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20 Desserts That Start With F (+ Easy Recipes)

Fancy, flavorful, fun, and fruity – prepare your taste buds for delicious desserts that start with F.

There are 20 tasty treats here, and you’ll want to make them all. From fudge to fritters, I have all kinds of after-dinner indulgences covered.

Key Lime Fruit Tart with Berries

So if you like the sound of figgy duff, fruit sorbet, funnel cake, or flan, read on!

Dive into these 20 desserts that start with F, and you’ll never be stuck looking for impressive treats again.

Chocolate Fantasy Fudge

1. Fantasy Fudge 

Fudge is part of all my culinary fantasies, so this recipe will go straight into my cookbook (and then my belly).

With marshmallow fudge, chocolate chips, marshmallow creme, and chopped walnuts, this is a dreamy and decadent treat.

Save it for special moments, or an average night if you’re a committed fudge fan!

Making fudge can be a fun project for kids, too. Little cooks generally love helping out when there’s sweet stuff involved.

With this easy DIY recipe, it only takes 20 minutes to create a pan of these heavenly snacks.

2. Fat Rascals

Fat rascal isn’t just what I call my dog when he steals food, it’s also a type of English fruit cake.

Dating back to Elizabethan times, these are still popular today, thanks to the winning combo of soft, buttery dough, plump currants, and citrus zest. 

3. Financier

These brown butter cakes are as rich as they sound, making them perfect for parties when you want to wow your guests.

Financiers were created by the VIPs of the dessert world, the French, who have been eating these moist almond sponges for around 100 years.

That’s a lot of cakes, but these aren’t your average sponge cakes.

They’re traditionally baked in small, rectangular, financier molds but this recipe recreates the classic finger food using mini-muffin pans.

The result is tiny, moist, nutty snacks that are ideal for entertaining or those times when you need an afternoon snack with your coffee or tea.

4. Fruit Gummies

Everyone loves fruit gummies. Tangy, soft, and squishy – how could you not?

But not everyone loves the commercial variety.

Store-bought gummies can contain some nasty additions, such as artificial flavorings and preservatives. This recipe offers a healthier, homemade option.

Made with gelatin and sweetened with honey and fruit juice, it’s sugar-free, additive-free, and guilt-free.

5. Fried Oreos

One for the culinary bucket list, these fried Oreos are out of this world.

Take a look in your pantry. If you have Oreos, pancake mix, oil, eggs, and sugar, then you have the makings of a decadent treat.

You won’t even need a deep fryer! You can make these crispy cookies using just a deep pot or pan.

6. Fortune Cookies

Part of the fun of Chinese takeout is unfurling the tiny cookies and reading your fortune.

But you don’t have to wait for fast food to enjoy these crispy sweet snacks.

This is definitely one to do with the kids.

Let them get creative with writing their own fortunes, and then they can get messy helping fold just-baked dough into tiny parcels. 

I see a rainy day fortune cookie project in your family’s future!

French Toast with Butter and Strawberries

7. French Toast

Apparently toasted bread with a bit of butter isn’t good enough for France. They had to take it to another level by adding milk, eggs, and sugar.

And the world thanks them, because French toast is the cornerstone of every good brunch.

Especially this recipe, which uses soft brioche bread and a hint of nutmeg.

It’s topped with a maple syrup and brown butter sauce, just in case you weren’t already drooling.

8. Flan

If you’re new to flan, this recipe is for you. It’s a simple how-to for a perfect plain version of the custardy pudding.

Nail the basics of a good flan, and you’ll have a solid dessert that’s rich, creamy, and comforting.

Then you can start mixing it up with different flavors and toppings. Flan is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

9. French Apple Custard Cake

If you’ve ever wondered what apple pie and custard would be like in the same cake, now’s your chance to live that dream.

This is a deep cake with a thick, buttery crust that hides a rich, custardy apple filling.

There’s a dash of brandy and vanilla in the mix, too. 

Everything holds together beautifully, making for a satisfying and moist cake that’s best served with a dollop of whipped cream or ice-cream.

10. Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes got their name from their unique baking technique. 

