly savory filling that will jumpstart your morning.

4. Japanese Street Crepes

Make classic crepes at your home the Japanese way. These are thin crepes in a lovely cone shape with a filling of your choice.

It’s a must that you roll the crepes into a cone shape so you can eat them on the go. It’s THE breakfast for busy mornings!

5. Strawberry Sauce

Also known as strawberry compote, this recipe yields a thick strawberry mixture with big chunks of berries for texture.

This strawberry sauce is perfect as a topping for cheesecake. But you can also pair it with pancakes, waffles, or even ice cream!

6. Rolled Omelette

Rolled omelette, or tamagoyaki, is a classic breakfast dish. It’s also used as a filling for sushi or a side dish for bento lunch boxes. 

This beautiful omelette is made by rolling thin layers of seasoned egg.

By adding dashi soup stock to the egg mixture, you’ll get umami-rich flavors no one can resist!

7. Japanese Fruit Sandwich

This sandwich is also called “fruit sando” in Japan and is a popular dish in fruit parlors.

Between two slices of milk bread, you’ll find fresh fruits enclosed in a chilled whipped cream. 

This is the type of sandwich I’ll have for breakfast and an afternoon snack! Make it at home because it’s definitely worth your time. 

8. Japanese Rice Porridge

This rice porridge is one of the easiest Japanese breakfast recipes out there.

If you want to make it plain, you’ll only need rice, water, and salt. Simple, right?

To infuse more flavor, you can make this dish with stock instead of water.

You can also add toppings like sesame seeds, chopped green onions, and pickled plums.

9. Miso Breakfast Oats

This savory oatmeal is a morning mealtime hero of mine. It’s full of warm flavors and packed with umami flavor.

The nutrients it gives are a great bonus, too!

The best part? This recipe is super easy. Just cook the oats in an Instant Pot.

Stir in the miso paste, kale, and seasonings. Add the toppings, and you’re done!

10. Ogura Toast

Ogura toast originated in Nagoya, but it’s now popular all over Japan. This recipe yields a toasted bread topped with butter and red bean paste. 

It’s super easy, yet so tasty. Adding whipped cream on top is optional, but I love it on my toast!

11. Japanese Green Tea Rice

Japanese green tea rice is comfort food made healthy. This rice dish is also a great pair to various entrees.

Is it easy to make? A big YES. You’ll just need to pour the green tea over the steamed white rice.

Want to make it healthier? I suggest using brown rice for additional fiber.

12. Banana Bread

Banana bread is a classic breakfast dish. Freshly baked, moist, and perfectly sweet, that’s how I like mine.

Making homemade banana bread isn’t as hard as you think.

You’ll know you’re doing it right when the bread is soft and there are delicious bits of banana inside. Yum!

13. Japanese Scrambled Eggs

What’s different about Japanese scrambled eggs? They contain soy sauce! So compared to average scrambled eggs, the Japanese version is tastier.

When eating Japanese scrambled eggs, skip the part where you use ketchup because they’re that flavorful!

14. Japanese Breakfast Skillet

This breakfast skillet features classic Japanese ingredients. At first, it looks complicated to make. But really, all it takes is some chopping and stir-frying.

For the sauce, you can make things easy by using a blender.

Top the colorful dish with a fried egg to make it more appealing and filling.

15. Japanese Avocado Toast

If you’re a fan of avocado toast, you’ll fall in love with this recipe! This is the tastiest avocado toast in my book.

A crunchy toasted bread is topped with creamy avocado and roasted seaweed. It’s such a fantastic combination!

Ikura also adds a mild fishy flavor, and the sesame seeds bring a nutty taste. 

16. Japanese Red Bean Pancakes

Two golden pancakes are filled with sweet red bean paste. This is breakfast (or dessert) perfection!

If you want other yummy variations, you can also make sandwich pancakes with matcha cream, chestnut, or custard cream filling.

17. Japanese Milk Bread

This milk bread is yet another soft and fluffy treat from Japan.

The secret to achieving the super soft texture is the tangzhong. It’s a roux made with water and flour, which prolongs the fluffiness of the bread.

You can enjoy this bread with any type of spread. If you have extra time, turn it into a more flavorful breakfast, like a chicken katsu sandwich.

18. Japanese French Toast

You can also use your milk bread to make this French toast. Just soak it in a seasoned egg mixture for a custardy French toast!

Want your toast extra fluffy? Make sure that you use thick slices of bread. Top with powdered sugar, syrup, and whipped cream to add some pizazz! 

19. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is Osaka’s famous street food. It’s a savory pancake made with flour, eggs, cabbage, and your choice of meat.

Some versions of this recipe are cooked with squid, shrimp, scallions, or just veggies. Feel free to mix and match and be creative as you like!

20. Banana Muffins

Banana muffins made with caramelized bananas are the best! Besides being moist, they’re also rich in flavor but not too sweet.

These muffins come with small banana chunks for texture and a Nutella swirl on top. Serve warm and enjoy!

20 Traditional Japanese Breakfasts

These traditional Japanese breakfast recipes will give your morning meal an upgrade! From fish waffles to street crepes, these dishes are a welcome change to the usual breakfast fare.


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Japanese Breakfast Recipes

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