Classic cake batter is poured through a funnel into hot oil in a circular motion.

As it swirls, the batter crisps to golden brown perfection. They taste a little like donuts and a lot like heaven.

Apple Fritters

11. Fritters

Tart apples meet sweet cinnamon here in a dessert that’s crunchy on the outside but perfectly fluffy on the inside.

Any apples will work, so just choose your favorite variety, dice them up into a sweet batter, and drop into hot oil.

You can use a fryer or a deep frying pan for these easy and enticing treats.

12. Fish Waffles

Fish and dessert go together like…well, something horrible. Happily there’s no actual fish involved in fish waffles.

You’ll be relieved to hear these are just waffles shaped like fish.

Known as taiyaki in Japan, these are a common snack in Asian cuisine and are usually enjoyed on special occasions or at family dinners.

They’re crispy on the outside with a sweet bean paste on the inside, but if you can’t get your hands on bean paste, custard cream or Nutella would work equally well.

You can buy fish-shaped baking molds if you really want authentic taiyaki, or just put your art skills to the test.

Don’t worry if it looks more frog than fish, it’ll still taste delicious!

13. Fig Newtons

My siblings and I still argue over the world’s best biscuits but, for me, the debate is settled, and fig newtons take the crown.

There’s just something so irresistible about a biscuit crust wrapped around a sticky, sweet, fruit center.

This recipe takes those classic layers and shapes them into bars, sandwiching the lightly-sweetened figs between a brown sugar crumb.

Too tempting to have just one, make them at home and eat the whole batch if you like (just be sure there are no greedy family members around).

14. Florentine Cookies

The Renaissance period marked a profound cultural shift in art, architecture, literature, and music. It also gave us cookies. 

Florentine cookies are wafer-thin treats originating from 15th century Italy that caught on in a big way – as cookies usually do.

They’re made with chopped almonds, flavored with vanilla and orange zest, and drizzled with melted chocolate.

Light, crunchy, nutty, and sweet, they’re a delicious marker of cultural cookie progress. 

15. Fruit Salad

You can’t go wrong with a giant bowl of fruit salad, but there’s definitely an art to creating the perfect mix of fruity flavors.

This recipe strikes an ideal balance between tangy, sweet, and sour with berries, citrus, kiwi, and grapes.

Toss them together in a honey-based sauce with fresh mint, and you’ll have an easy instant dinner party winner.

16. Figgy Duff

This Newfoundland figgy duff is a traditional dessert that’s not actually made from figs.

Raisins do the heavy lifting here, giving this rich pudding a hint of fruity sweetness.

Steamed rather than baked, this is an incredibly moist dessert that’s perfect comfort food on cold nights, especially when served with piping hot custard.

17. Fruit Sorbet

With only three ingredients and endless ways to tweak it to your taste, this fruit sorbet recipe is a keeper.

Simply blend up your favorite fruit (frozen) with honey or maple syrup, add a dash of citrus, and enjoy.

It’s an easy, refreshing, and healthy dessert that’s ready in minutes.

18. Flummery

Summery flummery (sorry, couldn’t help myself) is great in warm weather, but delicious all year-round.

Light and creamy, flummery is the ultimate fuss-free dessert, as it’s made from just two ingredients (jelly and cream).

It’s great on its own but can also be used to create decadent sundaes and trifles.

19. Fruit Tart

A lot of cooks are wary of pies, unwilling to fuss around with finicky crusts.

If you’re one of them, you’ll have to try this simple recipe which guides you through making a fresh fruit tart from scratch in under an hour.

The process may be simple, but the flavors are not.

With a rich filling made from cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and juicy berries, it’s melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 

20. Fried Mars Bar

My initial reaction to deep frying Mars Bars was hesitancy, followed by curiosity, followed by an overwhelming desire to cram one into my face as soon as possible.

This is a dessert that you’ll have to try to believe.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of culinary craziness, whip up a basic batter, add your Mars Bar, and fry until golden brown. 

It’s both weird and wonderful. I just wouldn’t recommend making it a regular thing.

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20 Desserts That Start With F (+ Easy Recipes)


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Desserts That Start With F

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